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  1. That's pretty good! At least that takes care of helping you with the engines and drives. No I knew you didn't have it on yours. My comment was just that your model did come with the same type of arch that Denny has on this 1985 235 XLC, that's all. You can always add one on if you want. I think those are available at several places and the installation is pretty easy. Do you have a bimini set up for shade or nothing came with the boat? With the arch you can add a all sorts of things like Denny did with a complete enclosure/camper off the back of it and on the front as well, sealing it very nicely. Great-looking boat. Is this your first boat?
  2. Yeah I hear that. With a big boat, trailering every time you want to go out is a pain in the $^& and gets old very quickly, hence the discouragement which winds up keeping the boat in the driveway. Nothing like being able to walk the dock and get right on the boat and take off cruising. Obviously there's a bit more involved but that's the basic idea. Just try not to end up like this poor fella. Ooof, and he's still in the truck with not a very easy way out of that thing. Amazing that it's still attached to the trailer!
  3. I'd love to pick your brains on some of the stuff you do, but I'm guessing you're not allowed to talk about "certain" things, or at least up to a "certain extent" because of obvious security reasons. But I think you can answer this: by "military vehicles, are they mostly APC's and such, or do you actually work on combat vehicles like tanks? Any of the Abrams? There's a lot of very cool stuff in those things, especially the A2 SEPV3. Very cool. Yeah, it seems a lot of guys on here are going with the Yacht Devices for their NMEA2K network. I chose the VP simply because of that more likelihood of compatibility and that "possible" unknown factor, figuring out that sticking with the same manufacturer has better odds of things working well with one another AND, the fact that this interface has Bluetooth capability on it which just made it more interesting to me because my son drives the boat a lot (wife has been more so than usual lately, especially last season she's gained this sudden confidence LOL) so they'll be at the helm a lot more and I have this major habit (it's not necessarily distrust, but a bit over-cautiousness) to look at the GPS screen often while he's motoring the boat around and especially in our area where we have a few hazards and a lot of shallow areas and rocky ledge formation off the many islands that are all over the place. All that makes me often take a peek at the screen to be sure he's on track and aware of these things. He's always on top of everything but it's just a natural habit I have and it's a bit of a pain in the asss to keep intruding on the helm area and look at the 7 or 9 inch screen (whatever the 741xs is, I forget. So back in 2015, I installed a 12vt TV on the radar arch just above the wetbar (got the idea from @TexasPilot71 who had done the same thing on his Sig 250 and we use it just a few times at the slip when hanging out to either watch a Red Sox game or whatever. You can see it here in this pic. Can't find one with the game on but this was obviously on the night of the 4th of July. I think we had it on for a few minutes to watch the Boston Fireworks celebrations but not for too long since I didn't have shorepower set up just yet and only using the 2 house batteries. 12 volt TV works great but I still have to run the wires through the arch to hide them and make it a clean and complete installation. I'll do it at the same time I install my new Pro-Nautic charger I bought a few years ago but never got to it. It's on the looooong list looool but the bottom line is that I'm hoping I can Bluetooth the GPS screen onto this TV and be able to see the entire thing while siting on the seats in the cockpit and all comfortable, instead of constantly leaning over the helm. Current bracket is probably due for replacement and I might have to design an additional brace to keep that thing from bouncing and rocking around during cruising, even though the bracket is pretty solid. With all the pounding, it'll need a bit of extra bracing. But that's basically the goal and a large part of the motivation behind going with the VP Interface with Bluetooth.
