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  1. Should be attachment points on the windshield frame.
  2. My 21 and 23 year old boys love the boat,when I'm not with them.
  3. Do you have the bench seat?
  4. You know it!
  5. Nice, that's what say.A hoagie on the water can't be beat.
  6. Not really excited, just missing the humor. The crazies on the extreme left and right of this country are disturbing.
  7. Did you watch the whole clip? Yes they asked him again and he said 93.
  8. I trim down for all storage scenarios.Never used the clips but I did take the load off with a ratchet strap, for a long trip.
  9. Alone on the boat at times is nice.
  10. The screws holding the trim piece went through the floor into that wood piece below. The hinge of the ski locker door also may have screwed into that piece, it's been a while. When I replaced the carpet I remember removing the ski locker door and trim and seeing that piece you showed. Drew is correct, that piece was stapled from underneath.
  11. My 90 1800 sl had wood in those spots for the aluminium trim pieces. The screws went through the floor and into the wood attached below.
  12. If you have power steering a flat anode can replace what you have now.
  13. When my kids did travel ball the boat sat for 2 years, I feel ya.
  14. Wow, I just enjoyed a cold one looking at that set-up, awesome.
  15. That looks awesome, please post some stuff when you get it.