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  1. Right now I'm just using a cheapo harbor freight 4.5" angle grinder with a 40 grit sanding disk. It goes through gel coat and old rotted wood like a knife through butter. For fiberglass supplies, I'll probably use US composites and exterior grade wood.
  2. Good to know, work is slow here, but I started grinding to prep for replacement materials. I'm going from back to front so transom will be first followed by engine stringers, bulkhead, and main stringer. It is brutal work, but I'm taking it slow. I've already written this summer off.
  3. Indeed, how's your repair going? Did you ever decide to pull the motor?
  4. I am pal, thanks for the advice tho .
  5. You could swap those drives to alphas for probably 5k total. All your have to do is change the bell housing and maybe couplers on the motors, steering arm, shift cables, and a few other small items.
  6. Pics would help
  7. Well I'm not replacing my fuel tank because it's plastic, but I'm in the midst of repairing stringers in the fuel bay area and it is a ton of itchy, dirty, and hard work, but will be as good as new when I'm done.
  8. To get at the tank you'll have to cut out the aft cabin floor. Sucks...
  9. No, you're fine.
  10. +1
  11. Understood, I'm talking about the truck tires. My trailer is pretty much fully submerged.
  12. That looks good.
  13. The bigger question is will your expedition tow it!
  14. I agree on that. How about a Mainship? I see a few in the keys and they look very nice from the outside.
  15. +1, Always do a test drive and always probe around. In my case, I did a sea trial and still ended up with a rotten boat as the rotten bulkhead/stringer was tucked up under the generator and i could not see it even standing in the bilge. I think a survey is a good idea.