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    Help! Screwdriver fell in gas tank

    Ok what happened did you get it out or give up? It's 2 weeks have past please inform us as to the out come thanks
  2. wijeff

    Help! Screwdriver fell in gas tank

    Check the fill hose from inside engine bay squeeze the hose you should be able to feel it inside the hose . Remove hose clamps to remove hose remove tool from hose good luck
  3. Just wondering what your trash receptacle set up is looking for new Ideas ? It really bothers me to see beer cans in the water and having to fetch someone else trash out let's keep it clean
  4. wijeff

    Touch Up Paint

    The better auto paint supply house will color match the paint for you custom match and body shops will to good luck
  5. wijeff

    Do you keep a spare key on your boat?

    Yes I keep a hidden key on my boat to plan for the unplanned loss of key while out and about
  6. Seen this good one ship for brains
  7. I have a 2007 chaparral 235 ssi with the volvo penta 5.0 and there is a problem with volvo and there electric fuel pumps around 1000 to 1500 fix for new pump . at lower rpm the pump it hot to touch and wines internal screens plug is the cause of this
  8. wijeff

    What compound/polish do you recommend?

    Presta super cut compound is what I used on all fiberglass came across it from a corvette club then finish off with good wax of your choice.
  9. wijeff

    boating websites

    What other boating sites do you surf other than the chaparral form.
  10. wijeff

    Coming Aboard

    How to get in like a boss that's ausom
  11. wijeff

    Upgrading head unit.

    I bought my boat sound system from ABT Electronic in ILLINOIS can't tell you how ausom there customer service is outstanding. I did the installation myself. They called me 3 times to see if I was happy with my purchase. Head unit with blue tooth Kenwood , 2 amps JL Audio, 4 JL Audio speaker, 2 JL Auido subs, 2 Kenwood remotes round fit factory holes. I love it rocks.
  12. wijeff

    Winterize for indoor storage

    My shop is heated where I keep my boat in storage . I always run a winterizing antifreeze in block as a rust preventer and you never want to mess with mother nature one freeze is all it takes to trash your motor. So it boils down to how muck is your block worth to you ?
  13. I am looking to replace the current carpets on the boat . wondering how you make a template of carpet that is stretched in areas and shrunken in other areas. Seen a youtube guy use plastic. Tryed it and it's a joke bad idea.
  14. wijeff

    help with replacement carpet layout

    Wow was quoted 1200 for basket weave style infinity carpet 6ft by 6 ft piece with binding on edge that's 33.00 a square feet. Guess I need to look at other carpet shops
  15. I spend any free time tinker with projects over winter heat goes up to 70 when I am in there and it's 10 below zero outdoors . The insulation is very efficient. Just like working in tshirts in warm shop during winter. Ii hope I answers your question
  16. Mine is stored same as yours indoors everything open a few days to dry than close up everything only after I check it is all dryer out . In winter I will leave the engine hatch open for weeks at a time no problem my battery is turned off unless I am working on it. Shop stays heated to min of 50 in winter season.
  17. wijeff

    help with replacement carpet layout

    That's what I found using plastic it moves stretching just not very accurate template for me ! Was thinking paper maybe? Just can't see through like plastic. I might just take boat to snap in capet in Niles ,MI. 3 hrs drive to there shop. I am now working very close to there place will stop in over the week to see what there process and products look like anyone ever use them snap in carpets in Michigan
  18. Most postings are when a repair shop does something wrong. I like to hear about the outcome from the good ones how they went over and above what you expected.
  19. wijeff

    Do you lock your trailer?

    Removing the wheels saves them from the sun damage and thief just a thought if it is in long term storage
  20. I like the name water friends for
  21. Pushing it I've seen a go fast boat was a Baha outlaw with the name flotting felon on back
  22. wijeff

    Volvo Penta 5.0 and 5.7 Owners

    I don't think you can just buy the screen alone it is sold as a unit than you remove the screen and replace it with the fancy e-clip to take up the gap space from the screen being removed per the update. I will keep cleaning my screen till further information about the results of this update so far everyone's happy with the results. I think we need more testing to see if injectors are going to get plug up with gunk the screen catches now.
  23. wijeff

    Instrument lighting

    I opened up my dash to have a look see at the light bulbs to see if any were burn out and found that they had red rubber cover to change the color to red I removed all the rubber covers it did get I bit brighter but I wanted more so I replaced all the lights on the boat that I could with led bulbsnow I can even use the dimmer at night because now my dashboard is light the way it was meant to be . Goodluck