  4. Hahahahaha! I've been guilty of doing things like that, too. So last week you traded the Ford pickup and went back to a GMC Sierra 1500 AT4? That won't pull the Sig 300? Is it the power or more about the brakes and towing/payload etc.? At least your boat is mostly at the marina, I think, so not being able to tow it just limits your ability to take it to different places, right? I know what you mean about all the new stuff in these new trucks and cars. I ordered my 2015 F-450 and went with the larger everything more so because of trailering the boat not just to the water/marina, but for traveling with it. Even though I'm in the construction business and haul and tow A LOT of things back and forth all the time, I really didn't need anything beyond an F-350, but I figured I would go the extra to make it as easy as possible since we want to trailer to a lot of places along the eastern coast, even to Florida. Boston to Miami for example is almost 1,500 miles one way! So that was the reason to go big and it's obviously great and I love it and all, but as soon as there is an issue (which there was with the DEF fluid) and diesel exhaust cleaner, the computer goes absolutely berserk. The guys at my mechanic's place had to reset the computer so that it would tell the ($5K pump!!!!!!!) to pump the DEF fluid properly because for some reason, it stopped doing that. Once you run out of fluid (or if the computer THINKS you ran out of fluid), your speed is automatically relegated to a maximum of 55mph and nothing above that. They fixed that issue (without having to change the pump thank GOD!) but then that caused other codes to go nutty, 5 of them. So when it was time to get an inspection sticker, couldn't do it because all 5 codes showed up. Took it back to the dealer who spent half a day @ $300 to reset all the codes to factory settings and then I had to drive it for 300 miles before all the codes would clear and not show up on inspection. Took over 1000 miles before all codes were reset loooool. My 2005 F-350 was so much better -- as far as simplicity was concerned -- with so many less problems (actually had it for almost 10 years without anything major happening to it) and I used the living @#$%@# out of it. Carried A LOT of heavy loads as well as towed huge equipment and it always got me from point A to B and back. Probably the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. All these new trucks are so loaded with all this fancy stuff that's only more issues to happen. I love the backup camera and now they have the invisible backup camera which is CRAZY! That, I would love to get so you can actually see behind your boat! Talk about absolute brilliant electronic inventions! And I believe you can get it since it's a GMC creation. Anyone have this?
  5. They're rubber and very flexible yet strong. I think it's the same rubber the fenders are made of IIRC. They showed a video of a boat backing up into one of them that was empty and it just flexed and popped right back into its normal shape. Just incase you forget to keep a fender in it, it still works really well. Great idea and invention and I really hope to see him there again and hear that he's selling them like crazy.
  6. Very cool. Thanks for answering all those Q's. Interesting the part about the strings because I had the same discovery when I took off the access panel on the bottom of my radar arch and found a wire that led to the portside hull wall, slightly astern of the wetbar. Made it much easier for those guys to run the wires they needed. Not sure if it was left by the factory or by whomever did work for the previous owner. My bad, sorry about that. Totally confused you with another 310 member who's out of Florida! lol, definitely feel silly. Hey, you got a lot of great fish to catch in the Pacific Northwest and speaking of Florida, not sure if they set a record today but at 6 am, Miami temperature was 37 degrees with this unusual cold front hitting the entire east coast. They must be freaked out completely since average temperature in FLA this time of year is low 70's. Hahaha, get a little taste of that, you Floridians who always brag about not knowing what "winterization" is and rubbing it in! How's it going today, @jeffk?
  7. I looked it up since this is very interesting to learn and know. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pasty Sounds and looks amazing! That'll work with a cup of tea, for sure! Hey, and not only is a pasty better than a pastry, but it's certainly better than a patsy! Pastry, pasty and here's a patsy! LOL!
  8. His boat has the same radar arch as yours, though. Interesting that from 1985 to 1993 and possibly longer, they kept using the same style arch which lean backwards instead of the newer style which leans forward. I like the back-leaning ones like yours a lot. I think they look cooler and make the boat look faster also. No problem, happy to help the best I can. It also helps me learn more about the history and styles of these boats. Doesn't get any better than that! lol. Now he knows exactly what function each switch has and can even paint them in the way they were. Too bad they didn't have the writing indented into the surface. That way he can paint them with that special, white paint and wipe off the excess to leave the paint inside the indentations. I saw a documentary on these guys who restore classic tanks from WWII and that's exactly how they did it on a lot of the switches inside the tank. Don't worry about it and ask as many questions as you wish. That's pretty much what this forum is for more than anything else. I'm guessing that square panel is some type of digital readout, similar to our smartcraft display that will give you digital readouts for several items such as engine temperature, fuel flow, engine hours and several other functions as well as an alarm indicator. So if you run low on fuel, it will blink and alarm and notify you as well as if you reach a certain overheating temperature, it will do the same thing. I'm guessing it's working fine and you should find out once you turn the boat on. Were you instructed on how to turn the ignition on correctly by the previous owner or whomever you bought the boat from? Which engine to start first or if it doesn't matter and how to turn the keys? For our newer boats, we have to turn the key halfway while the alarm beeps once for a second or two and stops (the stopping indicates that all is good and you can proceed starting the engine) but that time also gives the fuel pump a chance to prime prior to starting. Usually you can hear the pump priming and then stopping. So it's an important process to know and understand before starting and you have twins, so you might have to do that on both. Just be sure you fully understand the ignition & starting procedure, as well as having the dual throttle in neutral or whatever position it indicates for starting. Did you get any kind of brochure at all with the boat?
