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  1. I've seen a few, very cool mods done by some members on their boats ranging from newly mounted GPS's to TV's on arches to windlass anchors to even some very interesting and really smart mechanical innovations that create better functionality to certain, existing systems that these awesome Chaparral boats come with. I'm interested to see what people have done (I'm sure others are too) so that the light bulb can go on and possibly open the door for a cool modification on one's own boat. Even with trailers, there's so much cool stuff I've seen people here add/modify to make their trailering better and safer. I know I'll be adding a TV to the inside of the arch on my boat and I'm contemplating possibly installing a bow thruster and I have a few other smaller things I'm thinking of doing. Please share yours and show 'em off WITH PICS as much as possible.
  2. I'm replacing the carpeting on the boat and wondering about the beachweave. Anyone who has it, can you comment on if you like it? Does it drain and dry out better? How comparable is it to berber? We really like the feel of the berber but the usual problem of the rubber backing is starting to fall apart and this place has the exact pieces ready to go and the price is VERY reasonable. https://www.snapincarpet.com/ecommerce/Chaparral-276-SSX-07-09-.cfm?item_id=338&parent=652&navPanel= @Curt, you have the beachweave, right? Do you like it? What about the faux teak on the walkway and swim platform, does that get hot? I'm thinking of doing that exact teak on the walkway only since I don't really want it on the swim platform (might change my mind on that) but definitely on the walkway because that takes a lot of traffic and wearing and I think the teak would be better. Do you have a good pic of it? How thick is it?
  3. Hatem

    Cover for just storing boat

    Hey I just wanted to let you know that on another forum, someone reached out to me who supplies heavy duty full covers for our style boats with arches and the cover fully covers the boat including over the arch. It also comes with different versions with cutouts for additional boots in case you have antennas or radars on the arch like in my case. This one (and he said it's specific to the 2010 276ssx) would come with a cutout for my radar with a tie-strap and a separate boot for the radar so I don't have to take it off. I actually did take it off to get the boat shrink-wrapped yesterday and it's pretty easy, but supposedly I don't have to do it with this cover. I just responded to him and waiting to see what he shows me and I'll let you know in case you or anyone else in the same boat (so to speak) is interested. In the meantime, this isn't something you see everyday. Snow on the boat, UGH! But thank goodness he came out yesterday and I was telling the other fellas on another forum that you really don't appreciate how much work it is to shrink wrap one of these things. It is a PAIN IN THE ASSS! A lot of work, and materials and special tools like the torches, especially the extended one to heat and shrink the high points. He even wrapped the trailer winch and outdrive for me. Great guy! Came out yesterday and not only was it a Sunday, it was his daughter's 4th birthday.
  4. Hatem

