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    Milky oil after water pump impeller change

    You mean condensation on the outside of the thermostat could eventually find its way to the engine oil? I thought the water-cooling system is completely isolated from the engine oil system?
  2. Yeah I was just wondering if you had seen that before and it was obviously familiar to you. It might just be from the water in the marina also. I'm told you need a special suction tool to drain the oil out of the VP drive which I don't have. There's no drain plug although someone did mention that there might be one inside the props casing once you take off the duo prop. I'll take a look today but even so, I don't have whatever it takes to run an air test. I have a compressor and all sorts of nail guns and all the same size hoses, but those are for another purpose. That's exactly where mine probably is. I did notice a bit of brown staining between the transom plate and the butt plug (loool sounds like a dirty bunghole :D) that might be where the oil is leaking. I'll have to figure it out because I'm not sure the oil would empty out from just sitting for 2 winters.
  3. Hey I got a question for you since you're the boat guru around here and also the oil expert (I was going to say "oily") lool. The boat has been in storage through the 2016 and 2017 winter (we didn't take it out last summer because I had surgery and health issues) but we're getting ready this year and I just took the anodes off the drive yesterday to replace them and was a bit concerned with the corrosion but when Dennis said it looks like they're doing their job, I became less concerned about that but then my eye turned to the color of the square anode in the pic below. That's the lower anode that goes way down on the very bottom of the drive almost right up against the transom. Then I checked the drive oil and there was barely anything on the very end of the oil stick. Almost 0 oil, then I wondered about the color of that anode. Could it be that there is some leakage of the drive oil that's basically saturating that anode? Especially if it looks like I'm almost empty on drive oil?
  4. Hatem

    2014 287SSX engine flush-multiple failures-help!

    Aha, now I understand the problem much better, thanks. Yes I've seen those muffs with that stud that tightens the two ears together. I wish I could do that with mine but the Volvo DPSA doesn't really have a clear shot from one side to the other to push that stud through, at least not without taking the inlet covers off first which is a headache to do. Thank goodness for the flushport, though. Makes flushing 1000 times easier and gives you the option to also do it while slipped in the water. You'd think it would be standard now. Does Merc even offer the flushport as an additional option for any of their motors? So I guess my temporary suggestion to the OP to try flushing it while it's still in the water is irrelevant now. You can't set yours up so it's permanent? It's that tight in there? Interesting. I thought there was a kit available just for that so you can "permanently" convert your Merc motor to be able to flush right at the engine and avoid the whole muffs drag? Could've sworn I'd seen it somewhere.
  5. Hatem

    Just cause we have a bunch of airplane lovers

    Was at the Quonset, Rhode Island National Guard air show a couple of weekends ago and saw the F-35A for the first time. Avenger and an F4U4 Corsair flying right over the parked F-35s. Great timing, bad shot, though. Got a good close-up after it landed.
  6. Hatem


    Just out of curiosity, what is the purpose of this thread, exactly?
  7. Nope, no shore power. But you just showed me that I have the standard, panicked perspective -- which is "oh ma God something's wrong" -- instead of a level-headed reaction like "hey, looks like they're doing their job." I'm guessing there's quite a bit or electricity running in that marina water. Hahaha, it's been a while.
  8. I've seen a few, very cool mods done by some members on their boats ranging from newly mounted GPS's to TV's on arches to windlass anchors to even some very interesting and really smart mechanical innovations that create better functionality to certain, existing systems that these awesome Chaparral boats come with. I'm interested to see what people have done (I'm sure others are too) so that the light bulb can go on and possibly open the door for a cool modification on one's own boat. Even with trailers, there's so much cool stuff I've seen people here add/modify to make their trailering better and safer. I know I'll be adding a TV to the inside of the arch on my boat and I'm contemplating possibly installing a bow thruster and I have a few other smaller things I'm thinking of doing. Please share yours and show 'em off WITH PICS as much as possible.
  9. Hatem

    2014 287SSX engine flush-multiple failures-help!

