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  1. Just when the I/O, outboarrd thing was dying down, here we go.
  2. Jersey just raises the best people, (South Jersey).
  3. I couldn't get any more normal, that's the problem.
  4. Agreed. But if this economy doesn't bounce back maybe a deal could be had.
  5. For the past year I have been looking at the Cutwater C24. Its a nice kinda do it all boat, just not sure if its the normal mans boat @ 120 grand.
  6. Sounds like you spent some time in Paulsboro.
  7. Philly cheesesteak, a reason to live.
  8. I was in disbelief but after seeing that vid, wow I'm convinced. I say open this country back up. With both my kids raised I can say I will sacrifice myself for this economy. My good years are behind me now, women in their 30s don't even give me a second look. Back in the day I could stand 5ft from a urinal and still hit the target, today I'm practically standing in the thing to go. Remember when a haircut looked so good, that was 20 years ago for me. I play in this over 50 baseball league, last year I got thrown out stealing second after the ball went to the backstop (the catcher had a howitzer). When we get rid of these old dudes check craigslist, you will see some pretty nice Chappy's.
  9. We have a winner! I was waiting for some common sense on this forum, thank you Dustin Mustangs. What would this look like if we just continued normal activity? Hospitals would have to lock the doors, sorry no room at the Inn. We are not even close to the peak of this crisis, of course the economy would still crash if we did nothing, sick people would be coming to work infecting people without even knowing it. The people that complain about the economy over lives haven't had a loved one killed from this, if they did their opinion would change.
  10. Great news, I can't think of any better news then a marina opening, well maybe I could if I thought about it.
  11. I was just talking about this last night. I coached travel ball with both my boys and we were thinking about places most affected. Travel ball this year is done, Ripken, Sports at the Beach, Diamond Nation all will be cancelled, imo. I just cant see crazy baseball parents taking a chance with little Jimmy getting sick, he will be a pro someday.
  12. phills fan

    SEI drives?

    I rotate a Merc with a SEI (Alpha) lower every other year, no issues.
  13. Everyone reading this thread has a story to tell but boaters are a prideful bunch.
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