    Windless anchor for a 276 ssx

    Not to beat a dead horse, but are you 100% sure about that, Denny? I locked mine tight and I can still turn it with the wrench. My mechanic buddy is also 100% convinced the wrench can be used to crank the windlass manually and pull the line. I'm doing it right now as we speak. I'm making a mockup setup with the whole thing mounted and anchor connected to get the whole weight and effect and see if it works 'with a load," so to speak. I'll post the vid. 9 hours, Curtzation? Really? How long would it take to knock off the welds, 45 minutes? ok, 1 hour (and that's actually crazy! It would take me 6 minutes with my grinder lol,) but we'll go with that. Bend the roller? 30 minutes. Ok, 1 hour, that's 2 hours now how long to reweld it? Can't be more than 1 hour even with all those little beads. It's not much length at all. You're looking at 8 spot welds on the back and maybe 18" of fine beaded welds on the front. Then polishing. I think 9 hours is completely insane, especially if it's someone who knows what they're doing. I've decided that I'm going to knock off the welding and bend the roller to shape myself. I'll save not only a ton of time and aggravation, but of course money but more importantly is that knowing the shape of the bow and how all these guys looking at it are getting all bent out of shape (no pun intended) will simplify things much better. I have all the tools to do it. The spot welds on the back are very easy with a grinder, the finish welds on the front will require a bit of skill and patience and a few different rotary tools and bits as well as the grinder. I'll take pics and post them as I go.
  5. Out on the ocean all day yesterday and had a great time. We planed smoothly at 30 mph all the way up to Gloucester and got to the Blynman drawbridge to enter the Annisquam River to head up to Wingaersheek Beach. The weekend prior to 4th of July is always jammed with boats in the harbor and the river....forget about it. Every single boat imaginable from Formula 45PCs to Searays of every single type to runarounds to mahogany Christ Crafts to even a spectacular Azimut 50 flybride and everything else in between. Once you get to the drawbridge, need to wait until the siren stops car traffic (which could take 15 minutes) then wait another 10 minutes for exiting boat traffic before we're allowed to enter. Depending on what size boat is in front of you and the wake it leaves behind that ends up slamming the drawbridge walls and coming back in at you, you could have a rough go at it or you could have a relatively easy slide-through. Still, you need to find that sweet spot of speed, path and control to make it through without getting shoved into the walls. It's definitely stressful. Of course, the bigger the boat the easier it is not to be greatly effected by the wake but the smaller the boat..............................and that's what happened in front of our eyes. On the way out, we were stuck in a caravan of 20+ boats and we were 2nd in line at the drawbridge. We had to wait for incoming traffic first and lo and behold, there's a HUGE FERRY TRYING TO GET THROUGH! I swear, he must've had 6 inches on each side and he was gunning it. Left a wake that turned the boat in front of us completely around (20ft Boston Whaler) and almost shoved us into the rocks on the river's edge. While the boat in front of us was trying to spin back into forward position, had to wait for another little boat to follow the ferry, about 8 or 10 feet long with a small outboard and captained by a young grandma, her husband who decided to take all the grandchildren with them, maybe 6 of them! We watched her try to gun it after that ferry only to have the monster wake that was left behind push her completely over where she hit the right side almost head on! Saw grandpa grab one or two kids from taking a header into the mess of water when suddenly, the momentum of the smack and grandma probably keeping full throttle on the outboard just bounced back off and straight into the other side of the walls! We watched in horror. People crowded over the bridge watching this whole incident take place and finally, after crashing twice, grandma got control and eased off the throttle and propped through. Once they came by us, my wife yelled out to them to see if they were ok and you can tell, everyone besides grandpa were in shock. Felt really bad. Never seen anything like that in the past 4 years of boating. Have you? I felt really bad for grandma and you can tell everyone in that boat was shaken up really badly. You really need to understand the effects of rough water from other boats and really understand how to handle your boat and be very aware of your surroundings out there. This is the Blynman drawbridge. While really scenic and a neat place to boat through, take a look at the wake against the walls after the boat @ minute 0.30. And this is weekday traffic, so imagine 50 boats in line, one after the other from both ends. 2nd busiest drawbridge on the eastern seaboard, after one in Boca Raton.
  6. Hatem

    Single note horn replacement

    Awesome you took a pic of it and posted it. I'm usually the only one on this board who does this kinda thing because I think it's very helpful to see things along with the discussion, others are just a bit lazy around here to make things much better and interesting and helpful with accompanying pics. So that's what that POS looks like from inside? Interesting. Yeah, it is definitely embarrassing and I've thought about that but it hasn't been a top priority on the mods schedule because of usage. I think I only used the horn twice this season. First time was after the fireworks on the 4th of July and the other was just to get the attention of another boater. Other than that, don't use it much. That would be really cool if you're able to do that. Mount it underneath the cap/gunwale and keep the original "speaker" on the top, if that's possible.
  7. Hatem

