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  1. Ah, thanks. I found this thread talking about pros/cons of hooking to stereo aux: http://www.thehulltruth.com/marine-electronics-forum/171138-connecting-vhf-stereo-speaker.html Anyone have a recommendation for speaker model and mounting? I have a 264 with an arch.
  2. Seems like there would be times that it would be helpful to have a PA system, like communicating with helpers, skiers, etc. Has anyone done this and any recommendations? Is it possible to utilize tower speakers or would you want to have a dedicated PA speaker? Can you hook something into the Aux of the stereo system. Install a CB system? Do any VHF radios have PA?
  3. Sunesta with the 5.7L VP, 320 Hp. It's the one in my profile pic and in this album: Arch, WetSounds audio system, grill, extra battery bank (6 batteries in all), and in good shape with around 240 hours. Lab not included.
  4. We have a 2008 264 that I'm thinking about selling. Don't have many details put together yet but can send some over if anyone wants to PM me.
  5. My father was a Naval aviator and had an MS in EE, and he strongly encourage me to go the ROTC route as well as he felt it produced stronger engineers. My desire was to serve in the military but to work for NASA long-term (again, lots of factors). If you want to make God laugh, make a plan - my current career bears little to no resemblance. Air Force ROTC classes were not difficult at all, but the Corp of Cadets at Texas A&M is a significant step up from a typical ROTC program - it's really a military college within a larger university. That was very difficult and a distraction from coursework. I probably would have had a much higher GPA if I had not been in the Corps, although you could argue the discipline and structure helped. For me it was a good fit since I wanted a strong engineering program, a strong military program, and a traditional college experience. I toured lots of schools and could take my ROTC scholarship pretty much anywhere, but for me A&M was the best fit, and A&M has a strong network and brand within the military - aside from the academies the strongest. Plus, I was targeting Johnson Space Center where I ended up working so it's proximity made sense. Am I selling A&M hard enough? I think the best advice I could give is tell him to visit everywhere he can and go with where he feels the most comfortable. I worked with lots of great Aero grads from all over the country.
  6. I got an Aero degree and was commissioned into the USAF and worked at NASA. There are a lot of factors in play including if he wants to make the military a career or just a stop, what he'd like to specialize in (Aero has a lot of sub-disciplines), where he sees himself living later. My general advice would be to go to the school he likes the best - the differences in the programs are not that great (they're ALL HARD). If he thinks he might want to make the military a career then I'd highly suggest an Academy. As a Fightin Texas Aggie, I've got to say our Corps of Cadets and Aerospace program are the best in the country, and if he comes to Texas he'll never want to leave PM me if I can be of any help...
  7. Bummer, it doesn't list Lake Livingston although you can scroll over on the map to it. Marina gas prices would be a nice feature. Can users mark their own points of interest?
  8. Interesting, I'll give it a trial on our lake... Coincidentally, I'm developing "TUBER", which is a ride-sharing application for inflatables...
  9. They make the rockin' world go round? Sorry, dumb, but couldn't resist, it just popped in my head when I saw the thread title.
  10. That makes sense, hope you realized I was joking with you. Ours (Livingston) is so wide open that I rarely have to worry about maneuvering. Once we get our trailer situation straightened out we hope to explore some of the Texas lakes. What are the little, red running-man symbols for?
  11. Whoa...what's going on between 1:30 and 2:00? Looks like an interesting lake...
  12. Hi Azivic, Sounds exactly like what happened to me in early Spring. I needed a new transom seal, prop repair, and some other minor work that totaled to around $3k. Several of the members here were great help in troubleshooting, thanks guys. Good luck.
  13. Based on that, would I select "264" for my Panel ID for a 264? Boat came back from the shop and the Depth setting won't show.
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