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  1. Thank you all for the input. I probably should have added another important piece of information. I am nine hours in one direction and nine hours in the completely opposite direction from either boat. I have not personally seen them, but have had the owners send current pictures of them to me. I will not buy either boat without at least having a mechanic check it out. In the one case, the 252, it will be next to impossible to get a test drive right now that since the boat is already wrapped for winter. So whereas I will test the mechanics of the boat etc. based on how the owners are telling me
  2. On the verge of buying either a 1995 Sunesta 250 or a 1997 Sunesta 252. The 1995 250 has a VP 7.4 has a Duo Prop and is $3,500 more than the 1997 252 which has a VP 5.7 with a single prop. They both seem to be in good condition although the 250 has all the original canvas, while the 252 only has the bimini; the rest of the canvas was misplaced. Also, the 250 seems to have a slightly different hull being a 16 degree deadrise versus the 252 which is a 15 degree deadrise. This is true even within a model year, for example in 1997 the deadrise is still 15 for the 252 and 16 for the 250. If you a
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