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  1. You can actually fix the seal by installing a grease fitting: http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?/topic/32819-how-to-install-the-missing-grease-fitting-on-alpha-and-bravo/
  2. drewm3i

    2005 256ssi

    My '99 2335 SS with a Vortec 5.7L had a very distinct sound, almost like a whistle that my other boats did not. We would have to hear the engine note in person to make a judgement, but it probably isn't a big deal.
  3. drewm3i

    2005 256ssi

    Where is it located out of curiosity? Whistle would indicate a failing fuel pump to me.
  4. I just fished out my oil cooler and also got 3 large pieces...scary lol
  5. Awesome! Post pics of your journey. Have a safe and fun trip!
  6. drewm3i

    Looking to buy

    Volvo has a better rep in heavy duty applications. Merc does some cheap things like the steel steering pins that rust, steel trim pump bracket, etc.
  7. drewm3i

    Looking to buy

    Also after owning a few Mercs, I would want to give Volvo a try to see if they are any better LOL.
  8. drewm3i

    Looking to buy

    I would go with the 237 ssx with a v8. You can always get a trailer later for a few k used.
  9. Could something like this work @Wingnut? https://www.thehulltruth.com/13796839-post31.html
  10. @Wingnut @Shepherd After draining my 1995 Bravo 3, I found similar metal shavings on the upper drain plug, in addition to small pieces of metal in the lube itself. Here are some pics, should I be concerned? While draining the gear lube last night, I found both metal dust and larger metal fragments in the gear oil. Oil smelled and looked fine otherwise. It almost looked like new oil trying to mix with old oil in addition to a silver slurry spread throughout. The large pieces sank to the bottom. The top magnet had pieces stuck to it as well. As this is a new to us boat, I can't say the service history but the drive seemed to operate fine before. Thoughts? The drive does shift a little rough. It tends to clunk into gear, but otherwise has been fine behind the 7.4l stock 454.
  11. Try Cecil marine.
  12. drewm3i


    Yes, there is no such thing as a marine belt. All are basically made by Gates and rebranded. Take it in and tell them it came off a GM vehicle with your engine.
  13. Good luck, make sure the structure is sound!
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