  9. The only members I know that would have boats "somewhat" close to the year as your 1993 but probably newer are @Denny and @SST. But even so, I think theirs are a bit newer and less LOA IIRC. Also theirs are single engine and not twins which looks like your 2850 is a twin engine boat? But both of those fellas' boats are kept in mint condition, so hopefully when they get these tags, they'll respond to you and possibly help, or not. Maybe someone else would come out of the blue. Did you try Googling it or the brochure? I just punched in 1993 Chaparral 2850 SSX and this one popped up on IBoats. Does this look similar to yours? Does yours have twins like this one? 28ft boat with twins must move really nicely! On second thought, looking more closely at this pic and how the helm is a grey color, it might've been modified at some point and a completely new helm installed? https://boats-from-usa.com/chaparral/chaparral-2850sx-56444
  10. Hatem

    Transom Shower

    I'm just curious so I hope you don't mind me asking these questions. They can also be helpful getting the thinking wheel going towards solving the new method of getting your warm and cold transom shower water. 1) What lake are you in and how clean is it? Since you used it before in the Regal, it's safe to assume that you're comfortable with using the lake water and that it is clean enough, even if it's just for the transom shower? Did you have any type of filtration system set up for the water to cycle through, prior to coming out of the transom shower? 2) Is it only the transom shower that you use this for and you use the fresh water tank separately for all the other fixtures such as the bathroom shower, toilets, sinks etc.? 3) How big is the current fresh water tank (gallons)? 4) Do you have access to the Regal or is it bought by someone who took it far away from where you currently are? Because if you can still access it, I'm sure whomever is in possession of it now would allow you to get to it and scope it out thoroughly to see how it was plumbed and even take pictures of all that. That would be an immense help for you and give you a huge head start, instead of starting from scratch. Is that a possibility?
  11. Hey, @#$%@# happens to the best of us. You said the batteries are ok and you were connected to shorepower for those 2 days also? Did you check the voltage on the batteries to know they're ok? I wouldn't worry about it, I think you'll be just fine. If anything, I think the worst thing is you'd drain out the batteries and that's about it, but even that is debatable if you only had the ignition on the first click? So you powered up only the items that would be connected on that first click which you should find out what they are on your boat (depending on how it's wired) and be sure those items are still ok which I'm betting they're just fine. Make yourself a nice cup of tea and what's the favorite pastry or whatever edible that goes along with tea in the UK? Have the tea and pastry and don't worry about anything. It'll be just fine and like nothing happened, especially if your batteries are ok. They're the first in line but your shorepower should take care of that.
  12. Great pics, Denny! The OSX and 257 are very sharp, even with outboards, but they definitely cut into the swim platform. But there are other benefits to having outboards, for sure. The new style of the Chap swim platforms where they bring the sides around the stern is pretty cool-looking. You see that feature on a lot of other brands, even on large yachts. Azimut has been doing that for decades, actually. I suppose it helps a lot with docking and that section would take the brunt of the bumps and gouges and protect the nice gelcoat on the side, so it has its benefits along with the looks. And speaking of banging into docks, this was at last year's show here in Boston and this guy (it was actually a couple) who invented this fender setup with their own baskets that you can bolt to the side of the dock and put the fenders into them to use as more cushioning as well as protecting the fenders, keeping them out of the water and away from any marine growth. Plus you can just leave them in the baskets if you don't want to take them with you. He has an agreement with West Marine to help him get them out there and last year was his/their first year of getting the patent out there. It will be interesting to see them this year and find out how successful this invention of his has been. Seems like a great idea and I hope it materializes for them. Love seeing potential success stories like these, especially from regular, hard-working folks which is the impression I got speaking to him.
