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  1. drewm3i

    Fiberglass/gelcoat repair Help Please

    Hatem we are doing well. In the keys right now living on our 1987 Ericson 38-200. Going to be heading up to Maryland soon. Andy is the man! Way better than me no doubt, but this is no hole, just a gouge through the gelcoat in a non-structural area. This is as simple as filling with gelcoat after sanding to ensure a good bond. The link is for a color matched gelcoat repair paste for chaparral that is simple to use and very high quality for minor damage like this. Just mix, apply, sand and polish to a high gloss finish! Very easy and a proper repair. https://www.iboats.com/shop/spectrum-color-chaparral-2000-2015-mission-white-color-boat-gel-coat-patch-paste-repair-kit-f559257ak.html
  2. drewm3i

    Fiberglass/gelcoat repair Help Please

    Hatem my friend, this is a small repair . OP, check this out: LUQ3IX6j9sAIMmRtI__kW3oDZB3ExoCKXEQAvD_BwE Simply, grind it out a bit with a Drexel, tape it off, mix it properly and apply. Then come back and sand/wet sand it smooth and buff it out. Very easy.
  3. drewm3i

    1988 2300SX 5.0 I/O

    Blisters really aren't that big of a deal. Never had them on a chap, but on my current sailboat my wife and I just repaired about 200 of them. Some small, some the size of my head. Basically what happens is water permeated the gelcoat and deteriorates the outer layer of hull laminate. The fix is easy but time consuming. Simply, grind the bad material out, apply a few layers of biaxial cloth wetted out with EPOXY RESIN, then fair with epoxy mixed with silica, and sand smooth. Boats left in the water should then have an epoxy barrier coat applied and bottom paint.
  4. drewm3i

    Something new

  5. drewm3i

    Keys Trip

    It's about 2-3 hours (depends on sea state) from Haulover (where Jeff keeps his boat) to Key Largo by boat. I think it's about 60 miles. Last time we were inside through Miami and then popped out at Stiltsville, ran to Cape Florida light, and then popped out 6 miles to Fowey Rocks before running back in to Hawk's Channel down to the keys. You could also run outside the reef line. Jeff, how was the reef condition? Prior to Irma, key largo dry rocks was making a huge comeback at least on the forereef on top of the coral spurs. Unfortunately Irma blasted my favorite reef (Horseshoe) and it is basically gone now.
  6. drewm3i

    Can a 250 or 270 signature make a Bimini crossing?

    It's not ideal, but it will be better than your jetboat.
  7. drewm3i

    Brunswick selling SeaRay

    It's pretty simple, they keep building bigger and more expensive boats that no one can afford.
  8. drewm3i

    Florida Keys - Video

  9. drewm3i

    Keys Trip

    Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well. Unfortunately, the reefs took an absolute beating in Irma. News reports were very positive to not scare off tourists, but I've heard/seen from some local footage that a few of the reefs that were still relatively healthy before Irma, are now all but gone. I would still be happy to help plan and provide some Intel though, but realize the keys aren't the same this year as they were last year because of the storm.
  10. drewm3i

    Manifolds and risers

    That's false. Chaparral's show false positives.
  11. drewm3i

    best way to clean grungy swim platform

    Try on off. Works great for orange stains. Whatever you do, follow up with some wax.
  12. drewm3i

    Gas odor inside cabin

    Could be leaking tank, loose sender gasket, fuel filter spill from a change, old fuel lines that have had the lining eaten through, or any combination of these. Get an expert to take a look and don't run the boat in the meantime. Also turn off all electrical.
  13. drewm3i

    1991 Chaparral 2100 SX lower unit

    Need a closer picture. Also realize that the housing of the outdrive is not a cause to replace the whole thing...
  14. drewm3i

    1991 Chaparral 2100 SX lower unit

    Pics. Yamaha's are great drives. If you need a new one, call captain Ken or look on eBay. Google captain ken Nelson marine service
  15. drewm3i

    Noise when hand-turning prop shaft VP SX-A

    It's normal to turn the prop by hand and hear clicking.