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  1. phills fan

    Bow Running lights flicker on then go off

    I had the same issue, it was loose on the back of the switch. I had access behind the dash and just crimped the connector.
  2. phills fan

    Upper Chesapeake

    I travel over the Conowingo Dam every workday, it's a mess. They load up dumpsters but they are not able to get ahead of the debris.
  3. phills fan

    Cannot find a single dry area for storage on 191 Suncoast

    I hang damp rid bags in every storage compartment, including engine,It helps.
  4. phills fan

    2006 220ssi

    I think I remember reaching through the speaker holes to tighten mine.
  5. phills fan

    Chappy 220 SSI 2007 about to buy. advice?

    I bought ours with the 5.7 but would have bought it with the 5.0 if that's what it had.
  6. phills fan

    Chappy 220 SSI 2007 about to buy. advice?

    We own a 2001 220ssi and love it. Having said that, I wish I had a 230 because of the enclosed head.
  7. phills fan

    Renting a lake house

    Last summer we rented this home on Lake Anna, it was a great time .https://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p510981vb#ratesAnchor
  8. phills fan

    235 SSI parts - Northwest area

    Same, do you use that seat much?
  9. phills fan

    235 SSI parts - Northwest area

    I have a 2001 220ssi that does not have a walk thru seat cushion, does it just sit in the empty space?
  10. phills fan

    Who Will Be The Next President?

    Get ready, when he quits or gets the boot nothing will be his fault.
  11. phills fan

    3rd Annual Upper Chesapeake Raft-Up

    That's only for the select few.
  12. phills fan

    bimini top - help for a new guy please :)

    Should be attachment points on the windshield frame.
  13. phills fan

    Boating checklist?

    My 21 and 23 year old boys love the boat,when I'm not with them.
  14. phills fan

    1990 Chaparral 1800sl engine access

    Do you have the bench seat?