  13. Hey you're welcome, ma man. Thanks for the acknowledgment. Me too on getting back out there and doing some fishing. Getting a bite and reeling in a fish (no matter what it is) is really one of those best, natural sensations. Even better, when you're out there with good friends in their own Chaps as well and fishing together, one of the best things you can do. This was above a wreck about 25 miles offshore of OC MD. Rob has a lot of these hot spots marked on his GPS. This was actually before I installed the SeaDogs which led me to wanting to do them because as you can see, it sucks trying to find spots to tuck your rods in when you don't have holders. But is there anything better than this? That was a super fun and great day and we got a surprise visit from this huge Mola Mola. What amazing creatures these things are. It's pretty clear how they get their other name; Sunfish, because of this sunning behavior they do, coming up to the top and essentially sunning themselves for a while before heading back down. This thing was about 8ft long and was super friendly and curious, flapping its dorsal fin and they have to lay flat on their side like that to get their whole body exposed to the sun. Plus I think it helps with their buoyancy to do that. You can clearly see its large eye in this pic. We used to have a thread going for posting pics of your fishing and it was great. Lasted a while and was opened by previous member @JoeMiska who unfortunately doesn't post anymore. He's from the Tampa Bay area but I could probably find the thread and maybe get it going again once the season starts for us up here. I know you guys down in FLA don't have any season lol, which is great but hey, you gotta play the cards that were dealt to you. Or we should probably start a new thread and hopefully once you get going, you can post pics of all the great you catch and are available in FLA. We don't have a lot of Spanish Mackerels up this way, but if you're lucky and at the right place at the right time (or know where they are or come through like many of the local guys who have this knowledge and some share it while others won't say a peep looool), they can be a lot of fun and put up a good fight. But they're a dime a dozen down where you are which is where we were catching these guys. You just gotta be very careful with those chompers, lol, but what a beautiful fish and a good fight for that size. Nice install on the radar and the transducer. It's great that the 310 has the radar platform already built into the top of the hardtop because then you don't have to worry about getting the right pitch on the radome, as it's already there. Makes for a much easier install than on a radar arch such as mine. Plus I have a ski/tubing-tow bar right behind it that I didn't want to lose, so I had to elevate the radome even more to keep that ski tow. This thing here and I try not to lose whatever factory items that came with the boat to a reasonable extent, hence elevating the radome but losing the factory light and getting a different, new one that was part of the radar mount. Worked out well. I had it done by the dealer which subbed it out to a Garmin installation team and they did a great job. Thing works great and I love using the radar in overlay with the navigation map. If I had a much larger MFDS, I would use the split screen option but with the 741xs, they're too small in that mode, at least for me. They used one of the Garmin elevated bases and made a custom, flat platform to go between that base and for the radome to sit on. Funny thing is that after 4 years or so, that flat platform has cracked in many places but is still holding well. You can see the elevated base and that platform in this pic as well as the light bar which barely clears the ski tow bar. All it all, works out great. I also have one of those pole-attachable holders which I actually use a lot more than any of the SeaDogs because I put my small rod in it and it's right on the bimini pole bracket right behind the wetbar and a quick & easy reach for that moment where you see pogies and bass jumping and you know there's fish right where you are. Works great and sometimes I'll use it for my net or even my gaff. Thinking of getting an additional one. I leave that rod in there all the time. Even doing 35+mph, rod stays in it safely without a lanyard or bungee or anything. Really nice job on your installation, BTW. I have a couple of questions - Was the hardtop hollow when you drilled those 4 holes for the radome? Or was there some king of insulation inside the hardtop? What is that mirror plate in this pic? And did the TV antenna come with the boat? I'm assuming it probably did for the cabin TV. What is that black, plastic unit next to the new transducer you installed?
  14. I kinda thought so, I just come from the old school of "you never know" when it comes to things like this where I don't have full 100% understanding of. So good to know, Berjen. Thanks. Plus it's pretty reasonably priced.
  15. lol! I can see heated seats, but steering wheel? Fancy shmancy. What kind of truck is it? Needs another one on starboard.
  16. Sounds like a conspiracy theory, big bro. Kidding. It's very possible, certainly. I know that some boaters in Florida get jumped on suddenly by a slew of USCG boats by surprise because they accidently approach waterfront homes of ex-presidents or even on term presidents that happen to be there vacationing at the time, yet there was nothing on their GPSs that showed these areas to be restricted for any type of boating. I've checked the accuracy of my G3 map and breadcrumbs using my slip and many buoys in many places against boat location and without knowing the exact number, I can see that it's very, very close and pretty accurate. Wow, 100 yards is a lot. What GPS are you using, Denny? I haven't done a lot of waypoint settings with the new G3 map that I installed midway through last summer, but it has a great feature for waypoints (which the G2 Vision does as well, but not the standard G2) and that is it automatically sets your waypoints to navigate a water route, instead of the old, standard straight line that cuts right through land lol. On my G2 that came with the 741xs, it didn't have that capability and just gave you a straight line. Good for open water but not in areas with a lot of islands and just coastal boating. But on the G2 Vision, you can take that straight line and alter it by selecting certain "turns" on it that will keep you in water. You obviously need a touch screen for this feature to work. I'm guessing that's what you're doing, right? On the G3 Vision, I believe it actually takes whatever waypoint you select while taking your boat size and draft info that you plug in -- when setting it up -- into consideration and automatically calibrates the quickest and safest water route for you. I think this might be a feature on the G2 Vision as well. But I haven't done it yet and will certainly try it this summer when we hopefully get out there.