    Signature 330 Holding Tank

    That's good, then. Have you used it in between these checks of opening the cap to the pump out port? Also, do you leave the switch to the vacuum on all the time, or do you turn it on only before someone is going to use it? Do you have access to the tank, or is it in a tight spot and hard to get at? Which one is it out of the link that was posted a few posts above, the white one with the detached vacuum pump or the black one with the built-in pump? I have the black one and it's in the forward end of the ski locker which is directly next to the head, so I have really easy access to it. I pull it out every fall as part of the winterizing process and dump it out, clean it with detergent and rinse it a couple of times, reconnect it and flush a half gallon of AF in it just incase there's any water left anywhere. Very easy: there's 2 electrical quick-connects to disconnect, the vacuum hose which is a small, 3/4" line with a hose clamp, the flush line which is a threaded coupling and the pump-out hose which is a rubber, snug plug and 5 screws that bolt it down to the floor. Once I disconnect it, I just pull it closer to the opening and this is really the toughest part, getting it out of the locker and on the deck because if it's full, it's heavy and there isn't much to grab on to it well. Plus you risk getting a bit of pee and poop on you lmao! But hey, I always say "what's a little bit of @#$%@# amongst family," right? Worst case is put a few rags into the two openings and you're all set but I've been doing this for 4 years now so I got it down pact. You can see how easy it is to disconnect. The threaded coupling at one end, the snug, rubber fitting to the left and the 3/4" vacuum hose connects to the pump just under that metal plate. And the 2 quick-connect electrical fittings are marked with the blue tape. Take it to a special spot in the backyard (this year we had some early snow) and dump it out. I had already flushed some antifreeze into it to "help out" with whatever odors I might encounter. It was all #1 this year, no one dropped a deuce which makes it juuuuuust a bit more tolerable. Couple of drops of dishwashing detergent and a couple of washes and rinses and back in she goes. The whole process takes about 45 minutes, maybe less. And in your case, if you're able to do this, you can examine to see if there is anything blocking the hoses or something not right and fix it. Also check the hoses and if you have a compressor, just a few PSI of air you can clear the lines especially the pump-out line.
  8. Hatem

    For all you Photo Lovers (part 2)

    I have a black bear story for you. about 25 years ago, driving up north from MA to Vermont for an art show I was participating in and I was in my firebird formula at the time with a very delicate sculpture in the passenger seat just tied off carefully but had to hold it with one hand when I went over bumps or had to stop short. But I was nearing the town somewhere on 84 (I think it was) and it was early October and a spectacular view of the foliage on both sides of the completely lonely and mountainous highway. Not a single car in sight for miles and miles and miles. I'm doing about 80/85mph in the fast lane and happy as a clam, then I see this squirrel try to cross the median about 50 yards ahead of me and I'm thinking "no way, that little mother #%&*%^ is going to do the usual and hesitate that little bit or turn around and go back the other direction just exactly as I flatten his $^& out!" Sure enough, he stops, hops a few steps, turns back and hops a few steps backwards then turns around and speeds back again across the highway lol I think he did that all as I passed right over him and I couldn't slow down at all. Holding on to my sculpture and grasping the wheel expecting a thump and splattered squirrel in my rear view mirror but the son of a #$%#$ made it! I have no idea how he missed my wheels looool, but he did. Thank goodness, right. So as I'm phewing and wiping sweat off my brow, I see another spec in the distance and this one is much larger and darker. Now I'm thinking WTF is this now so I start slowing down big time and drop all the way down to 40 and get into the slow lane and as I get up to this thing, I see a black bear that must've gotten hit just minutes before I cruised by because it was fresh as can be! Fresh blood and black bear splatter all over the 3 lanes and still, no one in sight! Can't imagine what the vehicle that hit it looked like, probably a semi or something big enough that even if he stopped to check things out, he was ok to keep going and did. I saw some rubber tracks and stuff but man, that was a scarry sight. I immediately thought to myself what a great warning the squirrel was and thank God he wasn't this black bear!
  9. Hatem

    Winter Storage Options

    Yeah my guy is coming out today to shrink wrap her. We had snow on Wednesday and I think this was the first time in 5 years I've seen snow all over the Chap and me having to brush it off. Some local boaters on another forum were dealing with the same pain is the assss white stuff in their boats also. Then it rained all day the following day and temps dropped below freezing overnight. So yesterday I was pulling chunks of ice out of the bilge lmao. Doing my last minute cleanup before she gets wrapped. Yeah, not a fun thing to go through but that's because I lost my storage space this year. The guy renting it out to me actually bought a new boat and booted my asss out of there to put HIS in there! lool. That son of a #$%#$. I'm gonna have to figure something much better to deal with this situation next year. I was super lucky I winterized the engine last weekend with the drop in temp this week, yikes.
  10. Hatem

