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  1. This is crazy hilarious! Maybe even some pretty good boating skills! While the title of the video says "drunker boaters," it's possible they were hammered considering the absolutely insanely and dangerous maneuvers they were pulling off, but another longer version of the video suggest that they were criminals or thieves or something along those lines.
  2. Hatem

    Signature Owners and Water Leak

    That sucks. Sorry to hear about the way that supplier treated you with the exhaust parts. That's a lot of money for what appears to be a mistake on their part the way you described it. If they told you exactly what parts you needed based on the info you gave them (and I'm assuming you gave them the correct information of course) and then they send you the wrong parts is not too uncommon, actually, @#$%@# happens. But to charge you for the shipping costs of those VERY heavy parts (cast iron) and a restocking fee on top of that is insane. Maybe split the shipping cost at the most, but the restocking fee is crazy. What reason did they give you for getting the parts wrong? I'm replacing manifolds and risers also this spring. What engine(s) and what year boat? You filled up the anchor locker with water and didn't see any come in? Does the anchor locker have a thru-hull drain or does it drain to the forward bilge?
  3. Hatem

    Bought a second home

    Hahaha, pics of the new house? Joe Miska is out of Tampa, not too far from St. Petersburg just further into the bay. He hasn't been on here for a while. We were supposed to come down and hook up with JeffK last fall, but timing got a bit complicated and the red tide was in full bloom at the time, so we cancelled it. I was actually all ready to go. Had the trailer all inspected and souped up for the long haul from MA all the way down. Very likely to come try again this year, but I think we'll be doing somewhere in the Keys. Even for you, it would be a good haul from St, Pete's to say, Islamorada.
  4. Hatem

    F150 going electric?

    This is very true. Maintaining the top position in the world is not an easy task when new technologies are popping up left and right, especially a completely revolutionary one like going electric. You need to adapt to that new technology. From what I read, they'll be coming out with not only a fully electric truck but a hybrid as well. I think once we start seeing charging stations pop up in all places, that's when we'll know things are certainly changing in that direction. They also need to find ways to speed up that charging instead of the hours that it takes. Pumping gas is much faster. Most definitely. I wonder who's going to be the first to come out with an all-electrically powered boat? Any picks? If you take the top 10 biggest or most successful recreational boat manufacturers out there, it's not an easy pic to pull out of the bunch. Could be any of them.
  5. Hatem

    What color to buy?

    On Hatem's comments" No, I guess you can't read. I am agreeing with him. I think your to busy laughing at your self!! Black would be more affected by the sun. Again, I am agreeing with Phillbo, read it again. BUT, for what ever reason my black is not. Why, I can't tell you. Please don't ever assume anything about what experience I have or don't have. You don't know me or what my experiences entail. You can't even explain why the black on your boat isn't affected by the sun while the white is fading even more which totally contradicts the whole concept of the sun affecting black gelcoat more than white, yet you offer nothing of a valid or technical explanation to support it. Instead, you blindly agree with the opposite notion. Yep, that makes a lot of sense. I've already explained the makeup of gelcoat as a polyester resin with pigment for color and it's the sheen of the material on any color that is affected by prolonged exposure to sun, not the pigment. It doesn't matter if you live in Antarctica or the Sahara desert. That has nothing to do with it and is simply a copout. Not too hard to really understand. Hey look, someone who's making sense. Funny how no one is challenging you on what you're saying, ey Curt?
  6. Hatem

    What color to buy?

