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  1. 2004lebanshee

    Gear lube - big deal to change in the spring?

    It's possible for the uncoated parts of the system to get corrosion on it from moisture
  2. 2004lebanshee

    Gear lube - big deal to change in the spring?

    It's fine as long as no water got in. I know some people say just to crack the drain open to see if its (oil) clean looking then tighten it up.
  3. 2004lebanshee

    Bravo 3 prop number ?

    Thank you guys I think I will do that.
  4. 2004lebanshee

    Bravo 3 prop number ?

    Question regarding bravo 3 mercury props. I have a 265 with a 8.1mag bravo 3. Currently I have 26p props. 48 823668 26p and 48-823667 26p. I was reading other threads and have seen it mentioned that this boat does well with a 28p standard non cuped prop. I believe Shepherd mentioned the 48-823670 a60 28p and 48-8236690 a60 28p. I have been looking around and have not been able to find a prop with the a60 on the end in the engraving. I have seen a a6 but nothing with a "0". Is the zero just left off the prop? Also, why does my current set up not have an "a". The boat is new to me I have only used it 1 time. I was hopping to get a little more top end for cruising speed and I like to have an extra set of props just in case. Thank you .
  5. 2004lebanshee

    SeaDek Or Aqua Marine Deck

    I had a really light tan and black and it held dirt bad. It had the little dimple pattern. Never again. I would consider grey. Or dark brown.
  6. 2004lebanshee

    SeaDek Or Aqua Marine Deck

    I totally agree. I like it for the swim platform but no way would I want it over pull out carpet.
  7. 2004lebanshee

    Confused 256 SSI owner about actual LOA and yacht cert

    I think it's like 14 145lb people. So I doubt it's mostly adults
  8. 2004lebanshee

    Floor replacement

    Guess the first question is... Is the boat worth it. Could you part it out and get another one in better shape for similar. I know there is a guy on youtub that did a detailed documentary (hours and hours of video) on youtube that was a great step by step. It's a crap ton of work if it's more then the floor.
  9. 2004lebanshee

    Charger and house bank questions...

    Yeah it's right next to the starting battery with the house on the other side of the motor. It's also 10 years old. I'm scrapping the whole house and spare battery set up for new batteries. I really dont trust it. The boat is new to me only a month or to so I'm trying to plan all these changes in the winter months.
  10. 2004lebanshee

    Charger and house bank questions...

    Yes my switch is a 1 2 both and off. I plan o.n keeping lead acid batteries as well. Thanks for the info. I'll have to do some looking around.
  11. 2004lebanshee

    Charger and house bank questions...

    On a side note does this charger have anything to do with my microwave operation? It works on short power only. Not sure if I have an inverter somewhere or not.
  12. 2004lebanshee

    Charger and house bank questions...

    Ok here is the set up. 2006 265 8.1 motor. Has fridge, microwave, vacuflush, lights, and upgraded stereo. Most days are day boating where I want to run the fridge and play some tunes. I may add a smaller tv. What I have now is a 2 bank battery set up with 2 seperate 24 class batteries (one starting which is newer and 1 older deep cell). I also have a protech 4 1220 onboard charger. There is also a old 3rd battery in the motor compartment just hooked up to the 3rd bank of the charger next to the starting battery. Owner said it was there for jump start purpose. That's comming out. What I want to do is keep the starting battery in one as is. I want to remove old 24 bank house for 2 31 group deep cells in parallel Can I hook up this charger to all 3 batteries and be fine? Or do I hook up one bank to the starter and one bank to one of the parallel batters and assume it sees them as one? Do I scrap the charger and get something else? The reviews are muddy on this thing. Id rather keep it if it works and use the cash towards trim tabs and or a 28p prop but that's down the road. What half way affordable options are there if I should replace?
  13. 2004lebanshee

    Yet another winterize question

    Air doesnt freeze. It's not complicated. Heating it up to temp then switching to antifreeze should and does work. It's possible the $5 thermostat doesnt work right and you end up needing a new motor. Pretty much depends on your comfort level. If I had a 5.0 which is about $2500 maybe I would roll the dice. If i had a 496 or something really expensive I'd sleep better covering my but. I'd at least pull the stat imo.
  14. 2004lebanshee

    New to me 265.

    Thank you. I hit the blue with the buffer and couldn't believe how deep it looked in the right light. There was huge white scratches down the side that had me nervous but there all gone now. Its grown on me.
  15. 2004lebanshee

    New to me 265.

    After looking around for a good one.. I was able to find and snag a great shape 06 265. Only thing it didnt have that I wanted was the color black. To be honest after a little wax and a closer look the metallic blue is pretty shape. I'm sure I'm going to have a ton of questions. Have no clue how to post pics. https://ibb.co/1r4YGj9 https://ibb.co/4PHcDyC