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  1. t4tim

    Rear deck upholstery ballooning

    Did you get it repaired or just run with it? I'm concerned it will tear.
  2. t4tim

    None skip on rear deck

    Need to put non skid material on my aft deck. Don't want a swim platform just looking for some traction getting in and out. Any suggestions?
  3. Having issues with my rear deck upholstery ballooning when running. Thinking cold weather last rear caused glue to fail. Anybody else having these issues?
  4. t4tim

    New swim platform

    Any cavitation issues or changes to the boats normal attitude?
  5. t4tim

    Lake recommendations

    I store at Taylorsville but haul to Green river and the Ohio. Might want to give the Ohio a shot lots of places to put in down your way below the lock or come up to the Ville and enjoy the water front. GO Navy! Beat Army
  6. t4tim

    Fresh or Salt Water

    Only reason to go in salt water is to fish! Not screwing up my Chaparral. I do live in Kentucky might be different if I was on the coast.
  7. t4tim

    What are your 3 favorite brands?

    1. Chaparral 2. Knob Creek 3. Titleist