    lol, that's not what he's saying. He's saying the complete opposite that the effects of the sun are worst on the black than on the white. How could you have missed that? Rough night last night? Hey, you came out and said I was being presumptive. I showed you proof to support my point and now you don't want to argue because I should just accept what you say without condition? Not gonna happen, sorry. And what you don't understand is that the sun is the enemy of any gelcoat, not just black or darker colors. You just take the old-school theory that black or darker colors absorb light and heat more than white or lighter colors (which tend to reflect light) and that concept doesn't apply to gelcoat. Gelcoat fades and reacts the same way no matter what color because of its chemical makeup. Gelcoat is a polyester resin with pigment in it. The pigment is what gives it color and has no effect on the resin whatsoever. The resin is what reacts to the sun and weather in general and since its the same resin with any color, it also reacts the same way. And the reason why the maintenance is roughly or even exactly the same is because if you don't occasionally protect the gelcoat with a wax, the RESINS on the surface start to dry out and break up. That's what causes the fading in time. It has nothing to do with the color but rather, the material itself.
  7. Out on the ocean all day yesterday and had a great time. We planed smoothly at 30 mph all the way up to Gloucester and got to the Blynman drawbridge to enter the Annisquam River to head up to Wingaersheek Beach. The weekend prior to 4th of July is always jammed with boats in the harbor and the river....forget about it. Every single boat imaginable from Formula 45PCs to Searays of every single type to runarounds to mahogany Christ Crafts to even a spectacular Azimut 50 flybride and everything else in between. Once you get to the drawbridge, need to wait until the siren stops car traffic (which could take 15 minutes) then wait another 10 minutes for exiting boat traffic before we're allowed to enter. Depending on what size boat is in front of you and the wake it leaves behind that ends up slamming the drawbridge walls and coming back in at you, you could have a rough go at it or you could have a relatively easy slide-through. Still, you need to find that sweet spot of speed, path and control to make it through without getting shoved into the walls. It's definitely stressful. Of course, the bigger the boat the easier it is not to be greatly effected by the wake but the smaller the boat..............................and that's what happened in front of our eyes. On the way out, we were stuck in a caravan of 20+ boats and we were 2nd in line at the drawbridge. We had to wait for incoming traffic first and lo and behold, there's a HUGE FERRY TRYING TO GET THROUGH! I swear, he must've had 6 inches on each side and he was gunning it. Left a wake that turned the boat in front of us completely around (20ft Boston Whaler) and almost shoved us into the rocks on the river's edge. While the boat in front of us was trying to spin back into forward position, had to wait for another little boat to follow the ferry, about 8 or 10 feet long with a small outboard and captained by a young grandma, her husband who decided to take all the grandchildren with them, maybe 6 of them! We watched her try to gun it after that ferry only to have the monster wake that was left behind push her completely over where she hit the right side almost head on! Saw grandpa grab one or two kids from taking a header into the mess of water when suddenly, the momentum of the smack and grandma probably keeping full throttle on the outboard just bounced back off and straight into the other side of the walls! We watched in horror. People crowded over the bridge watching this whole incident take place and finally, after crashing twice, grandma got control and eased off the throttle and propped through. Once they came by us, my wife yelled out to them to see if they were ok and you can tell, everyone besides grandpa were in shock. Felt really bad. Never seen anything like that in the past 4 years of boating. Have you? I felt really bad for grandma and you can tell everyone in that boat was shaken up really badly. You really need to understand the effects of rough water from other boats and really understand how to handle your boat and be very aware of your surroundings out there. This is the Blynman drawbridge. While really scenic and a neat place to boat through, take a look at the wake against the walls after the boat @ minute 0.30. And this is weekday traffic, so imagine 50 boats in line, one after the other from both ends. 2nd busiest drawbridge on the eastern seaboard, after one in Boca Raton.
  8. Hatem

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    That was good. Too bad the one in the thumbnail wasn't in the video itself. Usually it's a clickbait but that wasn't the case in this video. That's pretty crazy when you think about how big that stern thruster must be on that cruiser to push that much water against that tugboat and overwhelm it against the dock. And the guy in the beginning filming that cruise ship backing into that dock thinking they should hire him to drive the boat lmfao. You think about us driving our little boats around and that challenge they present, can you imagine captaining a ship that's 1,200ft long with a 125ft beam loool. Trying docking that sucker. The first one in that video is The Oasis of the Seas which is the largest of them all. - 360 m (1,181 ft) LOA - The tonnage is 225,282 GT (gross tonnage). - The beam measures 47 m (154 ft) and the height is 72 m (236 ft). The draught of the Oasis of the Seas has been measured at 9.3 m (31 ft). The depth is 22.55 m (74 ft). Compared to the Titanic.
  9. Hatem

    How I envy you guys with large garages....

    We're getting our first major snow storm of the season coming in pretty late by all standards. 1 foot of snow followed by freezing rain and then a deep freeze which is what's worrying everyone around here. That turns that snow into that really heavy ice and causes all kinds of problems. The northern half of the eastern seaboard is getting slammed. We're hunkered in for the next day or so.
  10. Hatem

    What color to buy?

