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  1. 2007 235ssi 5.0 mpi

    1#  I tryed hose in filler cant get past elbo on top of tank .

    2#  removed fuel supply line to pump ran  Extended hose out drain plug on  Tried to pressurize tank to get it to flow . I think it needs a pump to lift fuel up out of tank.  

    Looking for more ideas 

    I ended up removing supply line from fuel pump and running a hose with a 12v holly out drain plug works fine just have to be extra careful gas can and will hurt or kill you if you dont use safty first . Thanks to all for your input .   Merry Christmas to everyone

  2. 4 hours ago, Wingnut said:

    Nah, my cousin is a nuclear engineer on a fast attack missile sub and he won't listen to a thing I say. No, really. Hard to believe, I know. W

    It's not what one learns in a lifetime its how much one can share their time in life

  3. On 4/25/2018 at 5:39 AM, Wingnut said:

    Bonding wire that keeps electrical potential the same for all submerged metal components. Big mix of dissimilar metals running around back there, and if anodes are to work properly and become the "sacrificial lamb", then all the metal parts and pieces need to be bonded as one.  Some bellows have a ground tab incorporated into the end that makes contact with the clamp ID as it's tightened, but that tab is a good place for a leak to happen as it contacts the transom plate and gimbel at their sealing surfaces and personally I like the external cables better.  W

    Wingnut you are an asset to all boaters here thanks once again 

  4. 49 minutes ago, Wingnut said:

    Sounds like you put the jam nut on backward. It needs to have the bevel side toward the prop, and actually looks a bit odd when you put it on, almost like it should be the other way around.  W

    I was double guessing myself  so I pulled it off with the nut being on correct I put it back on all is ok now . Just don't understand what the nut was jamming on cause I torqued it to 45lb and it had the 1/4 of slop .  I don't know so I think trump had something to do with it lol thanks wingnuts saves me again 

  5. Can you tell me is there front to back slop on the front prop of the Volvo penta dp drive?

    I have movement only on the front prop bigger one of the two props it slips by hand about 1/4 front to back is there something I am missing just dont seam correct. thanks

  6. I have a 2006 chaparral with 140 hrs it is 5.0 volvo duo prop . Looking to replace the bellows . I see a bunch of talk about volvos new ones not the same quality and durability of the original or old ones 

    Everything is going well alinement spot on, gimbal looked good, I pumped full of grease. I am  just debatin the bellows replacement they looks  good. It stored indoors since day one . It' like playing rushing roulette that I don't want to play. What is your input as the new ones quality and durability volvo put out today.  

    Thanks it was a  very easy job to remove old bellow's and installation of new ones . I did learn that when you grease your gimbel bearing to have the motor and drive running to get the grease through out the whole race . Thanks everyone for your advice 

  7. It's that I do boat inland as well as the great lakes looking for plan b if out on lake Michigan and lose a motor that I have a back up .I don't feel confident in a single on Michigan if I would go out far enough need plan b to be in effect . Just thinking out loud and ask my self . Don't like plan b to be the coast guard.   Plan a my boat, plan b second motor, plan c coast guard.  My thoughts 

  8. On 1/22/2018 at 7:02 PM, Jjlai724 said:

    I bought sheets of Sea Dek and used the carpet as a template to cut the Sea Dek. Did the inside of my boat for $400.  You can squeeze a lot of pieces out of the big sheets that they sell. 

    Any pic of your project 

  9. On 1/22/2018 at 7:02 PM, Jjlai724 said:

    I bought sheets of Sea Dek and used the carpet as a template to cut the Sea Dek. Did the inside of my boat for $400.  You can squeeze a lot of pieces out of the big sheets that they sell. 

    Where do you get the sheet of sea deck from any pic of your finished project .

  10. That's what we would love to do is the house boat trip have a few couple's that have talked about doing it just haven't put it together yet thinking house boat trip next year maby. Its a pain trying to orgnize the house boat with not knowing the proper size house boat to rent and getting all on board ect.  Towing are boat there hoping to do this summer/fall. Any places to keep clear of or places to visit while there . Thanks for your help

  11. I just finished installing bennett  bolt 12x12 tabs there service after the sale is outstanding . I used stainless and made shims to flush mount mine it did take me a bit of time to fit up and get it correct. Maby google search your question you will find a lot of info on this . try google bennett trim tabs not fitting flush .Goodluck

  12. I was frustrated with the whole thing and took it in . Turning out to be the alternator plug was disconnected from what I have no idea it is a pain to try to unplug when you want to so I have no clue what caused that part of this also there is a fuse for fuel pump on top of motor that was blown out all fixed . I was guessing all kinds of things that's why I took it in  and I was frustrated 175.00 to learn about the fuse location.  Lol