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  1. The leads are in the correct terminal on the meter and I'm getting a 12.5 volt reading from the battery. I'd attach a picture of what I'm dealing with but the "image" button won't let me finish the process of uploading a picture.
  2. I'm just about done with my rescue project of a 2002 Sunesta 233 and ran into a problem with the wiring behind the panel that holds the ignition switch, 12 volt power supply, blower switch, and 3 fuse breakers. I'm getting a negative voltage reading on the red w/purple stripe wire that connects to the "B" terminal of the ignition switch. I'm getting a 12 volt reading from the battery to the circuitry in the engine compartment and also to the bus bar terminal at the cockpit but I'm getting no positive power at the ignition switch or the dash cluster. I have some wires connected wrong somewhere but I can't get my hands on any kind of wiring diagram for this year and model. If anyone can send me a few pictures of a similar model of what they have behind that particular panel that would be extremely helpful. I should also mention that all wiring has remained intact except for the wiring behind the panel that houses the ignition switch.
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