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  1. drewm3i

    Reupholster or new

    Reupholster. Cockpit cover will have to be custom made.
  2. drewm3i

    Underwater lights

    I am on the prowl. How many deer did you pay? The current prices seem way too high.
  3. drewm3i

    Underwater lights

    Me too, it looks perfect for what we need! The 235 is too small in the cabin.
  4. drewm3i

    Underwater lights

    I cannot wait to take my boat to the Bahamas...got to get another Chap first! Have my eye on a 265 SSI. Going to do Bimini pit stop and then stay a month on the boat in the Abacos or Exumas.
  5. Anything with a diesel stinks at slow speed. Our sailboat sure does! Also those fast trawlers get no better fuel economy than something like a 265ssi (on plane) Fast Trawler at trawling speed (~3mpg). Yes they are comfortable, but not in any seas whatsoever. They are neither displacement trawler or planing hull, kind of the worst of everything, but I guess also the best to some people.
  6. Indeed they are, but here is mine: Trawler is slow, smelly, and loud, may as well have a sailboat. Sailboats are much more stable in the water and sailing itself is a lot of fun. Great living area on trawler though! Though we own a sailboat currently, I think we will get back into a cuddy. I don't want a large, expensive boat so I can shower at anchor: that is what a marina slip is for. Only 30 gallons of water is laughable (We carry 100 and 25 more in jugs), but a cruiser can zip to different ports in a days time on an extended cruise to refuel--that is what it is designed to do. I don't want to deal with a generator or two engines: too complex. I want to boat again, I am done fixing a million systems that are always breaking. It takes the joy out of boating. Furthermore, driving an express cruiser or trawler is no fun. Sailing is wonderful, but so is sport boating in something like a Formula 280 SS or Chaparral 265 SSI.
  7. 28' is not too small for a cuddy, but cruisers are different (less seaworthy) because they have less hull structure, less deadrise, and a higher center of gravity. I have found that design matters more than size. We had our Chap 2335 SS miles out in 5-6 foot seas and it handled like a dream and never felt unsafe or pounded. Our Sea Ray 270 felt verry tippy and was a slug. It took the joy out of driving a boat.
  8. I love his music too. Some favorites: Slogans Ambush in the Night Real Situation Natural Mystic Redemption Song One Drop Talkin Blues and many more Obviously the mainstays too: One Love Three Little Birds
  9. @Hatem Jah is short for Jehovah. Rastafari is basically a Christian sect or cult, depends on who you ask. @MontreAl I am sorry to hear of your son's loss. There are no words that I can say to make it any better, but I offer my sincerest condolences.
  10. What are you trying to accomplish? LOL
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