    Signature 330 Holding Tank

    That's the sign of an over-pressurized tank, not a clogged filter.
  11. Hatem

    Signature 330 Holding Tank

    The indicator might not necessarily be faulty. Yes, it should have a full indicator of some sorts, like a red light at the FULL indicator once it reaches full capacity. But the reason it's probably not reading that is because of that built-up pressure you're getting when you opened the cap. That sounds like a possible over-vacuum effect. Your vacuum pump might not be shutting off when it reaches its stop point and over-pressurizing the tank, creating that pressure and pushing the shhtuff all the way through the pump-out line. Does the pump run for a long time after each flush?
  12. What is that? Obviously a butt plug but with fins that spin or something? The 50's was such a great decade, coming off of WWII, not just the US but practically the entire world had a monumental technological boost in every single field, engine technology being arguably the biggest advancement particularly the jet engine. While it was invented in the 40's, it wasn't really successfully applied until the 50's. along with so much other technology. The happy decade.
  13. Here's an old-fashioned mod for those of you who want an easy way to drain that pesky, leftover bilge water.
  14. Hatem

    Winterizing 1st Time

    Yep, exactly. The way I do it (which I was taught by my mechanic who's been doing it for a gazillion years) is run the engine on the flushport (or muffs) and normal fresh water until it gets up to temperature (in my case it's 160 for the VP 8.1) then shut it down and change the oil since now it's nice and warm and loose and comes out easy. Install new oil filter and drop in your new oil quarts, check dip stick. Then move to the outdrive, plug your 5-gallon bucket with built-in hose to the muffs (place the 5-gallon bucket up high on the swim platform) and fill it with 5 gallons of antifreeze. Crank the engine and bring the throttle to 1000 RPMs for about 30 seconds. Watch the antifreeze in the bucket and fill as needed. Shut down and check everything to be sure no issues in the bilge, engine and outdrive and muffs are sitting correctly on the intakes. Crank engine again engine pulls more antifreeze and crank the throttle to 2000 RPMs. That process makes the antifreeze push out every drop of water (even throughout the exhaust) and replaces it all with AF and runs it through every single coolant passage. 30 seconds of 2000 RPM and you should see pure, pink AF streaming out of the outdrive as it has replaced all the water and filled up nicely and you shut her down. Done deal. Always ends up taking about 7 gallons. Been doing it like this for 4 years and I'm up here in NE where it gets around 10* in January/February and it's actually snowing as I'm typing this.
  15. Hatem

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    Incredible. Big piece of equipment, Curt. You can roll out a pretty big chunk of pizza dough with that. Seriously, is that for rolling out sheets of steel and aluminum etc.?
  16. Hatem

    The Baja

    Holy cow that's fast lol! Outstanding thx for posting that. Ever worry about going airborne at that speed? I'm guessing there's probably less of a chance with that hull than with those wider, double hulled gofast thingamajiggies. Still, those speeds scare the ever loving life out of this wussy, ooof. There was a transient at our marina this summer and while we were on the boat getting ready to take off for the day, they started the engines and just about everyone at the marina fell out their boats or the docks from the scare of the sound, including myself! It was violently loud BRAAAOOOMMM....gurgle gurgle gurgle.
  17. Hatem

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    Wow, that roll itself must've been pretty huge. Was this before or after the imposed tariffs on steel & aluminum? You're right, though, as long as no one got hurt. Materials are replaceable and that's what insurance is for.
  18. Hatem

    Windless anchor for a 276 ssx

    Going for it, Clopadopadopadus! I've decided not to flare out the bow opening to accommodate the roller plate imperfection. I've come this far and want it to sit as perfectly as possible. It's just going to bug me all the time and the pics are a bit decieving. So I'm having it reworked. The one place close to my house said he couldn't get to it until January -- which I didn't mind -- but then he said @ $85/hour (which I also didn't mind, it's a very skilled trade quite worthy of that rate) but then he said the work would cost as much as the roller itself, $800?! 9 hours? I don't think a qualified ss welder needs 9 hours to do that, including polishing time. What do you think?
  19. Hatem

    What is the speed of the high speed boat?

