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  1. Regarding the deposit, standard practice is 10% refundable with signed contract and BEFORE survey.
  2. The surveyor missed so much on our sailboat purchase and cost $800...that said, we needed it to negotiate price down. I typically recommend looking at a boat, making an offer contingent on sea trial/survey/inspection, signing contract and giving 10% deposit, then going ahead with inspection and adjusting price accordingly to findings.
  3. +1, Can't wait to get my new (old) boat!
  4. Yet you chose your boat based on something that you could both enjoy and afford I imagine? I can afford to fuel a small boat (2.5-3.5 mpg) as well, but a 50' power yacht (>1 mpg) would be out of question. That is my point. Of course we should not own boats that we can't afford to run and I am sure, you, I, and Bill Gates have all made that calculation to some degree.
  5. I am sorry, but I just dont agree with this generalized statement at all...fuel cost is a concern for everyone, which is why most folks have small boats and not large ones. No boat is fuel efficient, but 3mpg is much more affordable than .5mpg...Since the purchase price is just an entry into the lifestyle, the operating and maintenance costs are what most rely on to budget.
  6. Holy He!l...what a project .
  7. Hydrogen fuel cells vs. what the Hindenburg featured for lift is comparing apples to oranges. That being said, if "green" is the concern, why not go sail? A sailing vessel of that size could easily achieve those speeds.
  8. After owning two "large" boats, I would probably never buy a cruiser again.
  9. Here is one more: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kC8nykj9rY5mOoMCV8MsMeFplSGDUA4B Especially relevant to those who want bigger boats LOL!
  10. Thank you! If you do decide to go bigger, go newer...budget be #%^$&%$ed . Otherwise you may end up like me and never leave the dock and then begin to hate boating LOL!
  11. You sure you aren't a pro? That is some excellent craftsmanship and a great explanation!
  12. That will be my next SUV when my current trusty 2012 Santa Fe conks out.
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