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  1. Hello all, I am new to boating and just picked up a 96 1930 SS. I am in central NJ looking for good places to take it (trailered). Thanks
  2. All of the breakers seem to be ok, not tripped. I also looked at the bar behind the battery where all of the ground wires are attached, all are secure. The battery connections are good.
  3. Hello all, New to forum as well as boating. Just bought my "new to me" 96' Chap 1930 SS w/ Merc 5.7. I bought it with what seems to be a minor electrical issue. All of my gauges on the top of the dash work properly, my cig lighter works. I am having issues with the Radio and all of the switches to the right of steering wheel (Accessory, horn, courtesy lights) are all not working. I am fairly knowledgable and handy, i took a look at all the connections and all seem correct. All the fuses are good, battery is good. Any suggestions I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance
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