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  1. phills fan

    SEI drives?

    I rotate a Merc with a SEI (Alpha) lower every other year, no issues.
  2. phills fan

    Idiot me....anchor line caught on prop

    Everyone reading this thread has a story to tell but boaters are a prideful bunch.
  3. phills fan

    Idiot me....anchor line caught on prop

    Wow I just did something similar. We were just relaxing in the middle of nowhere and I decided to throw out the front anchor. After 45 mins we decided to move and I forgot the anchor was out. As we started leveling out I looked to the right side of the boat and noticed a rope in the water, it didn't register for a few seconds then it hit me, duh.
  4. phills fan

    220SSi prop question

    I have a 2001 220 with the 5.7 alpha and run a 19 4 blade. We were wake-boarders, tubers, and skiers, now we just cruise. That prop works great for everything.
  5. phills fan

    Ramp Follies...

    That was horrible at the time but that's funny. After I retire all I need is a chair, cooler, and a boat ramp.
  6. phills fan

    What's your favorite dish on the water?

    Hoagie dip, google it it's incredible.
  7. phills fan

    I'm Outa Here...

    Funny is when I hear far left guy or far right guy proclaim their side has the correct vision. Ideas that benefit the people fail because either side cant let the other have a perceived victory.They will flip flop on any position if it benefits them or the party. Bush "read my lips" Obama "federal financing campaign" Gingrich "no fly zone" Kerry "for the war then against it" on and on. We are being hoodwinked by these people, well some are being hoodwinked.Term limits for all might help, but it never seems to be in the discussion. Maybe Obamacare could be fixed but it will never happen, they would have to work together, ha. I would love to hear a democrat agree with Trump on something, anything. Most politicians would switch sides today if it guaranteed they would be elected. It's like your favorite player that loses the game but laughs with the opponent afterwards, we care more then they do folks.
  8. phills fan

    Engines -- on a 2004 220 ssi

    The head is a plus with the 230.
  9. phills fan

    My Tow Vehicle was DESTROYED! (Video and Photos)

    Fortunately your truck is your problem.
  10. phills fan

    Bow Running lights flicker on then go off

    I had the same issue, it was loose on the back of the switch. I had access behind the dash and just crimped the connector.
  11. phills fan

    Upper Chesapeake

    I travel over the Conowingo Dam every workday, it's a mess. They load up dumpsters but they are not able to get ahead of the debris.
  12. phills fan

    Cannot find a single dry area for storage on 191 Suncoast

    I hang damp rid bags in every storage compartment, including engine,It helps.
  13. phills fan

    2006 220ssi

    I think I remember reaching through the speaker holes to tighten mine.
  14. phills fan

    Chappy 220 SSI 2007 about to buy. advice?

    I bought ours with the 5.7 but would have bought it with the 5.0 if that's what it had.