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  1. A few days ago while fueling my 330 Signature, I was checking my fuel gauge at the helm and an alarm sounded and the display read EVC System Error, Contact Volvo Penta Workshop. I shutdown and restated and the error cleared and everything was operating normally. Yesterday, I took the boat out and shortly after getting up on plane, an alarm sounded and my display read high exhaust temperature, contact Volvo Penta Workshop. My temp guage read 200 but once I reduced speed the temp quickly went down to 160. I shut down for a moment and restarted and everything seemed to operate normally but I returned to the marina. It seems I need to have a EVC System diagnostic run, but I was wondering if anyone out there has seen this issue. I plan to contact my dealer today. Thanks!
  2. Haven't lost the waste cap yet, but there is no chain attached to it like the water tank cap. Will have to keep a close eye on it during pump out. Thanks!
  3. We just bought a new 2013 330 Signature. Prior to that we had a 2008 236 SSX. The Admiral and I are avid boaters. We loved the 236 and are loving the 330 even more. Great features and performance and best of all, never a moment of buyers remorse. Chaps are the best.
  4. Thanks. It's gotta be the element, because it is hot first thing in the morning when the engines haven't been running.
  5. First time poster. Hello! The hot water on our 2013 330 Sig is way too hot, but I don't see an obvious way to adjust it. Anyone?
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