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  1. I just finished installing bennett  bolt 12x12 tabs there service after the sale is outstanding . I used stainless and made shims to flush mount mine it did take me a bit of time to fit up and get it correct. Maby google search your question you will find a lot of info on this . try google bennett trim tabs not fitting flush .Goodluck

  2. I was frustrated with the whole thing and took it in . Turning out to be the alternator plug was disconnected from what I have no idea it is a pain to try to unplug when you want to so I have no clue what caused that part of this also there is a fuse for fuel pump on top of motor that was blown out all fixed . I was guessing all kinds of things that's why I took it in  and I was frustrated 175.00 to learn about the fuse location.  Lol

  3. Just got time to look over the boat to see if I could find out what killed the motor.  First thing I found was the alternator plug was disconnected . Would this kill the engine and not restart.  It turned over fine . I do remember.  Turning on both battery once it stalled but it never turned over slow like the battery was drained. I think the boat would run till the battery was drained to kill it . So I just not sure that is all of my problems.  Will look for more .tomorrow 

  4. Just received my bennett bolt 12 x12 tabs and the auto control  switch  . My question is the hinge plate is not flush to transom it has 6 holes to mount through . The 4 middle holes are flush each end has 1/8 gap that runs about 1 1/2 in twards the center . So the transom has a crown from factory . Looking for input as how to proceed thanks .

    2006 chaparral 235 ssi cuddy cabin added swim platform 5.0 volvo penta duo prop 

  5. One of the reasons why I am going to the autotrim pro controls as it will set tab for me and return to the up position when turned off .

    I know there expensive but not the hassle is worth the money not to have to keep an eye on tabs position just my two cents 

    so far lowest price is hodges marine 323.17  tabs   ATP switch 398.24 

  6. 1 minute ago, wijeff said:

    Wow that is exactly why I have the questions that diagram answers everything for me thank you so much

    In figure two what is the measurement at the back of the straight edge 1 inch or 1 1/4 it shows in the diagram can you explain that to me

  7. 13 hours ago, Pops said:

    I believe your main concerns would be distance / clearance from drive, more than the distance from outside edge if keel. I had to mount mine rather inboard, as the swim platform gave no clearance for the 4 pistons to mount. Further inboard you go, the less responsive, but that is a marginal handicap on the larger tabs. The 12x16 hydraulics on my 2550 respond just fine and are smooth as silk. These pictures should give you some idea as to what to consider.

    Tom (Tab Man) from Bennett frequents this site and is second to none when it comes to supporting his company's products. Wish all companies had a rep like Tom.

    He did it for me with some parts for free for my 12 x 16 Sport Tabs I installed that had absolutely nothing to do with any warranty. I just had to pay for shipping.




    Wow that is exactly why I have the questions that diagram answers everything for me thank you so much

  8. Ok I am looking for help on tab location for my 2006 chaparral 235ssi cuddy .

    How far from outside edge?   Side

    How far down to bottom edge?  Bottom 

    I am going with bennett 12x12 electric any one know of a good place to buy from  I have seen 329.99 to 599.99 on line website.  Looking for a place that honors there warranty.

    Thanks for your help happy safe boating