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  1. Rather than trying to make a guess at this terrible crash I am thankful no one got hurt hope all go's well for this family
  2. I will never beach my boat as we go there to swim boat is always in 3 to 4 feet of water . I use 1 anchor off bow and one sand spike off the back prevents the swing I have seen a guy use a hand ice fishing auger in the sand works nice doesn't move a bit Google sand spike or beach spike or sand anchor or beach anchor there on ebay to
  3. I got a name for your boat. ( I'm all in ) what a train ride of a story good luck enjoy
  4. Volvo penta 5.0 gxi turned over no start ,ran fine 2 weeks ago . I have fuel , no spark , replaced cap rotor, wires,plugs, nothing so I am stumped going to probably have to take it in any ideas.
  5. I have a roof over the family, food, health, and love what else can a men ask for except god bless the men and women who made this country the best place to be thank you to all service personal love and blessing to all
  6. First set of goodyear marathons 10 years factory trailer tires did have some little cracking so a bought the same ones at sams club had to order and got a 75.00 rebate I do store the rig in my shop year round.
  7. Well I have no idea feels like I just got kicked in the nuts 220.00 parts 680.00 in shop time and diagnosis it was really Map sensor it runs as it did before good to go with sore nuts lol
  8. Call kendo marine in Oak creek wisconsin they have all kinds of old dealer stock
  9. Part numbers change for reasons to confuse the cousumer I just Google 4.0 bar fuel pressure regulator and came up with a few to choose from its 4.0bar and it fits what's there to over think save a bunch of cash or cry and go to boat dealer Like spark plugs change every year cheep insurance
  10. Please share what fixed the problem might help others with there problem thanks
  11. Just wonder what brand and oil everyone is using these days in their Motor drives pumps Ect thanks
  12. Sams club has goodyear marathon tires my last set lasted 9yrs so I have to use the same as ome
  13. Just wonder what brand and oil everyone is using these days in their Motor drives pumps Ect thanks
  14. I would like to tell you did nice video and great work. How did you do the woodgrain so nice my woodgrain needs attention looking for ideas
  15. Clean the fuel screen next to fuel pressure regulator after fuel filter if you have EFI only goodluck
  16. Hello I am buying a used 2006 chaparral 235 it has the 5.0 volvo mpi coupled with the volvo duel prop drive it has 120hrs on it looking for input on what others think of there's as this will be my first real boat. I had other boats just junkers so I am trying to stay calm I just so excited. I want to do as much research as I can. Thanks for your input good or bad. Thank you
  17. No to extend swimming platform I will add one the 5.0 I hope it will do ok with the two prop drive how about the price 25.000