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  1. thanks for the suggestions so far i was thinking more about the quality of life, while working IE nice climate, safe place to live, for example i'm sure there is work in punta cana but the money wouldnt be very good but maybe in greenland there is tons of work but crappy place to live
  2. ok so as of next week i will be finishing my education and have a Marine Technician Ticket My wife and i have agreed to have an adventure and be willing to move anywhere work might take us. So my question is, if you were me and had no kids or anything tying you down to one place where would you go with boating in mind? I am Canadian so USA would have alot of red tape i beleive to work though i'm definitely not against it and would really enjoy it. However would a place like the Caribbean be betteR? or new Zealand, Australia? whats your thought if you were in my shoes?
  3. We're still talking about computers right
  4. i was the admin in another board and when that happened it was always spam bots hopefully webbie can get them
  5. Bingo not catching fire is exactly the point
  6. Actually the instructor told us that in the USA if the tech in a reputable shop finds auto parts in the marine engine he's supposed to report the owner to coast guard regardless of who installed them though its also illegal to speed but no one does that either
  7. Well for those that missed my post, i'm in school to become a marine tech and today i learn ( and this is brand new news to me) Its illegal to put automotive parts in your boat. The reason is marine certified parts are shielded for fire proofing vapours and auto parts are not. The reason its not common knowledge is that you usually only get a fine for it when the fire inspector is trying to figure out what started the fire that burn up your boat. News to me
  8. HA i'll chaulk it up to oh sorry there was a chill in the room for a second i swear
  9. Well Guys Today I started my first day in the new life of a Marine Tech and i just had to share that when all the students were asked whats their favourite boat manufacturer I proudly said Chaparral to which the instructors replied oh yes beautiful boats
  10. So i have a delicate but important question as a inspired boater. How does everyone afford what they own? I mean that in the purest sense. I'm assuming not everyone who has a chap makes 100k. So how do you do it? Is it just a simple priority shift? maybe not going on vacations as much or having a new car every few years things like this? Or maybe tacking it onto a house? I ask because i'd love to have something like a ssi220 or sunesta 223 etc but even used it could be very tight Thoughts?
  11. My wife travel to and from the isalnd at least once or twice a year....that'd be a blast
  12. i really enjoy the contests but i do agree that prompt winner would make things ALOT more interesting
  13. Finally someone in Western Canada that i could say to my wife see look he loves boating more then i do if thats possible
  14. Well the Last time USA won it was referred to as a MIRACLE ...i'm just saying
  15. I always love taking the Ferries to the Island