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  1. Will be hitting Battery on Saturday, weather permitting.
  2. We were just talking about pellet grills at work. A coworker has a Traeger and said he would never go back to a gas grill.
  3. Certain people will always have respect, parents of a special needs or chronically ill child, or have lost a child, and the veterans of this country. A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. ~Joseph Campbell
  4. Nah, your weather doesn't agree with me.
  5. You got it, a legend in his own mind.Every year he obsesses about the things he can't have, crazy.
  6. Yeah, the TV thing like interviews.
  7. I think we all look back at that boat or car we wish we still had.
  8. Come on, the media doesn't matter just listen to what this guy says.
  9. I had the same prop on my 220ssi, with the 5.7 Alpha. Last year I went with a 4 blade 20p aluminum and it is much improved. Now it will stay up at slower speeds and seems to get up quicker. I think the 48-832832A45 21P was the original factory prop.
  10. I used golf tees to fill the holes, just cut to fit. Probably not a permanent fix but it tightened things up.
  11. Our Yukon pulls our 220ssi but a WD hitch for a distance pull might be a good idea? I never saw or used a WD hitch.
  12. Sounds good
  13. Is that the best you got.
  14. We rented a house for the end on July, will be our 1st visit.
  15. I think I paid into your retirement, you're welcome.