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  1. I think I remember reaching through the speaker holes to tighten mine.
  2. I bought ours with the 5.7 but would have bought it with the 5.0 if that's what it had.
  3. We own a 2001 220ssi and love it. Having said that, I wish I had a 230 because of the enclosed head.
  4. Last summer we rented this home on Lake Anna, it was a great time .
  5. Same, do you use that seat much?
  6. I have a 2001 220ssi that does not have a walk thru seat cushion, does it just sit in the empty space?
  7. Get ready, when he quits or gets the boot nothing will be his fault.
  8. That's only for the select few.
  9. Should be attachment points on the windshield frame.
  10. My 21 and 23 year old boys love the boat,when I'm not with them.
  11. Do you have the bench seat?
  12. You know it!
  13. Nice, that's what say.A hoagie on the water can't be beat.
  14. Not really excited, just missing the humor. The crazies on the extreme left and right of this country are disturbing.
  15. Did you watch the whole clip? Yes they asked him again and he said 93.