    "Significantly more effort"? Completely disagree. Explain to me how does black gelcoat take "significantly more effort" to keep shiny than white gelcoat? People confuse the color with the material itself and that's where they're wrong. Gelcoat is gelcoat no matter what color it is, you still have to keep up with it to maintain its sheen, because the sheen is what makes it look good, NOT the color. Cyclops is 100" right, the white/black-dirt concept is the opposite with boats. After so many years, either color gets worn or faded and you have to do the same exact process to revive it whether it's black or white. You wet-sand it with 600 grit and work your way to 1500 and then buff and polish. It's no different. 8 year old boat that I've had here in New England for 5 years, slipped in salt water for the last 3 years and I've waxed and buffed it ONCE in that whole time. All I do is hose it down after each outing to wash off the salt and power-wash it after hauling it out in the fall, followed by a soap wash and scrub and dry with a towel, that's it! You can see your own reflection off it like you can see the driveway's reflection in this pic. And this is the side I dock against with fenders and stuff. This is after a whole season in a salt water slip and a quick power wash, some soap and water with a scrub brush and a towel to dry. That's hardly what I would consider significantly more maintenance than what I would do if it was an all-white hull.. Why does it take more effort? I bet you would spend the same exact time and effort on it if it was a white hull. What does "keeping the color up" mean? Why do you think the blue takes you more work than it would if it was white? It's not the color that you're maintaining, it's the shine which takes the same exact effort with white as it does red, blue, green, yellow or black. I don't see the Eclipse Black for the 277ssx on Chap's site, just the Eclipse White and Eclipse Alloy Grey and then the black side hull like ours. Are you sure there's an Eclipse Black? Maybe the site is messed up although I have seen it in the Eclipse Blue with the yellow stripe which looks pretty cool, almost like the Blue Angels. If there is an Eclipse Black and you're thinking of slipping it all season, I would consider bottom painting it to keep as much growth and algae off it and if there is an Eclipse black, that would work really well because a black bottom paint would blend very nicely with the all-black color of the Eclipse and you wouldn't see it much except for the flat color look of the bottom paint, as opposed to something like mine where you have that bit of white bottom gelcoat with black bottom paint. But when it's in the water, who cares about that? But if you get a white or lighter color and want to bottom paint it, then it won't blend in unless you get a matching bottom paint color and the brighter ones usually don't work as well as the black. That anchor is great, I put it on my 276.
  11. Hatem

    Adding Fresh Water

    You would think that even if the water got into the vent line, it would backflow for a few seconds simply because the diameter of the vent line is much smaller and can't take the same volume of the water as the fill line, but eventually the water would drain through and you can continue filling. It definitely shouldn't get clogued.
  12. Hatem

    What color to buy?

    Go with the color you like the best and enjoy the boat and don't worry about that other stuff because either way you're going to be dealing with maintenance and cleaning so you're better off making the decision based on what you like and is more appealing to you. My question is are you getting it with that cool-looking windlass anchor?
  13. Hatem

    Adding Fresh Water

    How did you make out with the smell from the holding tank? I remember you posted something about having a bad smell issue but never updated us as to whether you used the treatment that we suggested and how you made out. Please let us know where the fresh water tank is and what kind of access there is so we know for future purposes. Check the pump and its filter as well while you're at it. I honestly don't think a kink is very likely. Many reasons to support that notion especially on a brand spanking new boat that was already filled. You have the last year Signature 330 that Chaparral has built, that's awesome. Take care of that beauty. What color is it? Can you post a pic (or as many as you can) for us?
  14. Hatem

    Power for 227 SSX

    And speaking of Mercury's outboards and their amazing technology, I'm sure you've seen this latest from them. Brand new 5 - horsepower PROPANE outboard from Mercury. Probably the best way to power tenders and small boats. Propane is so much cleaner than the other types of fuel and would be ideal for marine environments.
  15. Hatem

    How I envy you guys with large garages....

    lol. Yeah the first few of the huge mounds was in 2015 when we got 2 straight weeks of storm after storm and we ended up with a total of 3-1/2' for just that span. The last couple ones were 2016-18 winters. Ironically this year, we've had maybe a total of 1" so far and we're 2/3 of the way through January. But it's the Northeast so even April can dump a couple of feet of that crap. And this weekend is a nasty one coming that has the freeze following it. Those are the dangerous ones where temps fluctuate greatly during, before and after. There's an ice warning & advisory posted for this weekend. Makes you really cherish the 3 months of boating weather. Shrink-wrap is really the only and best way to guard your boat against this @#$%@#. I bought that huge cover that supposedly should work so I don't have to pay for shrink wrap every year but I have my doubts as to how effective it's going to be. We shall see.
  16. Hatem

    H20 Fuel Vent Fix/Problem

    You'd think that would be the reason it's happening, but I'm sure you would agree it's no excuse. Anyone know if the outlet for the vent line on these H2Os is part of the universal gas cap or is it a separate thru-hull? That's right, I hadn't thought about the catalyzing of engines. How much of that is actual emissions control vs feul efficiency/consuption, though?
  17. Hatem

    Can a TACO pull my 244 Sunesta?

    Yep. You should see what I loaded and towed with my old F-150 lol. I would go well beyond half a ton many times. One time I had a pallet of roof shingles that was probably close to a ton and the wheel well was about 2" off the top of the tires and it was fine. Those ratings are for liability purposes firstly, and secondary is actual limit capability. You just have to be smart about how far you push it. I see trucks way overloaded and towing much larger capacities than allowed and cops don't care one bit, almost always. If you do get into an accident, it's a different story. Lol. Love it.
  18. Hatem

    H20 Fuel Vent Fix/Problem

    I know my DEF system on the F-450 is completely clogued. It stopped taking fluid about a month ago. Can't wait to see the crystallization that's going on once I get in there and open it up. That stuff is awful, worst thing ever.
  19. Hatem

    Is it May 1st ? Only cure for my Cabin Fever.

