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  1. Remember to use all marine ignition protected electrical components!
  2. Did you pull the kill switch by accident?
  3. That is a standard swim platform vent...should be able to find one anywhere. My Sea Ray has the same ones.
  4. There is no hose. It all drains to the bilge. Try to keep her dry...
  5. Get trim tabs.
  6. Hope it's not in the transom area...
  7. Awesome dude! How's the boat working with your structural repairs?
  8. +1
  9. Broken speedo hose fitting? Torn bellows?
  10. Loose hose clamp?
  11. Don't sand with any metal other than aluminum. Rough it up and remove the corrosion, prime with zinc chromate, and then paint with whatever you want. The important part is the primer.
  12. Not to mention it's a small 22' boat...
  13. Not worth it. Get a four blade prop.
  14. Fuel consumption will depend on the boat. Many times the V8 will have better economy.