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  1. Good post. We are looking to sell as well but wanna try and get a deal also on a newer/bigger one. Gotta get rid of ours to get in a new one
  2. Toddler that doesn't add up. Then why is a 257 more than a 264
  3. What is the deal with this boat that makes it cost so much more than even an 264 sunesta
  4. What is the deal with this boat that makes it cost so much more than even an 264 sunesta
  5. I currently have a Volvo in my boat. Is there an added bonus for one over the other or is it really just flip a coin
  6. Can't afford a new boat and a truck. Luckily we store our boat at lake and don't have to trailer but 1/4 mile to ramp. Good thing now I can put the crownline in the water with my wife's 4 runner
  7. Any advise on this. I got lucky on my current boat lady bought extended warranty. Like your thoughts. Like to get in on the back end of a 2014 model. But my dealer has zero. I can find one in CA or NY in a 2014. And pay shipping or buy 2015. Any advice. Thanks
  8. Like the water sports tubing and boarding. Not much on the cruising. But that's cause mostly of smaller boat on larger lake with bigger chop. Speed in not that important really. I rarely run wide open
  9. That's the problem. Boat is 5 hours away
  10. We are in the market for a new boat. Well new to is. Going from a current crownline 210ls. Roughly 20ft of boat in water. To a 244 roughly 23 ft of boat in water or 264 roughly 25 ft of boat in water. No one has any 244 for me to look at but got on a 264 and obviously HUGE compared to my 20 fter. Will I notice a significant diff in the 244 in that 3 extra feet. Or should I really go to 264. I don't want anything too big. I still need to trailer with 1/2 ton truck. But need more room with 4-5 adults and cpl kids. Thanks
  11. Found a 2012 264 with 49 hours on a 350 merc BIII. Like to know how you think that engine will perform on that size boat. It has tower and all other amenities. Without giving you the asking price. What is a fair asking price. Thanks again
  12. just wondering why it is not an option on the 224 and the 244 if it is an option on the 264 and 284.... id love the have the seating over the wet bar
  13. I notice of a few of the earlier models of the sunesta the 264 and 284 you can get it with an option that removes the wet bar and in its place is a bench seat. Does anyone know if this will be available on the 244 models? thanks
  14. I am in memphis and boat at Pickwick only place I know of is Barnes Marine. But they do t have anything to even look at right now
  15. i currently own a 2007 crownline 210ls....had it for 4 years and love it...but its getting a little tight when kids start bringing friends and such.... been looking at the 244 sunseta...looks like a great boat.... it seems to me that chaparral has had some quality control issues with cust. service and boat quality by some of the boards and reviews i have read not really sure what i want to get...well i really want a cobalt but who are we kidding here... wife REALLY likes the wake tower bimini combo set up...as do i... could any of you shed some light on chaparral as a company and cust service
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