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  1. Ok, thanks Wingnut. I'll look into that. Appreciate it.
  2. Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has any knowledge or experience with a neutral safety switch going bad. My '96 Signature 290 has Bravo 3 outdrives and I was told the the switches are up under the shifter levers (quicksilvers) and not down in the outdrive. Is that true? My starboard engine will fail to start until I wiggle the shifter a bit and keep trying the key 4 or 5 times. Then it fires right up no problem. The shifter linkage looks original and has some slop or play to it. I also heard I could bypass the two yellow wires that plug into the switch inside the dash if I got into a pickle but then they could start in gear. Is this switch a quick and easy fix? Cheap? Let me know your thoughts or expertise. Thanks.
  3. Yeah, they should know better not to hang out there either!
  4. I give everyone as much space as I can. Even the kayak people who find it necessary to hang out right at the mouth of the channel where we power up.
  5. It hit 74' here in western NY yesterday and it's 60' / rain this morning. All the snow is gone here too! We set the clocks ahead this weekend, St Patty's Day approaches soon and trout season opens April 1st here..........SOUNDS LIKE SPRING! Time to get the boat wax out. Can't wait.
  6. Be sure to post some pics if you end up with the 310! My 290 is 10 years older than the one you're looking at and it's nothing but solid and rugged. Chappy's are darn good boats and I'm sure you'll love it. Good luck and enjoy! Dan
  7. +1 for those spiders as well. I'm going to try the dryer sheets this season for sure. Always tons of them when getting in under the canopy. Otherwise, washing and waxing makes me wonder why I bought a 31'11" LOA boat! Finally, filling it up with fuel.......ugh!
  8. I've driven around Oneida a bunch of times and had drinks at the Waterfront Tavern in Brewerton but have never been out on the lake. Heard you guys have some good fishing out there too. Have you ever taken your boat out on Cayuga? That's another lake I've been to the shore of but not out on. Ever considered meandering a bit farther west to Canandaigua or Keuka? This mild winter has me ready for spring early!
  9. Just wondering if there were any central or western NY members getting ready to hit the water in the next couple months on here, specifically on the Finger Lakes or even more specifically Canandaigua Lake? I'm going to start working on the Chappy by the end of next month to ensure it's ready to go this season. It would be great to run into any other members on the forum this year. I wish I had a trailer (and an overwidth permit, and maybe a 3/4 ton pickup) to try the other Finger Lakes with our boat but it's just not possible.....yet. Let me know if your out this way. See ya in the spring!
  10. My marina said the same thing..... everyone wants a pontoon! I guess they are flying off the showroom floors again this year. I'm bummed I missed the show. I usually make Rochester's boat show even though it's a lot smaller. And I stop by Krenzer's often just to see what's new. You would think that these gas prices would push people backs towards big gas hogs!
  11. Love that Lake Norman, NC area. 90' water is warm!
  12. Nice boat. Welcome to the forum! Enjoy.
  13. Ours is "Survivor II" for my wife who is now 4 years in remission after kicking cancer's a$$!!! The old boat was Survivor and this one is Survivor II. She's one tough cookie and so is the boat! Love them both!
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