  17. Excellent. I hope it's the same for mine and it should be, despite Merc vs VP, the gauges should function the same way so you would think it should work. Definitely let me know when you get to it if it works well. The only difference I can think of is the compatibility of the network make/models. Whether the VP interface will accept it, as oppose to a Yacht Device.
  18. Awesome! Thanks for taking pics and posting them, Denny. That's a rare feature on this forum these days. This pic here really gives out a good perspective on how high the integrated swim platform is. A lot of visible transom area below it. Can't remember the name of the member who posted a thread just a couple of days ago about getting ready to buy one of these, but he wanted Chaparral to either lower the swim platform or cut it out on an H20 and now, looking at this pic, I can see why he wanted to do that and his reasoning was because of his dog not being able to get up on it from the water. Oh yeah, now that I think about it, your suggestion on using that ramp was the best way to deal with that problem because there's no way Chaparral would customize something like that. Definitely not messing with the mold lol to change an integrated design, so the only thing they would do is cut it out after the fact and they wouldn't even do that. But man is that high! Good-looking little starter boat, though. And I really like this option for the fishing seat. This is one of those things that can be added as a mod on almost any other boat.
  19. That's great. I like how it has the ability to connect and read up to 16 tank levels at once. But what about the sensor at the tank itself? Do you know how you'll be using it to connect to the tank or are you just going to go off your analogue or smartcraft gauge? So far that's been the toughest part for me to figure out; what to use as a sensor and how to get very accurate readings of the fuel level in the tank without having to change the fuel level sender or adding a sensor in a way that would require drilling the tank itself. I'd rather avoid that completely if possible. What do you mean by "adding it parallel with my current analog gauge"? Do you mean "in addition" or actually hooking it off of the analog gauge to get the exact fuel level instead of a dial that tells you approximately half a tank or whatever? Not sure tapping off an analog gauge would be able to supply info that can be converted to a precise and accurate, digital readout, then make that one gauge on the MFDS actually work? If it's that easy, that would be amazing! I have a feeling I need to add a separate sensor of some sort to the tank to get the readout that way. You knew I was talking about you! That is outstanding, Dennis. Really nice job and looks factory installed. Well done and thanks for the update. This is the kinda stuff I really like seeing and admiring the quality of the workmanship, first and foremost. Hey, please keep us (well mostly me lol and probably dan02gt also) posted when you crank the engine in the springtime and get the data from the sensors. This thread is open for anyone who wants to post their shhhtuuuff and how they set up their NMEA2K network. So do blast away when you get it going. I'll be looking forward to seeing your results. Good luck with the transducer. That's pretty easy and when you're ready to install the ss75m transducer, don't forget to measure thrice and drill once lol! And start out with a pilot hole first and when you're ready to drill out the 2-1/4" or whatever diameter hole you need for that particular transducer, once you've determined exact location and set on it, drill a pilot hole (I use a 1/4" bit) drill from the outside (bottom) in and not the other way around. Or, the best way to really do it is after drilling your pilot hole, drill halfway through the thickness of the hull from the inside first, then complete drilling the other half of the hole from the outside - in, That way you won't get any chipping of the FG or gelcoat whatsoever. But you probably already knew that.
  20. What?!?!? I never thought there would be such a person in the UK LOL! That's amazing, Stuart. Hey, maybe you're better off. Being diehard sports fans of certain teams only brings you more of the agony of defeat, than the thrill of victories. Excellent. I second Denny's post. Lots of pics and YouTube videos we shall need! At some point (if you have any money left over ) you can get a drone and take footage of yourself cruising. Not sure if you've seen the Drone thread? There's some great videos posted from a couple of members and it's a lot of fun to see your own boat from that perspective. Well worth it.