    It's going to be 5* in Kansas City @ gametime on Sunday for the AFC Championship game between the Chiefs and the Patriots. They're talking more about the weather for this game than a young rookie phenom going up against the 41 year-old greatest of all time. You'd think there are some serious health hazards to playing and being exposed to these ridiculous temperatures. Then you got these knuckleheads. At least they got their hats and gloves on lmfao.
  20. Hatem

    Power for 227 SSX

    I must be reaching a mental block, Shep, because I don't understand that concept whatsoever. How could it possibly be that a cast iron block would not need (and in fact be conditional) a closed cooling system? Wouldn't a non-corrosive antifreeze/coolant be absolutely necessary for a corrosive metal like cast iron as opposed to aluminum? That reasoning would seem much more logical for an aluminum block. Am I missing something? I think this applies to previous generations as well, not just Gen V Volvo TBH but this is my personal feeling which is not like anyone here is surprised by it. I don't think there is any argument with that at all. Besides the joystick capabilities of Merc outboards and how amazing that technology is, what impresses me the most is how silent they are, like you said. I can't believe how quiet those outboards are and it's a travesty that they can be that quiet while enclosed in what is essentially a tiny box but not only that, it's OUTboard. It's outside of the boat and to be 3 times quieter than inboard engines is crazy. That's crazy. Hard to believe that thing is actually quiet like he said. 750HP can't really be that quiet, can it? And who doesn't love any of the LS series engines? All Corvettes, Camaros and of course, Transams equipped with those and I can attest to that with the first of the series in my 2001 TA with the LS1 which is a blast to drive. The original 350HP LS1 with the plastic intake manifold and I remember when I was at the dealership ready to buy this car and looking at the engine and the first thing I notice is the plastic intake manifold and I was like WTF?! loool. I had to do a bit of research before making that decision and turns out it was perfectly fine. This was really at the time when we were still getting used to aluminum blocks and then to see a plastic intake manifold was another big step to get used to LoL. Not sure if they changed it in the later series or not, but it's been great on the TA. I believe this engine is a single overhead cam unlike that crazy asss SB4 with double the HP. But they're definitely legendary V8 engines.
  21. Hatem

    H20 Fuel Vent Fix/Problem

    Yeah I realized it was an EPA emissions regulations. It still seems too common in the H2O and rears its ugly head too often. Which means something wasn't designed right. If it's supposed to control the gas fumes going out, it certainly shouldn't be letting water in. When did this filter become a requirement? Must've been post 20........13? Maybe 14? Do you have it in your 16 307? You'd also think they'd make a bigger stink (no pun intended) about the exhaust being pushed out in the water. That seems like a much worst environmental threat than a bit of occasional gas fumes. Besides, I don't remember the last time I smelt anything significant coming out of my vent after filling gas many, many times over aside from the common woof of gasoline you get from the gas coming out of the nozzle itself. Seems like a gimmick, to me. Speaking of stink; I laugh at these silly rules and regs when I think about the times I go out on the water and cruise into a bay or harbor and get stuck behind an older boat with outboards (and I don't know about you lake guys...but there are A LOT of those older boats on the ocean), you can literally choke on the fumes coming out the back, including unburnt gasoline.
  22. Hatem

    How I envy you guys with large garages....

    You call that snow? That's a sprinkle, homestyle. A spring tease, a flurry, a pass-by snowing maybe even a snow-squall by our standards. THIS is snow! LoL!
  23. Hatem

    Power for 227 SSX

    Very interesting. So Mercury forges and casts its own blocks now and they don't use the GM blocks anymore, but they're cast iron blocks vs the Volvos which are essentially GM aluminum blocks? Did I understand that correctly? If so, you would think there is a considerable weight difference between the Merc cast iron blocks vs the VP aluminum ones. Would it be significant enough to make a difference in performance? The best thing to do is test the exact boat with the same size engines of the two makes and settle it. Plus I would think that aside from better performance due to weight, there be a much greater benefit to building a marine engine out of aluminum than cast iron. Not sure if that's been done, as opposed to testing a Merc GM block vs a new Merc forged and casted block like in that video. You can definitely see a difference in just the hole-shot.
  24. Hatem

    vinyl or carpet?

    We don't talk to non-Chaparral owners here. Just kidding. Is your carpet glued on a wooden deck or snap-in sections? I have carpet throughout my bowrider and I fish all the time, but mostly off the swim platform. Occasionally I get a hook stuck in the carpet and just deal with it. I'm replacing it (the deteriorating backing) with vinyl type called Marine Weave. But it's snap-in so I can always pull it out when really need to and not worry about it.
  25. Hatem

    Trim tabs for a 256 SSI

    Yep, same here. It's amazing how little they need to deploy to make a good difference.