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  1. dib52

    Where shall we post our 2013 boating photos ?

    Boat talk...easier to find...less scrolling....yep, I'm lazy!
  2. dib52

    New 215 SSI Prop

    Mine is bone stock and info is in my signature. Although mine is a bowrider, performance is pretty much the same. 4 blade in your choice of material would be my vote provided you have the right ratio at 1.62. 30 mph at @3200 rpm and just shy of 50 mph turning 4800-5000 rpms.
  3. dib52

    On-water gas price

    Yes sir Mike...been using it for the last 4 years, so glad the marina made the switch. Guess I'm buying into the propaganda with the formulation because I haven't put in any additives since making the switch. No issues either!
  4. dib52

    On-water gas price

    Didn't even look at price per gallon, just pulled into the gas dock, put the nozzle in and swiped the plastic to the tune of $165 for our little bowrider. Doing the math...for the 36 gallons I think it works out to $4.59. Gotta pay to play!
  5. dib52

    08 210 ssi

    Don't know where you're located but, mine is for sale right now. It has everything you need and is turn key ready to go as is. PM if interested.
  6. Year round here. My ongoing record of run time in every month since new in 08 will continue. The single point drain system is a godsend. When it starts to get colder after some run time, open the drain and bilge it out..."winterized". If we made it through the mess in 2010 Mike speaks of, there's not much more Mother Nature can throw at us. Came through with flying colors! RoKC...mine might be hitting the market, you get first crack. Any bites on yours?
  7. dib52

    speed on a 215 ssi

    Couldn't help but notice in the attached pic, put some more trim into it, up to the first mark or slightly above, that will make it run more efficient and pick you up some mph. Rpms won't change maybe even go up a bit, but overall it will "feel" better, like its not digging in. Don't know if I'd mess with the prop at this point, unless you're changing material, looks like its dialed in.
  8. dib52

    The New 257SSX

    Hey webbie...is she gonna carry a capacity pate or will she be yacht rated? My thoughts would be capacity plate being under 26'
  9. dib52


    Dry weight is very misleading. It's based off of the "usual" package on the boat and empty tanks. For numbers sake, let's start at 7000 lbs as the dry weight. Just in liquid, 105 gal gas and 14 gal water, add 1000 lbs to dry. Does it have an arch, add 500? What about motor choice, if it's the big boy, that one wasn't factored into dry weight, add 100 or more. Then start to pack your gear, vests, cushions, towables, towels, bags, coolers, etc and you'd be surprised at how much that carries, say 500 lbs. So just playing around with some numbers, the dry weight really comes closer to 9000 lbs depending on how equipped and how it's loaded out. Then throw in +/- 2000 lbs for the trailer, anything else needed in the truck, and your passengers and GVWR is blown away. Just my .02
  10. dib52


    You'll be in diesel territory from the big 3 for that weight. A 1/2 ton will be overmatched.
  11. Ok, as most of the regular members know I like country music. When out on the lake, the playlist is always set to my favorites, one of those being Kenny Chesney. So.....I ask the question....what do you get when you have north of 6 million, a hot brunette, and a waterfront view in Florida? I'll let y'all make your own conclusions! Is it bad that I like the Yacht better :drool5: http://cedarposts.blogspot.com/2012/06/wednesday-change-up-kenny-chesney-come.html ENJOY!!
  12. dib52

    Forum use on iPad

    Good question delaney, I was wondering the same thing. The text editor never shows up on mine. I aways gotta jump back to the desktop to upload/link/etc.
  13. dib52

    speed on a 215 ssi

    Not a complete apples to apples comparison, however we share the same basic hull characteristics. You will have a little extra stern weight being a cuddy and I have 40 extra hp, but this might give you a frame of reference. My opinion, the prop should be slightly larger. I'm turning a 14 x 20(4 blade aluminum) in mine but this might give you an idea about rpm vs speed... http://s711.photobuc...nt=IMG_0348.mp4
  14. dib52

    The New 257SSX

    I just hate a first year anything(cars, boats, trucks, bikes,etc). Don't really want to be a guinea pig on a first year model, I'd rather have them work the bugs out on someone else. Always liked the 256ssi, then it got discontinued. Grew a fondness for the 256ssx(267) and now that one s gone. Guess this 257 opens the options again, and it would have the center walk thru like we aways wanted. Feb boat show should be fun or I'll just end up in the showroom regularly until they get one. Besides my 3+2 warranty is nearing its end, so...... Wonder how bad Greg would want my 210?!? BTW, showed it to the Admiral, she said "that looks nice!"
  15. dib52

    The New 257SSX

    Wondered when I'd see video, I've just been looking at the pictures do far. It's a looker!