  21. How much do you think is in this picture alone? LOL! These were back-to-back Formula 400 SSC and a 430 SSC (I think, or a 380 but either way) and if you add up the cost of all those outboards, if you take the average I guess would probably be somewhere around $35K per unit? You're looking at $280K worth of outboards alone looooooool. But I do admit that the Formula 400 SSC is once of the most gorgeous and desirable boats out there. Seeing it's layout and the size (40ft-11inches) and the enclosed cockpit with a very decent and spacious cabin with bowrider seats, basically the ultimate crossover makes it one of the favorites out there. It even has an aft berth in the lower space lol! To have all that along with the bow seating is extraordinary! The cockpit layout is fantastic. Add in the space of the swim platform and the protective gate that swings or folds or whatever just goes to show you how they think of every single detail possible. Doesn't get any better than this. My son and I always enjoy getting onto this thing and checking out all the stuff, big and little.
  22. $4,500 for the aluminum prop and $9,500 for the stainless steel one! Double that for duoprop sets but it doesn't look like they're making those yet since those have to be 2 different size props. Crazy. But, if it saves you money on fuel in the long run, maybe it'll take a few years to actually get your money back? So looking at it in that respect, might be the reasoning behind the high price as it not only gives you better performance, but better fuel management. It reminds me of what the aviation industry did with their wings. It's basically the same concept as adding winglets to the end of the wing edges to reduce the drag that the tip would cause without a winglet. Once they started adding different shapes and sizes of winglets, they started saving on fuel because of the reduction of drag off the wingtips. Instead of adding similar winglets on the ends of the props, they just made complete loops and brought the whole prop back to the hub. It's actually pretty genius when you really think about it while taking all this stuff into consideration. Still a heII of a lot of loot!
  23. Are you still moving up to the Carver C37? If not, I would highly recommend getting the G3 Vision chart. I just upgraded my G2 to the G3 last summer that came with the 741xs and man, what a difference. Between detail and accuracy, it's a whole other world. That might just solve your problem. You can always return it if it doesn't or if you don't like it. But you'll definitely like it. Here's an example, this is Halfway Rock which is a small island about 5 miles offshore where you can see some whales sometimes and seals etc. and with the G3, you get better detail of the island formation below the water; that jagged green edge doesn't show up on the G2. I wish I had a pic of the island with the G2 to make the comparison, I actually might have it just gotta look for it. But the accuracy of buoy locations and island edges and markers and everything is spot on. And this is the entire US coastal map, not just the North East or East Coast. This is coming out of our marina lol, a lot of bread crumbs but you can see how relatively shallow some areas are at low tide and I check depth and location of markers and things of that sorts and it's so much better than the G2. Then way offshore about 30-35 miles entering Stellwagon Marnie sanctuary and I had my radar overlay on and this pic always freaks me out because there wasn't a single boat in sight for hours when I was out there that day and that shape to the right must've been a whale near surfacing that I had just passed and never saw since I'm concentrating on the GPS. You can even see the delineation of the tail and size lol.
  24. Hahaha, between making tea and fancying a dirty weekend and doing a cracking job, it doesn't get any more British than that! Now I have to ask, what premier league team are you a fan of? I've followed Liverpool since I was a little kid all the way back to the early 70s when they had a banging team and they've always been on top one way or the other, but these days especially since Mo Salah is from the old country. That makes that team even more special to yours truly. What a great player he turned out to be and to top it all off, the owner of the Boston Red Sox bought Liverpool a few years ago if I'm not mistaken. John Henry (you should see the yacht that guy has lol) and we're huge Red Sox fans up this way so there's this very cool bond/connection going on between all those things. Interestingly enough, my nephew who studied in London is a huge Arsenal fan. So when those two teams go at it, it's a great brawl! So who's your team? Outstanding job. Looks like the prep work was done very well. The primer looks like the finish coat already. Looking forward to seeing the finish paint and the decals on to complete the whole look. Now if we could possibly find a way to boat somewhere where we can get above 6mph, wow wouldn't that be something?
  25. It's too bad that on my VP engine info reading directly off the main hook-up is not showing fuel level. It would have to be hooked up to the tank somehow anyway to get any reading is my guess. Wonder if there is an easy way to tap off the analogue gauge (which I doubt but would be the easiest route) or the fuel sender at the tank to get the fuel capacity reading to show up. Maybe through the fuel sender at the tank by possibly adding a sensor to it for the NMEA network. I'll have to look into it some more. If it requires replacing the entire fuel sender with an NMEA compatible one, I'll probably pass. But knowing exactly how many gallons of fuel you have left in your tank is something that I actually would like to be able to see, especially if there is a gauge for it.
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