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  1. I was performing my Winterization today and my battery powered extractor pump quit on me... so I picked up a Pela 6000 siphon system... I'm curious if others find this method takes excessively long time (60mins) to extract oil .. I eventually gave up... I found the hose never filled with oil and only a trickle of oil was running .. I loosen the oil filter, engine oil was warm,and maintained pressure.. thoughts?
  2. I'm jealous of how much room you have in your engine bay... I'm 6ft... and any work inside the engine compartment is painful.
  3. I have the exact same problem with my 267SSX 496 closed cooling system. I've run with the hatch open looking for a cracked pipe, or hoping to see wet areas beside the holding tanks or batteries.. I've looked at scupper hoses thinking waves/wash were being pushed back in.. I was going down the path of bellos next... There's enough water to concern me... I'll be following this thread... I hadn't considered speedo... which doesn't work fyi. The boat is stored on a trailer and used in fresh water..
  4. Hello, I'm close to making an offer, curious to get some opinions on the 267 SSX and the 8.2 Merc with Bravo3's (400hrs).... I've own an older 256SSI with an 8.1L... and I was very happy.... thanks
  5. Greg - I sent you a PM...thanks
  6. Good Morning, With 12" of fresh snow it's time to start the new search for the summer... I'm looking at a 276 with a 6.2L... my last chap had a 8.1L and I'm curious if I should be concerned moving to a smaller power plan on a larger boat... If I had a magic wand I'd get a bigger motor but supply and demand is not always in our favour. Thoughts on the boat? Comments on motor performance? General advice? I want a small cruiser I can trailer. thanks
  7. Depending on weeds and seaweed...mine will sound also... is this the case for your local waters?
  8. Hi all, What do you consider high hours... would you consider buying a ten year old boat with 1000 hrs?... I'm guessing that 500hrs and 1000hrs are significant milestones... Let's keep the variables simple - Documented maintenance has been performed and mechanical inspection have proven satisfactory. When do you consider engine hours too high? What is the life expectancy of an Merc V8? What would you have your mechanic inspect beyond: compression , exhaust colour, risers , gimbals, manifolds etc? I'm looking at a fresh water 270 with almost 900hrs over 9years (seasonal use)... boat is in great condition. I've always sold my boats around the 500hr mark because of perceived depreciation beyond this milestone. Curious to learn what others think.
  9. thanks for all the comments...like many of you I know there is no perfect boat... and I spend countless hours considering the options. If money was no object I'd have a Hinckley picnic boat.. but now I maybe reconsider my plan mainly because of where I boat.... the dreaming continues... but I feel more educated.
  10. I'm looking to move from my 256 SSi to a cruiser... probably under 30FT... I was considering a single engine... but after reading many posts about the 285 SSX being under powered with a single 496 Merc... now I'm considering something perhaps a bit smaller... what's the rule of thumb when you should consider having twins... it is tied to weight?, cruising speed?, performance? I agree with the added value of security and easy of maneuverability with twins... and haven't ruled it out. This also makes me wonder if moving to a cruiser/trawler with diesel make more sense... perhaps having a hull designed for 8-12 knots that sips fuel is more practical... Anything you can share would be great - from personal experiences etc. thanks
  11. Trim clicks once but won't go up or down... I read in a much older post about a solenoid on the engine (slave) could need replacing as it's rare that both UP and DOWN solenoids would fail at the same time..... does this slave have anything to do with TRIM or more for starting? I've purchased new solenoids - I'd love to solve this problem asap to get back on the water.... Anything you can share would be great thanks
  12. I seem to have the same problem... trim clicks but won't go up or down... In wingnuts, reply he mentions a Main solenoid under the cover... does this have anything to do with TRIM or more for starting? Also... what are the odds that up and down would fail at the same time. it's a long weekend and I've purchased new solenoids - I've love to solve this problem asap to get back on the water.... anything you can share would be great.
  13. Can someone confirm if a heat gauge is part of the instrument panel on a 206 SSi... also do all Mercruisers have guardian mode as standard feature.. (not just the alarms) but the reduced power feature should something go wrong. Thanks
  14. Morning, Tomorrow I tackle flushing the engine coolant on my closed system, 2007 , 496. I've learned two drain plugs exist on either side of the engine block above the oil pan need to be removed.. I 've seen manual schematics but if you can share a picture that would be helpful or something a bit more descriptive. I haven't found any Youtube examples of changing coolant, most describe working with muffs for winterizing. Coolant to use dexcool 50/50 mix with water... (I'm in Ontario, Canada - very cold Winters.) I need help with. 1. confirming drain plug locations (pictures if possible) 2. Youtube video describing the process if you've seen one 3. Where do I refill the Dexcool - into the overflow reservoir or other? 4. engines specs suggest 19 quarts, is needed, can someone confirm? 5. Any other general tips or tricks. Since I've owned the boat (5 years) the coolant has never been changed and I'm not entirely certain what was used prior so best to change. Cyclops2 has provided great details, and the benefit of a forum is to gain knowledge from others also. thanks for everything! Dave
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