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  1. Thanks for the link on the pvc screw downs. Should prob work. Thanks for the link on the starboard, another good option. Thanks for the suggestion on the aluminum fabrication. Pretty handy but might not be worth the effort at this point with the other two suggestions. Thanks for the responses!
  2. Dealer is going to replace it if they can find it. I am just helping the process along to expedite it. Hard to find at this point when Chaparral doesn’t even have a part number for it. They may just have to manufacture one. Thanks
  3. Fellow Chaparral owners, I am having a difficult time locating a replacement metal access plate for the underside of my radar arch. The dealer who stored my boat “misplaced“ it after taking it off to drop my radar. I have called a few dealers and scoured the internet. No luck. It doesn’t have a part number listed in the manual. Any suggestions?
  4. Dry as a bone lately. Might be rain related. I have been running the air...no problems.
  5. I keep getting 2 warning beeps every couple of minutes. I was on on trip across Lake Michigan and the beeps started. Everything looks good as far as the oil pressure, temperature, drive fluid and power is good. At first I thought it was a high water alarm but I learned later that is a constant alarm. I did have water in the aft bilge and the pump had stopped working. I hand pumped it ( (not enough to set off the high water alarm sensor) out but the beeps continued. Enough water to splash around in 3-4 footers but not high enough to set off alarm. Boat seems to be running great and has normal power and handling. Any suggestions? Thanks Rich
  6. Initially, the shower drain elbow was cracked. I replaced that and it is water tight. I was hoping that fixed the issue but it didn't. It clean water. Any other suggestions? I'm thinking rain water or fresh water holding tank leak?
  7. I keep getting water in my front bilge. Its clear and clean. Any suggestions where its coming from? Water under cabin seat starboard side in storage area under cushion. Any suggestions? Thanks Rich
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