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  1. Just have no idea where to start to look 2006 volvo penta duo prop 5.0 stalled out on plane . Restarted was on way in and killed again . Just like the key was turned off each time . Had to get a tow cause wouldn't restart third time all happened in 10 mins
  2. Just got time to look over the boat to see if I could find out what killed the motor. First thing I found was the alternator plug was disconnected . Would this kill the engine and not restart. It turned over fine . I do remember. Turning on both battery once it stalled but it never turned over slow like the battery was drained. I think the boat would run till the battery was drained to kill it . So I just not sure that is all of my problems. Will look for more .tomorrow
  3. Yes swimplatform and bennett trim tabs Gas check 3/4 full treatment for winter storage
  4. A good survey can help also there placesthat can tell you the moisture in the hull Goodluck
  5. Looking to see what other boaters are using to clean and protect boat interior seating area
  6. Where do you buy the tools for this type job
  7. We have a 235ssi . Is the whole boat available as salvage sale
  8. Don't no much about the photo thing just no there is a lot of pic posted by others I. Ant see . I can't post photos of any thing not sure what do I need to add to my tablet to do this thanks
  9. Very good information to a bunch of questions I was going to ask thanks fellow boaters
  10. Ok I am looking for help on tab location for my 2006 chaparral 235ssi cuddy . How far from outside edge? Side How far down to bottom edge? Bottom I am going with bennett 12x12 electric any one know of a good place to buy from I have seen 329.99 to 599.99 on line website. Looking for a place that honors there warranty. Thanks for your help happy safe boating
  11. Just received my bennett bolt 12 x12 tabs and the auto control switch . My question is the hinge plate is not flush to transom it has 6 holes to mount through . The 4 middle holes are flush each end has 1/8 gap that runs about 1 1/2 in twards the center . So the transom has a crown from factory . Looking for input as how to proceed thanks . 2006 chaparral 235 ssi cuddy cabin added swim platform 5.0 volvo penta duo prop
  12. One of the reasons why I am going to the autotrim pro controls as it will set tab for me and return to the up position when turned off . I know there expensive but not the hassle is worth the money not to have to keep an eye on tabs position just my two cents so far lowest price is hodges marine 323.17 tabs ATP switch 398.24
  13. I would like to have my injectors bench flow tested and cleaned can you recommend any place to go to have done .I will remove the injectors and mail to shop if needed thanks
  14. Standard fluke is what came with my boat . Bottom is mostly weeds and muddy
  15. Thank you for everything you have help me make my mind on this and now I feel confident that this will be an easy installation for me now thanks again
  16. So what diagram do I use for the proper or ideal location sorry for all the questions I just want to drill into my hull one time thanks for all input and help
  17. In figure two what is the measurement at the back of the straight edge 1 inch or 1 1/4 it shows in the diagram can you explain that to me
  18. Wow that is exactly why I have the questions that diagram answers everything for me thank you so much
  19. 2006 235ssi 5.0vp duo prop top speed 48 on speedo Just looking for information about them. School me on trim tabs . Also adding a extended swim platform
  20. Where did you buy your trim tabs from .?
  21. Look on youtube there is a video from Jamestown doing exactly what you are asking. They fab a shelf in anchor locker for motor and wires cut hole in bow install the whole deal doesn't look like a bad upgrade. Maby even a diy task .
  22. I have factory f5 duo prop rpm is about 4400 -4800 it's my first real boat of size the swim platform is added to prevent bumping in to the out drive or prop . We like to swim or to hang out at local sandbar . Seams to pop up on plane fine to me . I would like help in lake michigan with 3 foot waves the waves don't roll one direction it is like a x pattern chop. wouldn't tabs help with bow slap In this . My ideal speed is 25 in this chop just all over the place trying to stay on top of waves to prevent bow pounding and bow rides high rather than splitting the wave it seams to ride over and drop . I guess I can't cut like a go fast fountain plain and simple.
  23. Following this post
  24. I can tell you that chaparral does put profit before safty just Google volvo penta fuel pump problems. It's a ticking bomb fuel pump gets so hot it starts to scream . Because of them painting the inside of it . Paint brakes down in gas and plugs the system. From 2006 on . In 3years I have replaced my new fuel pump 3 times $1100.00 tired of excuses it's plain greed this product should have a safety recall.
  25. Just my luck I ordered a extended swim platform for a Chaparral 235 but they mistakenly made me a 2330 /2335 so it's your lucky day they are making me the correct one and I will return it to mfg it's two tone white /Yellow could repaint to match yours or they will have to scrap a brand new esp