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  1. This is what happens in warm conditions when there is an abundance of nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) from urban, agricultural, and industrial run-off.
  2. There is no way that corrosion was caused by internal corrosion...your work is amazing though and it won't happen again either way with poly tank. Are you going to glass and paint the new bilge structure?
  3. You are on the right track. Dont trust the dash tach...use a shop tach. Mine also reads incorrectly. You need a new outdrive...simple as that. A 2.2 or 2.0 should do the trick. Once the ratio is correct, you can prop the boat to achieve optimal rpms. A starting point would probably be 2.2 ratio drive and a 24 pitch set. You will be able to sell your drive I have no doubt.
  4. I disagree Cy, DIY is easy...just unbolt them and carry them to a shop who will inspect, machine, clean, and reassemble with new wear parts (valve seats). Putting back on was very easy...just follow the torque sequence and use new bolts with thread sealant after chasing the threads with a tap.
  5. Sealing it off is good as long as you can ensure the tank isnt corroded or holding water underneath.
  6. They last a long time as long as salt water (and to a lesser degree fresh water) is kept out of the bilge.
  7. You could do that and then sell yours when they're done. I believe my head job took 2 weeks at the machine shop. Feel free to PM me to discuss the procedure from start to finish if you'd like! New gaskets, bolts, and heads would make that thing run like new.
  8. You could pop the back cover off the drive to inspect the clutch.
  9. Great job. I am also of the opinion that the fuel bay should be sealed off from the rest of the bilge.
  10. But @Maxrider assured me outboards were invincible, while sterndrives were archaic and unreliable.
  11. @Maxrider Check this out, a new Yamaha outboard blew a rod through its block in a boating group I'm in. I bet they are all crap.
  12. Outdrives are great...unless you leave the boat in the water full time which I know you do. Then they are just a hassle. And outboard brackets and trim rams similarly corrode and attract growth...you wouldn't believe what I've seen in the Keys on some CCs .
  13. It is funny we have some who are complaining that consumers have more than one option for propulsion!
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