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  1. That's false. Chaparral's show false positives.
  2. Try on off. Works great for orange stains. Whatever you do, follow up with some wax.
  3. Could be leaking tank, loose sender gasket, fuel filter spill from a change, old fuel lines that have had the lining eaten through, or any combination of these. Get an expert to take a look and don't run the boat in the meantime. Also turn off all electrical.
  4. Need a closer picture. Also realize that the housing of the outdrive is not a cause to replace the whole thing...
  5. Pics. Yamaha's are great drives. If you need a new one, call captain Ken or look on eBay. Google captain ken Nelson marine service
  6. It's normal to turn the prop by hand and hear clicking.
  7. His boat doesn't have blisters because it is newer and it probably has vinylester resin in the exterior glass layup for the hull. Your boat does not have this, I think they started adding it around '94. I was not implying this was all your fault, however every boat that stays in the water should have a proper barrier coat and an antifouling paint or be on a lift or one of those new airdock things. A boat with vinylester can still blister and blisters can lead to hull delamination.
  8. For anyone reading this thread and intending to keep your boat in the water: don't be stubborn, use bottom paint. The OP has a bunch of blisters on his hull from not using bottom paint.
  9. Hard to say. The crack will have to be grinded down and filled back in with gel coat, though it looks to be on a chine? Maybe a stress crack due to hull flexing at that point because of delamination? It's hard to say. The spots may be water intrusion into the underlying laminate, but it's hard to say online. Where are you located?
  10. Pics
  11. Are you sure it's not rain water?
  12. Yes.
  13. Nonsense. They will do just fine. I wouldn't leave that boat in a slip, but it could be done.
  14. Salt or fresh water? If salt, it could definitely be the CARBON STEEL steering pin.