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  1. Verify the firing order and if it is good reset the timing to factory spec by ensuring the distributor cap is pointing at the #1 point when the #1 piston is at TDC (you can use a long screwdriver down the spark plug hole to locate TDC).
  2. +1, the growl, grumble, or whine is a clear sign of a bearing or gear set issue.
  3. Sorry to hear it man but it happens. This is what insurance is for...you're going to need a new drive most likely.
  4. Scan the thermostat housing with an ir gun.
  5. Sounds like the tensioner pulley to me. Should be easy to replace. I wouldn't worry about the (assisted) power steering pump.
  6. Residue on the transom is usually a rich mixture, not oil. Is the boat carbed?
  7. Check rnr-marine Also, check the chaparral brochure archive.
  8. Sure, why not? Only you can answer this question.
  9. +1, shoot thru hull transducers are TERRIBLE and super inaccurate.
  10. I think that is high. I wouldn't pay more than 15k for that boat. You can get a lot more boat and engine for that price.
  11. I do everything on my boat from basic maintenance to a top end engine rebuild last year. I would say the smell of fuel and sheen is probably not normal and needs to be investigated. MPI motors should need vent gas like a carb engine.
  12. Sounds like you are taking on water. Something is not right.
  13. Your trim rams are not holding the weight of the drive moving through the water. I would make sure you have enough fluid and if you do, then consider rebuilding them.
  14. As a general rule, if the upholstery is original and clean, the boat was likely spared the elements. I wouldn't hesitate to buy an ss model even now. I've had two and they were great boats (2130 bowrider and 2335 cuddy). These boats have xl pressure treated decks, transoms, and stringers so tend to be more rot resistant. It will still delaminate if neglected though. My advice is to thoroughly sound the engine mounts, transom, bilge stringers, and aft bulkhead with a hammer. Also look for cracks. If clear, move on to the engine and then go from there.
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