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    Volvo Penta 5.0 and 5.7 Owners

    I'm thinking you are removing the filter screen and the next filter to plug will be the injectors them self or am I missing something here ? I am Looking to see what wing nut has for imput on this subject.
  2. wijeff

    Indoor Storage Cost?

    I built a 30 x 50 storage man cave to store the fifth wheel camper in over winter let's just say I did it correctly 8 inch concrete french drain heat/ AC 13ft door lots of storage shelf hospitals grade lights cealing fans tv stereo fridge . This was on my bucket list in life to have a shop some day . It works good to fix and tinker around on the camper till a tornado flipped camper at are seasonal site over the summer. Thankful no one was injured and insurance covered it. That's how my awesome indoor boat storage came to be. I Could not keep the boat as clean and nice as it is with out. Plus I like to tinker it's a sicknesses I aquired form my father . Pops is 72 and he stills takes stuff apart to see how it works and try to improve it.
  3. I bought purple power to clean bilge it worked so good That I had to share the results easy to use with soft brush just spray on brush heavy soiled areas hose off looks new tryed to post pictures before and after and says to big so all I can say it works great purple power walmart $ 6.00
  4. wijeff

    Towing a Sig 276

    Stopping is the real problem with all the jack wagons texting and driving if you need to panic stop no way in #$^% will you with that rig all I can say is be careful . I no we all have done it a time or two and looking back and say what was I thinking?
  5. wijeff

    Volvo Penta 5.0 and 5.7 Owners

    I clean my screen start of boating seasons and a few times into the season with each cleaning I do find something in there even though it is very fine it does filter it out of the system. Still a big question to me how and who at volvo came up with this idea. It makes sense if you have a fuel pump that isn't painted on the inside. Now let guess witch pump has paint and witch one dosent. I no mine does and it was a replacement installed in 2015 ordered from volvo not dealer stocked idem.
  6. wijeff

    Volvo Penta 5.0 and 5.7 Owners

    I have seen this up grade the thing I am nervous about is this . ok you remove the screen and install the clip the screen You remove is the same one that gets plugged up with paint chips from the fuel pump paint problems we all know of I hope . Now the question is now that there is no screen to plug up with the paint inline the next thing in line is the injectors. I am scared of plugging them next. With out the screen in there or am I missing something here
  7. wijeff

    nav light switch was removed need help

    Its all working now I did another stupid move forgot that I did take a picture of the switch before it was removed till you posted about taking a picture and that reminded me I looked on the phone there it was thanks guess I have to much on the plate lol thanks everyone
  8. Some dumb $^& (ME) removed the navigation switch from my boat with out making a diagram it is a 2006 chaparral 235 ssi cuddy 5.0 volvo duo prop. The switch is a lunimated 10pole 3 position switch. Up ,middle, down= on off on . It did original turn on bow in up position , off in middle position and In the down position Stearn with bow. The switch is a carling technology 20A 12 volt vjd2 .I have no idea where to start wire colors I have are 2 yellow, 2 blue,4orange,2 gray with black stripe ,1of the orange has green stripe. I do no that the two top lugs one blue and one yellow side by side . God bless the armed forces thank you for are freedom.
  9. wijeff

    nav light switch was removed need help

    I did some work and found out the gray with black stripe wire & yellow wire is stern light and the other gray with green stripe & yellow wire is bow light now I am stuck time for a beer
  10. wijeff

    Engine Hours

    all is original one owner 70yrs old he sold cottage and I bought his boat it was a dirty mess now that I look back after 3years of me cleaning this and that just some good old fashioned elbow greese and cleaners just glad it didn't have any hack job mods done from previous owner . Nothing worse than trying to correct work from a fix it all butcher. God bless are armed forces. Thank you for my freedom.
  11. I spray purple on motor and spray water on motor to wash off blow dry with leaf blower boat car and truck no problems with electronic
  12. wijeff

