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  1. Ghostknife

    Chap 276 ssx height on a trailer?

    I thought i measured mine at about 12'6" on trailer with a total length of almost 36ft from swim platform to trailer tongue.
  2. Ghostknife

    NMEA 2K Gateway

    I just installed a NMEA 2k system on my 276 SSi with the 496 Volvo. I am getting some readings but not others, like i am getting engine hours, engine temp, oil pressure, and fuel flow rate. I am not getting RPM however which i find strange. Anyone have any insight on why this may be? I went with the Yacht Devices gateway.
  3. Ghostknife

    2006 chaparral 276 ssi

    Im 6ft and theres tons of room. you won't need to duck
  4. Ghostknife

    Testing photo hosting

    Oooo let me try
  5. Ghostknife

    NEMA 2000 gateway CAN data cable assistance

    I am doing mine tomorrow! Full integration into the 7607 garmin in the dash, will be interesting to see what info the VP 496 displays
  6. Ghostknife

    Those of us with radio upgrades

    I am going with the fusion black box for the head unit and also installing a NMEA 2k system on the boat. I will use the Garmin 7607xsv as the controller at the helm for the radio and I will put a new remote at the transom. The nice thing about the fusion is it all connects on the nmea system and its all plug and play. Im also installing the controller to see the engine data on the screen. It sucks having the headunit in the head, no one ever goes in there, that's why I figured I would go with the black box and hook up the Sirius sat radio to it.
  7. Ghostknife

    Anyone tint their windshield?

    Heck i thought about getting it tinted just for the fact of keeping the dash from fading more than it is. Im sure the "next" owner would rather deal with pulling tint over looking at an ugly dash lol.
  8. I will probably install it myself, ill measure 46 times and drill once. The 7607xsv is definitely smarter than i am.
  9. Ghostknife

    Anyone tint their windshield?

    I think it looks good but i never look through the windshield while driving. Like the breeze in my face.
  10. Ghostknife

    Front bimini support

    Good looking out, thank you
  11. Ghostknife

    Front bimini support

    Hey guys, anyone know of a part number for the front bimini stanchion for the Chaparral 276 SSi with the aluminum arch? I can find some online but don't know the measurement eye to eye since the boat is in storage.
  12. Ghostknife

    Ocean fishing not for me

    MINT, putting a mint in your mouth will help settle a stomach, works well for me Also try to stay cool, if you get hot it makes it worse. My wife and i went diving with a charter out of Sarnia ON and we had rolling 6-8ft waves on lake huron. Out of the 10 of us on the boat my wife and i were the only ones not sick, UNTIL i put my hood on my head for the dive. Instantly started sweating and thought i was going to puke everywhere, mint to the rescue. the dive got canceled and we headed back in.
  13. Ghostknife

    I'm Growing a Beard

    I have the beard going right now also, always thought it came in patchy but didn't give it long enough to grow. Started Oct 1st and still going, though i do keep it shaped up. I have never itched, so i feel bad for the guys that have that issue.
  14. Ghostknife

    shout out for your city, state .

    St. Clair, Michigan.
  15. Bought the transducer to complete down/side vu for the new Garmin, hope to find some good dive spots and shipwrecks. now need to find out how to mount some speaker pods to the aluminum arch for wake boarding.