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    Lack of Quality from Chaparral

    I can tell you that chaparral does put profit before safty just Google volvo penta fuel pump problems. It's a ticking bomb fuel pump gets so hot it starts to scream . Because of them painting the inside of it . Paint brakes down in gas and plugs the system. From 2006 on . In 3years I have replaced my new fuel pump 3 times $1100.00 tired of excuses it's plain greed this product should have a safety recall.
  2. Just my luck I ordered a extended swim platform for a Chaparral 235 but they mistakenly made me a 2330 /2335 so it's your lucky day they are making me the correct one and I will return it to mfg it's two tone white /Yellow could repaint to match yours or they will have to scrap a brand new esp
  3. Again I purchased a new swimplatform the mfg made the wrong one that i have it fits only the 2330 or the 2335 . I though I could help out a fellow boater and asked what they would sell there mastake for .she half price 1100.00 . New Everything is included you pay for the shipping from wisconsin or I ship it back to them . The End
  4. I don't know your welcome to come by and we can see if you are near by
  5. Fits 95 to 99 2330 or 2335 half price 1100 .00 Pick up from Racine WI
  6. wijeff

    Brakes are way to tight..how to adjust

    Talk to your car mechanic . Or your friends mechanic it's similar to brakes on a car and the bearings to sorry your having all the trouble if you were close by I do it for you.
  7. 2006 235 ssi the I cracked it bad while it was open I fell into the cover it is the fiberglass lid on the back port side. looking for a replacement thanks cecil marine has them but ouch on the price. There has to be a deal on a almost 12yrs old boat part at least I hope so chaparral part sp65 .
  8. wijeff

    Still can't track down bilge water source.

    Tape news paper a round the areas you have any entry points no gussing
  9. wijeff

    Brakes are way to tight..how to adjust

    I think you are referring to drum style brakes you want to adjust the tension of the brake pads to the drum with the adjustment wheel through the brake backer adjustment hole with a flat head screw . The brakes are over tight or wrapped now . I would take tire off remove drum and back off adjuster and clean up everything with a can of brake clean the adjuster comes apart for cleaning the hole in the backer is for fine tuning if you need to tighten them up . I set mine so drum dosent drag while installing drum over pads to get start fresh I would also look at the bearings if you got them that hot they might need replacement look for coloring from heat . Much easier to do at this point than on the road. Pm me if I can be of any more help
  10. 2006 235 ssi volvo penta what would cause this I have never noticed it a friend who was with me said something now I am like wondering what happened the boat has less than 200 hrs
  11. wijeff

    Stearing wheel is half a turn from center off

    Just wantedto try and find out what the problem was that off set it from center
  12. wijeff

    New carpet is in

    I went In the one in Niles MI and was not impressed with the place at all they wanted me to make them a template. And wanted 300.00 more then the guy who came to my boat to do the job he was 300.00 less and did everything.
  13. wijeff

    Boat Plug- Underwater LED light

    Spectrum is the light to go with if you want bright ! 3000 lumens along with a big bank withdraw 275 to 500 buckaroos
  14. Looking for pic of your bbq grilling set up on boats time to show off yours
  15. wijeff

    186 Swim Platform for sale?

    I just tried to ordera esp from cecil for my 2007 235ssi no go not in production any more so I am waiting for mine from swimplatform.com maby by 4th of July fingers crossed
  16. I just had my boat carpet professionally steam cleaned along with my house Carpets by the same guy I was going to replace my boat carpet tell I found this guy all I can say is wow was that stuff dirty he has a van mounted cleaning machine for doing residential 220 degree water does a wonderful job
  17. wijeff

    Boat carpet cleaning snap in/out style

    Yes I have tryed to clean with the power washer and it still didnt get the down inside clean like the steam cleaning did
  18. wijeff

    6.5 Speaker Recommendations

    I can't tell you enough how satisfied I am with my stereo system from Abt Electronics. Abt Electronics is located in Northern Illinois they do mostly internet sales and stand behind their products. They go out of their way with service and knowledge. Abt Electronics carry three different Marine brands stereos. I went with JL Audio a Kenwood head unit Bluetooth two JL Audio 10-inch Subs. Four JL Audio six inch mid range speakers with two JL Audio amplifiers one for the subs and one for the mid-range speakers. Two remote controls 1 by swim platform one by seat . I love my stereo all recommendations from the ABT Electronics salesperson they do package deals if you work with them , they will match prices also. I replace my whole JBL 2007 Chaparral factory stereo only had to cut for the subwoofers .The stereo is in the cabin and supports Bluetooth which is one of the main thing I wanted
  19. wijeff

    Proper Boat Launch Protocol

    Ok I am the one who pays the same amount as everyone else so I have my boat prepared a few blocks down the road . ALL I DO is get in line Wate my turn and do my thing . It's not going to hurt anyone to prepare my boat so all I have to do is unhook bow safety chain and winch strap .I am not pressured or stressed away from the ramp eather setting up or afterwards and the boat settles in center better after a few blocks you can go now if we could get the rest of the jack wagons to stop and think about others. I have seen peoplewho dry there boat ramp with others in line as Steve Martin says excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me
  20. wijeff

    Duo prop (DP-S) rattle

    Amsoil marine drive lube is clear helps you see any thing that fowl out lube like shaving water just my opinion
  21. wijeff

    Anchor Help

    Did the same to mine to fit in locker works fine . Just make sure that you protect the cut ends from rusting with a proper coating of your choice
  22. wijeff

    Engine Oil

    On the oil fill cap mine has 30w on the cap. I use Mobil 10-30 . The out drive I use amsoil because it's clear going in and you can see any thing that is in it when you change at the end of season.
  23. wijeff

    stroke on my tilt trim rams

    Thank you for your help.
  24. wijeff

    stroke on my tilt trim rams

    I am looking to add a swim platform from chaparral factory style. Boat is a chaparral 2006 235ssi volvo penta duo prop. The factory rams on now are going to hit the drive on the underside of the swim platform because of the existing stroke when tilted up to trailer mode. (A) buy new volvo rams 1000.00 will be 100% correct thing to do. (B) add a stop to ram to shorten up stroke on my rams (big question how to ) Simple open up ram remove stroke rod remove end of rod add 1 5/8 of brass washers simple or is it ? Your thoughts and suggestions idea I just like doing research to see if I can prevent any rework