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  1. Ok I am the one who pays the same amount as everyone else so I have my boat prepared a few blocks down the road . ALL I DO is get in line Wate my turn and do my thing . It's not going to hurt anyone to prepare my boat so all I have to do is unhook bow safety chain and winch strap .I am not pressured or stressed away from the ramp eather setting up or afterwards and the boat settles in center better after a few blocks you can go now if we could get the rest of the jack wagons to stop and think about others. I have seen peoplewho dry there boat ramp with others in line as Steve Martin says excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me
  2. Where is your favorite boating location tell us about the launch areas , tie ups , restaurants, bar on the water ,any obstacles to stay away from. share some of your good times
  3. Amsoil marine drive lube is clear helps you see any thing that fowl out lube like shaving water just my opinion
  4. Did the same to mine to fit in locker works fine . Just make sure that you protect the cut ends from rusting with a proper coating of your choice
  5. On the oil fill cap mine has 30w on the cap. I use Mobil 10-30 . The out drive I use amsoil because it's clear going in and you can see any thing that is in it when you change at the end of season.
  6. I am looking to add a swim platform from chaparral factory style. Boat is a chaparral 2006 235ssi volvo penta duo prop. The factory rams on now are going to hit the drive on the underside of the swim platform because of the existing stroke when tilted up to trailer mode. (A) buy new volvo rams 1000.00 will be 100% correct thing to do. (B) add a stop to ram to shorten up stroke on my rams (big question how to ) Simple open up ram remove stroke rod remove end of rod add 1 5/8 of brass washers simple or is it ? Your thoughts and suggestions idea I just like doing research to see if I can prevent any rework
  7. Thank you for your help.
  8. What do you take along onboard as far as spare parts or tools just incase you want to be prepared for the unseen we all hope
  9. If you call your local coast Guard they do a free safty check for your boat you will need a Marine white fire extinguisher mounted ,current flares & gun , first aid kit , they will check properly working order horn.lights. billige pump. You will also need a distressed flag. Distress mirror. Flash light . Current life jacket for each person. Encouraged to have a boating safty course but not a must have they can also help with local course. Most of the auxiliary cost guard in my area are retired and volunteer time. Of course I grease them a little bit if you know what I mean Starbucks gift card lol but not necessary either
  10. This makes sense to me. I no what this guy is doing today change the direction of the bilage blower to suck out the air not pull it in like it's doing now thanks for the info guys some times common sense is not so common
  11. I have comerical bate boxes = decon out side my shop the first few months the bate was going like hot cakes than slowly stoped now not so much. The bate lasts months . I never had seen any mice but I no they are out there my fire wood pile is filled with mouse dropping. They sell them at Menards on line cost under $20.
  12. If you contact Magma they have other lp jets you can repace them so the grill can cook from factory high burn to a nice low/med burn very easy fix. If you need any help I am here . Just saying
  13. Welcome to Racine, Wisconsin Summer can't be here soon enough woohoo
  14. Amazon has very good feedback on these units and fair price comes in a few different sizes
  15. I Was traveling to texas the past week end and stop at the boat show called lake of the ozarks boat show . I thought it would have been completely different . I was thinking it would be a bunch of go fast boats and everything that goes with them aftermarket parts ect. More realtor and resorts than anything sorry to say not impressed . I still keep looking at any boat show all over portland oregon was cool to go to very different from what are boat shows are in wisconsin.
  16. Check out great lakes skipper out of Racne Wisconsin they have a online store and do ship. All kinds of older new stock Idems . Greatlakesskipper.com
  17. Check out great lakes skipper out of Racne Wisconsin they have a online store and do ship. All kinds of older new stock Idems . Greatlakesskipper.com
  18. He is suck before the boat is even in the water with that launch
  19. I got a very good deal at sams club on the goodyear trailer tires just had to order them
  20. I use first one was a weber baby q till I got a deal on magma off craigs list
  21. Kendo Marine Corporation . Greatlakeskipper.com 414 421-4370 located in Frankland, Wisconsin selling old dealer & MFG over stock they buy out new and used. I just called the whole neck and cap starting at 20 and up depends on your applaction . Just off the interstate 94 & HWY 100 or Ryan Road boaters dream on a rainy day all kinds of odds & ends my go to place.
  22. Post some pic of chair always liked watching the guys who knew how to ride them it is a skill not for everyone
  23. Never even thought about it but that could have turned out to be very bad if not found . How did you find this leak . I would think the water would run under the padding on the ceiling of the cabin and go undetected. I asked because we had the same problem happen to a camper roof opening. We didn't know that it leaked till it was to late roof was rotting wood. It was hidden from the view because cealing was a fancy Carpeting went undetected for who knows how long. We junked camper after multiple repairs.
  24. Very good find. thanks for keeping are waters clean. Sorry you had to go through the BS thanks again .
  25. I am trying to set up a group in the Midwest section I have a post started Seems no one wants to be the start up person. I look at it as you can never have enough friends who also like boating. I am always Looking to try new lakes. I really want to do Tennessee boating just don't know good or bad areas and to travel 10 hrs and wing things. We have a 235 cuddy and can sleep onboard at times.