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  1. Got my facts/answer from the mfg . The pins are power on the right ground on the left side . power it up with good 12 volt batt and ground spin the selector screw on the back till the hour glass starts to blink then sit and wait till hours are correct .
  2. 2006 chap this is the back of the tach . I was think i could add power to it to add time on to the new one just cant find the wiring info to what prong does what one is mark in with the prongs the one says out has no prongs
  3. Woody wax . Spray it on a soft brush use it on every thing you want . Wipe off with a soft towel Best to use in the shade lasts for a while to.
  4. I install a new tachometer with hour meter now the hour meter dose not match up to the motor /ecm is there a way to correct it so the tach reads the same as the ecm. The ecm has 112 hrs i want the tach hour to read the 112 . not the lower hours it has now. 2006 chap I cant find any info on the prongs on this gage . i would think if i add power the hours would climb to where need to be
  5. I have a 2006 235ssi looking to sell only 110hrs on it stored in my heated shop year round
  6. thank you just the idea i was looking for thats the key the proper tool for the job . now I need to go buy some small wire wheels to clean it better . thanks again.
  7. For some reason the thermostat keeps falling out of its housing with the o ring retainer that holds it in place . For some unknown reasons it fell down and sat on top of the intake manifold doing nothing . The motor was not warming up is what made me look into it. Any input as to why this happens . Anyone else have this happen volvo penta v8 tstat# 3587597 o ring 983944 Volvo penta 5.0 Gxi-f
  8. I have it got a holly fuel pump 5.00 rummage disconnect from boat fuel pump connected to holly pump feed line to cans drained it dry . I will fill with fresh non reformulated first time out. Thanks all
  9. I was wondering on the drain holes on the side. Aka scupper. It has tabs on the on side like something attaches to it. I can't see what would attach to it just dosen't make sense. Looking inside there's tabs inside. The chrome scupper one would think that it would be a straight exit to discard bilage water. Just one of those things that make me go hummm
  10. I got it fixed it flipped when I put trailer on Jack stands for winter storage when I Jack up to remove the stands it flipped back
  11. I have duel axels on my trailer and where the two springs meet there is a bracket that joins the two to the trailer . My question is the two arms from spring one set faces up and one set faces down .it just doesn't look correct. I would take a pic but it tells me it's to big for some reason
  12. I up grades to led off Ebay. Docking and cabin lights . I just looked up bulb number and did a cross reference to led .
  13. Winter storage have 3/4 full and its the Reformulating garbage
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