    Engine Hours

    2006 chaparral 235 ssi cuddy with less than 89 HRS. I just found that out when I took it in for service. My mechanic ask me how many hours were on boat I replyed what ever was on dash gage that reads 230 that's what on the dial he said not on motor computer reeds 89 Hrs big smile for me. Boat was sold to me from dealer with the thought it had more hrs
  13. Purple power is a cleaner and degreaser in one I did my motor and everything in engine bay on truck and boat to my surprise both look like new ! I also use leaf blower to dry everything out . Goodluck
  14. A bad start to the day drove 3 hrs to the lake now the boats in water we are going to camp in the boat for the first time . I turn the key nothing . What the heck no clue I think. I jump in water clear the Launch before anyone starts getting sore at me .I get my thinking hat on I noticed that the gages jump all over when I turn the key. I have duel battery and think no way in heck can I have two dead battery since I have a on board charger that was just plugged in two days ago. I Futs with conectors on battery now click click click. Yes I have found the problem it's two dead battery! SO I send the wife on a mission to see if resort has a booster pack and bingo she brings a dead booster pack from the resort. The next guy in line launched his boat and ask if I needed a boost pack bingo another one and it was charged now I am so excited to try this little pack out. So I turn the key and it starts. Big smile now on this guy . He offers to sell me the booster 20 deer I said sold. So we go boating come in for lunch after the rush is gone and walked up and found 20 deer in the grass talk about the day turning around #$^% I just had 3 miracles in one day. Now what still baffles me is the batteries? They are a few years old my contacts look ok How 2 battery's were that dead when I always plug it in after a day of use and I disconnect with battery switch when entering and leaving launch. Will do battery load test and go through the conectors tomorrow. Hope everyone had a good weekend.
  15. Hello yes it was put away wet with junk on it last winter . I am looking to remove dryer in stains from water and leaves on a cover. It' has black stained spot looking to get out . I ran it in washer it helped a lot just looking for help as what to try next ? It is canvas yellow sunbralla fabric. Not worried about waterproof part thanks.
  16. I would suggest the use of a few strong c-clamps with two 1/2 plates and work it out flat
  17. wijeff

    GPS Depth guage

    My depth Guage did that turned out to be a faulty brake under dash goodluck
  18. Please post name of product. where we can purchase and for how much. your use and results how it worked. This is for products you tried personally in marine field with your review to help others kinda like a tip of the day sort of
  19. wijeff

    got lucky Sunday and found 20 deer

    Cleaned all contacts charged both batteries load test shows one bad battery and did some research on the on board charger it is a minn kota 210 duel battery charger it won't charge a totally dead battery so if your battery is 80% used it's charge you must drag out the old fashion battery charger seams kind of a useless onboard battery charger that minn kota makes its something to do with boat safty not really sure
  20. wijeff

    products that you use with your review?

    Marine Sure step deck non skid deck coating kit cleans shines & protects your boat deck Purchased from Aurora boat care products on line $ 125.00 I did my 24' cuddy with one kit plus one extra container of coating two coats . It was some hard work to prepare the boat for the coating prep is everything with this stuff. I could not be happier with the results with sure step. Now the hose cleans the boat very easy . It was almost like the deck was porous and this stuff sealed it now.
  21. wijeff

    2015 Boat went out of Control

    Rather than trying to make a guess at this terrible crash I am thankful no one got hurt hope all go's well for this family
  22. wijeff


    I will never beach my boat as we go there to swim boat is always in 3 to 4 feet of water . I use 1 anchor off bow and one sand spike off the back prevents the swing I have seen a guy use a hand ice fishing auger in the sand works nice doesn't move a bit Google sand spike or beach spike or sand anchor or beach anchor there on ebay to
  23. wijeff

    i love this boat...

    I got a name for your boat. ( I'm all in ) what a train ride of a story good luck enjoy
  24. wijeff

    5.0 wouldn't start

    Volvo penta 5.0 gxi turned over no start ,ran fine 2 weeks ago . I have fuel , no spark , replaced cap rotor, wires,plugs, nothing so I am stumped going to probably have to take it in any ideas.
  25. wijeff

    My summer of problems!

    I have a roof over the family, food, health, and love what else can a men ask for except god bless the men and women who made this country the best place to be thank you to all service personal love and blessing to all