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  1. I am wanting to upgrade from my Sonesta to a larger boat with sleeping quarters. I'm going to look at the signature 240 2004 model with Volvo penta -e. 270 hp. Is there anything that I need to be aware of or look at on this particular model? It has an AC but not sure if it has a generator. Please fill me in on the good and the bad. Thank you
  2. Anybody have an easy tutorial on how to replace the trim of fluid
  3. This is what I am replacing with. Looks like the solenoid are on the bracket.
  4. I am replacing the transom trim switch and the whole trim pump setup with new equipment. Not gonna take any chances.
  5. pics. http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h277/emckissack/Misc/29EE229D-DCC8-48B4-AAF9-378A4A041687_zpslmcwnnce.jpg[/IMG]
  6. This sounds like it may be what happened. The pump bolts to the top of the tank and the fluid was in the bilge. Was also clear from what I could tell. The hole looked like it was right under one of the 3 short posts sticking down under the pump. The middle one I think. I will function check the pump once I replace the reservoir
  7. I have a leak in the trim fluid housing and decided to pull the reservoir and found that there is a melted hole about the size of a pencil directly under where the pump is. I had a problem with the transom trim switch a few weeks ago where the trim pump would stay on when I would release the switch and if I rocked it a few times, it would stop. I figured there was just some corrosion on the contacts and after using the boat that day, the problem did not happen again. Fast forward back to yesterday, I tried to get my boat from where it is parked but it was raining and decided to just get it this morning. I did use the transom trim to raise the drive before I decided to leave it for the night and lowered it back down. This morning.. I was about to move the boat and went to put up the trim and nothing worked. not the transom switch nor the throttle switch. As I was inspecting the pump, I found that the 3 prong connector from the switch was loose and put it back on snug. the pump fired up with the click of the throttle switch but the drive did not move. Thats when I discovered the fluid missing. I removed the reservoir and found the hole in the bottom. There is nothing under the pump and housing but flat fiberglass. The hole is definitely melted as the hole has very smooth, rounded edges and sort of droops down around the edges. I hate to think that sometime last night a switch shorted and ran the pump and the fluid got so hot that it melted the hole n the bottom of the reservoir. Is it possible for the fluid to get that hot running the trim without the drive moving? What damage may have been caused to the pump if that is the case? Thanks for any advise Things that I think I need: new reservoir, transom rocker switch, directions on how to bleed and add new fluid to the trim system. Hopefully not a new pump
  8. Mine is named "Triple Dose" My wife teaches pharmacy and there are 3 in the family.
  9. Great..I'll give it a try in the morning.
  10. a blue winged plug just like the other drain plugs. You can see in this pic that it came from t that has the sensor thing screwed into it and it is screwed into the engine...I think this is the location of the lower drain hole as you can see the upper one directly above it.
  11. I pulled a blue drain plug from it though.
  12. I removed the blue drain plug from the bottom left of the engine and no water has drained from it either when it was hot or cool. there looks like a solenoid attached to it for something. Can anyone tell me if there should be water draining out of this or is there a trick to it. Thanks
  13. look in the compartment under the helm....under the steering wheel, the cloth interior is buttons up....pull back the buttoned section and I think you will find a fuse block in there.....below the stereo.
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