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  1. Can we see more pics?
  2. That's awesome! The charter boats are definitely reasonable, but after Irma will be harder to come by (Virgin islands charter fleet is gone). They also generally don't have the owners layout we would want to be cozy. Can I PM you for more info about your 8 year journey?
  3. Lots of wisdom in those words right there!
  4. Are the blades all facing the same way? Are the facing the right way? Are you lubing the housing when installing?
  5. Yep, this is all sound advice and much to consider. Personally, we do not plan to have kids at all so that would change things a little. We also don't value material things as much as most Americans and will generally probably blaze our own trail a little bit. Long term we will probably get a small place and then keep our boat somewhere around the world based on where we make it to that season. Thinking about becoming a college professor as history, philosophy, science, and literature are my passions in addition to boating and exploring the natural world. So yes, a lot to consider. Don't really buy into the work like a slave until you retire and can then relax before you die. My uncle was like that...made a fortune, but worked like a dog and died before he could really enjoy it because he neglected his health. It's a shame, but anyway.
  6. Thanks man. We are young and used to small living quarters. One of these modern boats with a good size galley and master cabin should be a nice condo. And yes, the ability to explore and go wherever cannot be understated.
  7. Indeed, but not as many as you'd think. The ones around here I know of, all survived.
  8. Yep, so far we've been looking at newer 40-45' boats for the most part. Figured we will probably go with a sloop production boat. Don't really want an old full-keeled pig that is harder to sail. Interested especially in the Beneteau 411 and 423. Also like the Jeanneau 43 DS.
  9. Thanks for asking , but ugh . About done with engines and outdrives. Have to finish grinding once it cools off down here and then I can put it back together. ETA is probably 4-6 months. To be honest, we are actually thinking about selling it when done to buy a sail boat to liveaboard and cruise the Caribbean any chance we get. We shall see.
  10. No, not mandatory at all. Cell range goes to about 10 miles. I have off the reef here in the keys even and that is 6 miles or so. I use my vhf very rarely, but it is great to be able to hail the coast guard/fwc/leo to report illegal poaching and other violations that happen all too often on our reefs... Iggy, a bowrider with 10 people in the ocean?!?! Sheesh, talk about idiocy! I recommended a portable simply because with the OPs boating area, he/she doesn't need much range. A portable is good for about 5-10 miles, a fixed unit at least 25.
  11. It is rebuild able with the right tools. Buying a new pump is prudent, yours is shot.
  12. Just get a good portable.
  13. Moisture in the Hull isn't an issue: Chaps aren't cored, however the stringers are and that is the problem and without drilling you can't tell for sure. A hammer can help. Hollow=bad, solid= good.
  14. I had the same sort of cracks on my Sea Ray. Turned out the stringer was flexing due to rot which also caused the cracks. Tread carefully and pics would definitely help.