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  1. Thanks all. Some great info. Wingnut - thats exacty what I was doing. I had them load tested and turns out battery #1 was bad and I got it replaced. Hopefully that solves all the electrical gremlins as well as all seems good now with the guages, will really test it this weekend out on the water.
  2. I went from a Four Winns 21 foot to the 264 Xtreme. Love it. It certainly is different. I looked at the 24s, but just wanted that extra bit of space. I don't tow anymore either so with a slip at the marina the 26 made great sense. I also feel like the 26 is a perfect balance of spry on the water, but also a boat I will not outgrow anytime soon. I almost went 28, but happy to stay at 26.
  3. Hello all. Long time boat owner, but new to brand and first time buying a new boat. I just got a 264 Xtreme with all the bells and whistles. Great boat. Almost 7 hours now on her. A few questions: Dual battery usage - what is your best practice here. My #1 battery seems to always go dead on the water. I read the manual and ran on #1, partied on #2 and then flip back to #1 and it won't start the boat. What am I missing? #1 though for some reason always starts the boat when I first take her out. Garmin - Is this supposed to be hooked up to the engine for information - when I go to that page it never seems to show the details, just blank guages. Main gauge - 50% of the time its fuzzed out. If I restart a few times it comes on and works. I know boats are quirky, but curious if this is common. I will make a warranty claim on this one. Thanks all for any help.
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