    So you basically installed a flush port on your 496 but the OP's 2014 8.2 Merc didn't come with one factory installed already and can only flush out the motor with muffs?
  10. Yeah that was a huge undertaking. Glad he's off and running. He said he's only been out 3 times or so in the last year. Yes, please do. Would love to see the process to installing a remote light. That's right, he did mention that. Never figured him for a sailboat guy but the way he enjoys those Florida waters, makes sense. I pulled these things out the other day, look at the corrosion on these anodes after 4 months in an ocean slip! Looks like someone took a chisel and hammer to them.
  11. Hatem

    2014 287SSX engine flush-multiple failures-help!

    Wow, that is really bizarre. Have you tried asking any local dealers in your area? I would start with that. In the meantime, until you figure out what the problem is, maybe try flushing the motor while the boat is in the water before pulling it back out on your trailer, if you can. At least this way you can clean up most of the salt water out of the engine instead of not flushing at all.
  12. Hatem

    Chaparral's quality going downhill

    Very true. It used to be much more interesting but has definitely crapped out in the past couple of years. lol, right on all points.
  13. BTW, just so you know, the word that got bleeped out with $%^#& was just 'd a m n" and nothing beyond that! Don't want you to think I was cursing at you with a wicked insult or anything like that, buddy. Funny how the forum software picks that up in this day and age. Ended up with 3 new all-purpose batteries from West Marine and man those things are up there. But at least I don't have to worry about power when we're out 15 miles in the ocean. Can't cheap out on that kind of peace of mind. Drew texted me a pic of his Sea Ray, finally got it all restored and splashed a couple of days ago. That was quite the project but it looks good. Too bad he's not a Chap guy anymore.
  14. Hatem

    Had A Few Friends Drop In While Fishing

    Well, I'm glad you got with the times, Denny! :-) I was at the Rhode Island air show this past Saturday and I tested my new Cannon 70D with the first sighting of the F-35A Lightning II making its first appearance at the Quonset show, and what a show it put on! Got some great pics of it, especially doing that classic, low altitude takeoff and suddenly it goes vertical. The 70D actually takes incredible videos also which I will try next time.
  15. #%^$&%$ you, Dennis! Always right. I should've never doubted you as I know better but since I had luck with plugging the chord in and after charging it for a day and then had plenty of power 5 days later to open the hatch and lower the drive and even crank the tunes, I figured I just might prove you wrong! Even when I put the twiggies on the batteries today before cranking it up for the first time to warm the oil so I can extract it easily, I got 10.9vt on the starting battery and 11.7 on the 2 houses, so I figured I was golden! Turned the key, got my three usual beeps, said a prayer and then...........pffft. Nothing! I was pissed cuz now I had to come here and confess, lol. Oh well, I was planning on changing the batteries anyway since they are 4 years old now and have been dead through 2 winters. But I changed the oil and the old stuff looked nice and golden so I was happy with that. Changed the fuel filter and pulled the F-450 up to the hatch and jumped the batteries off the truck and cranked her and temp went up to 160 and hovered between that and 159 so that's good. Got a bunch of other odds and ends I'm adding this year I'll keep updating the thread.
  16. Nothing wrong with that, looks awesome. Tell him I said hi when you see him again. So guess what? I plugged the extension chord into the charger plug and I got full power! Raised the dive and popped the hatch and even cranked the tunes. Left it plugged in for the day and when I got home later, batteries were fully charged. Couldn't believe it. I thought that once those things die out, they're finished, especially if they've been in the boat for a very long time. BTW, do you update your 741xs? I usually have the dealer do it but this year I'm gonna try it myself, just need to find out how.
  17. Ok, sounds like a plan, thanks a lot. I'm gonna try the chord first just to satisfy my curiosity and if it doesn't work, PlanColdOne. If you never hear from me again you'll know what happened lol. Appreciate it very much. Have you talked to Bill at all, recently? Wonder how our old buddy is doing? Hope all is well with him. That is ridiculously brilliant! What a great idea for some shade, especially at the bow seats. Maybe when you get some time, you can show us how you set up the shore power panel. That looks great, but I hope those marks in between the two panels are just pencil marks?! That is just outstanding! I like the way you made the mounting plate with a little left over at the ends but I'm surprised you were able to get in there to screw it down?! Looks like you can barely fit a few fingers in there.
  18. Thanks, man. I forgot I do have a powerpack kicking around somewhere. I need to also lift the drive first in order to pull the boat out of it's tent storage, so I need enough power to do that as well as open the hatch. You think the powerpack will have enough for both those functions? Good to see you too, TP. I wasn't sure if the shore power connection will only trickle power to the batteries through the charger or if it will do that while at the same time provide a constant 12 vt to the rest of the electrical components. I was hoping for the latter. Gonna try it this week and let you guys know what happens. I guess I'll pop the hatch first, then try to raise the drive if I have enough power to do both. If not, then at least I can change the batteries. Cheers.
  19. Not sure if you were referring to my question or something else, I apologize I'm not sure what you mean by using an ap in this case. I just needed to know if it's basically ok to just plug in my shore power outlet (which is 110vt) with 3, completely dead deep cycle batteries just to get enough power to open the hatch so I can access them and change them among other things I need to do. I know it's probably a silly question but I've never had to deal with this before and I do have a full tank of gas and I'm basically de-winterizing it, so to speak. Just want to be sure that's the way to go and if there's a potential risk or it should be ok and should work. I don't think there's another way to pop the hatch off without powering it.
  20. Got a battery question for anyone who might know the answer can kindly reply here without having to open a new thread just for that. I don't remember the procedure but I'm pretty sure all 3 deep cycle batteries are kaput, dead as can be and I need to get the hatch opened to access them and install the new ones. I have the 1 starter and the other two whatever they're called but should I just plug my 110vt chord into the outlet I have that runs to the transformer/transducer whatever and to the battery and get enough power to open the hatch? Or is there another trick anyone knows? Any help would be appreciated.
  21. Hatem

