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  1. I have it got a holly fuel pump 5.00 rummage disconnect from boat fuel pump connected to holly pump feed line to cans drained it dry . I will fill with fresh non reformulated first time out. Thanks all
  2. I was wondering on the drain holes on the side. Aka scupper. It has tabs on the on side like something attaches to it. I can't see what would attach to it just dosen't make sense. Looking inside there's tabs inside. The chrome scupper one would think that it would be a straight exit to discard bilage water. Just one of those things that make me go hummm
  3. I got it fixed it flipped when I put trailer on Jack stands for winter storage when I Jack up to remove the stands it flipped back
  4. I have duel axels on my trailer and where the two springs meet there is a bracket that joins the two to the trailer . My question is the two arms from spring one set faces up and one set faces down .it just doesn't look correct. I would take a pic but it tells me it's to big for some reason
  5. I up grades to led off Ebay. Docking and cabin lights . I just looked up bulb number and did a cross reference to led .
  6. Winter storage have 3/4 full and its the Reformulating garbage
  7. 2007 235ssi 5.0 mpi 1# I tryed hose in filler cant get past elbo on top of tank . 2# removed fuel supply line to pump ran Extended hose out drain plug on Tried to pressurize tank to get it to flow . I think it needs a pump to lift fuel up out of tank. Looking for more ideas I ended up removing supply line from fuel pump and running a hose with a 12v holly out drain plug works fine just have to be extra careful gas can and will hurt or kill you if you dont use safty first . Thanks to all for your input . Merry Christmas to everyone
  8. It's not what one learns in a lifetime its how much one can share their time in life
  9. Wingnut you are an asset to all boaters here thanks once again
  10. Just wondering why there is grounding wires with tabs on the out drive running from drive to the hose clamps on the bellows. If anyone has a idea please share thanks
  11. Thanks for your help got it together and was pretty easy to do . I had to do a bit of rework forgot the ground tabs now all is good thanks for everyone's input
  12. I was double guessing myself so I pulled it off with the nut being on correct I put it back on all is ok now . Just don't understand what the nut was jamming on cause I torqued it to 45lb and it had the 1/4 of slop . I don't know so I think trump had something to do with it lol thanks wingnuts saves me again
  13. Can you tell me is there front to back slop on the front prop of the Volvo penta dp drive? I have movement only on the front prop bigger one of the two props it slips by hand about 1/4 front to back is there something I am missing just dont seam correct. thanks
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