    I don't think he's asking anything lmfao. But it's friggin hilarious, take this part right here: Then this: lol. It would be nice to see a pic or two of this Baja.
  20. Hatem


    That might be in certain designated areas that they have this anchor rule to protect the corals, but I can't imagine this being the case all over the Keys. I think Drew is a little out to lunch on this one. I'm gonna have to call him and bust his balls big time about this crap! Couple of times we went out fishing off Islamorada we were anchored in about 35' of water and we stayed anchored for 5+ hours. Maybe they changed things post-Irma, but I can't imagine all those boats in all the Keys can't anchor because of coral reefs. There is sand too. Speaking of fishing... Allez, c'est pas vrais! When we meet up in June, we'll head out to this certain spot and catch these guys for a few hours. Last time there my son and I caught 9 Spinners in about 3 hours. This is a lot of fun fighting one of these beast. I bet you'll enjoy it very much. Yeah it's a "Florida" thing. Girls covered with tattoos and Trump supporters taking fishing way too seriously. Mediterranean is exquisite, especially along the north African coast and of course, the waters in and around the Agean Sea, Greece, Italy and that whole area. I remember driving to upstate NY to the Lawrence River and what's really fascinating is how the US/Canadian border runs directly down the center of the river. I thought that was a pretty interesting way of delineating the border, particularly the NY/Canada stretch past the Thousand Islands. Must be tough controlling it, but I did see quite a few CG/border patrol ships and ribs along the way.
  21. Hatem

    Need help with 310 Signature! a variety of issues.

    This is where he really needs to start. If the engines are stuck most of the time in guardian mode, then there's 1 or more sensor telling the ECM to go into guardian mode (more commonly known as "limp mode.") The only way to really diagnose which sensor is causing this is to get a well experienced mechanic with a scan tool and find out which sensor(s) is responsible which will then lead to the what needs to be repaired, whether it's a low oil pressure sensor or voltage/electrical or any of the affected systems. The rest of the items such as the vacuflush, GPS, AC etc (even generator) are all secondary to what is causing the engines to go into guardian mode. Without a well-running boat, what good is a toilet or a generator or any of the other systems? Despite having already paid upwards of $50K, you're gonna HAVE TO find and pay a very qualified mechanic to scan your engines and find out exactly which sensors are triggering the limp mode condition and then replace and fix accordingly. Get it done right from the start. Being in Florida, there is no shortage of super qualified Merc mechanics there and you should be able to find someone to get this step done for you. Once the sensors are scanned and you know why they're going off and putting the engines in limp mode, you can fix those issues and get the boat running at proper RPMs and speed and then you can take care of all the other secondary issues one by one.
  22. Hatem

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    That's crazy, Curt. So what was the 60K load?
  23. Hatem

    Windless anchor for a 276 ssx

    I see what you mean, now. You're talking about one of these, haws pipes. I get it now. Put the windlass directly bellow the cap and access the star-shaped turn key on top through one of these haws pipe and that way I have as much room as possible in the bulkhead. Here's what I figured with that anchor locker, The height of that gelcoated plywood bulkhead it as high as you would want the line to pile up, otherwise the line starts to drop behind the bulkhead into that no-access zone under the bow seats. So since the motor mounts to the gipsy sideways (because that was the model I got because of room considerations) and as long as that motor doesn't drop much lower than the top of the bulkhead, that's the maximum space I have for any amount of line. So I'll mount it and test it knowing and going by all that and see what happens before moving to plan B.
  24. Hatem

    1992 - 2018 Comparison

    Congrats on the new place. I know you meant well, but it wasn't like I was fleeing or in a caravan coming from Mexico LMFAO! My old man was with the United Nations and we were actually living in Cyprus during 73. We left days before the Turkish invasion of North Cyprus. I have lots of family still back there. I've been to Petra many many years ago. It's beautiful, part of Jordan. Portugal is astonishingly beautiful. When you think of white, stucco houses with orange terracotta clay roofs by the turquoise blue Mediterranean, you think Portugal and places like the Alzores. Closest I've been to there was Madrid. But that was also many, many years ago.