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  1. Those in government and big business that wish to further centralize their power.
  2. +1, but don't eat with your hands and don't touch your eyes,ears, or nose.
  3. I have often heard it claim they are poorer quality, but I am dubious. Bet they are made in the same factory.
  4. So you do all that work and then have to rent a boat? Ouch
  5. drewm3i

    Engine Hatch

    And is it fireproof!
  6. Alpha one gen 2 i am sure. I would change oil, oil filter, fuel filter, cap and rotor, and thermostat also.
  7. Not saying this happened to you but i will say it as it may help others with similar symptoms, but one time i was driving a long and the boat hit the breaks, engine revved up, tons of vibrations, etc. I came off plane and then went to look at the stern and we were towing a palm frawn .
  8. Taking the Chap?
  9. Pro Polish is the best polymer polish on the market by far. 3m and Meguiar's are okay.
  10. The skid worries me less than the smooth parts as that is damaged easily and all the time. The smooth parts...yikes
  11. I would be weary of structural rot on any boat of that age.
  12. Looks like poorly adhered gelcoat to me, which means it will be an ongoing issue. This would drive me nuts...I would want a steep discount.
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