    Had A Few Friends Drop In While Fishing

    Couple of bold ones that came up close on top of the windshield, very cool. Reminds me of the migrating warblers that visited us in Maryland when we were out about 20 miles offshore. Those were tired and needed a rest, but these here look like they were just curious. You wouldn't think this but bluejays are part of the Corvids, which include black crows, ravens and magpies.
  22. Hatem

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    Hypothetically, if you had the desire and opportunity to move up into the 40'-50' range of cruisers that you could comfortably sleep 4-6, and you had a budget of oh......let's say.......$400K just to set a limit and keep it somewhat from going nutty, then what would you, personally, chose to buy? I'm curious because I've been reading a lot of older threads about quite a few previous Chaparral owners wanting to move up in size and class and not being able to stay loyal to this great, Chaparral brand because of it's VERY limited offering in the 40ft range and that being in such low numbers that it's availability in pre-owned units is practically non-existent. It would be neat to see what some ideas and dreams are out there.
  23. Hatem

    2017 337 SSX

    Yeah you don't want to be plowing into docks with other boats and people with a boat like that. That's a crazy problem. With all the new technology in all these motors, you would think there is a failsafe mechanism to not allow something like that to happen. Must be super frustrating to be in a superb boat like that and run into that kind of problem, especially a brand new one and of the caliber of Formula.
  24. Hatem

    2017 337 SSX

    Wow, that is crazy scary. I hope no one was hurt. It's very stressful as it is pulling into a tight slip in a crowded marina let lone try doing it with a motor that's stuck in forward gear. That must've been very frightening. I'm not surprised by the reaction you're getting TBH. And if they fixed it the first time, what's preventing them from fixing it again and fixing it right, this time? Is the warranty expired? For a boat that size and that costly, you'd think they would be doing whatever it takes to fix a dangerous problem like that. That shifter is also not exactly a simple piece of technology, and a lot of it is digital from what I vaguely know, so the problem is probably a lot more complicated than a simple, stuck linkage/cable or wedged mechanism. Hope you get it taken care of and keep us posted.
  25. Hatem

    Keys Trip

    Not this time since it's snowing up here. Maybe another time during summer and when it's not mostly a fishing trip. Hopefully you guys will do this again. It'll happen one day, my friend. :-)