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  1. Wrong. Love captains call on a big block.
  2. The factory ones on my 265 are about useless. On my 210 they were a tad better. I think it was because the bow sat lower in the water and it was closer to the helm. I used to know the number. Just take it out and check it. Should be able to google the numbers on it and find a replacement.
  3. I did with my 210 as well my 265 seems to propped perfect for everything the only thing I might try is a bigger set for higher cruise speeds with I'm with my go fast buddies.
  4. I would have liked to try a 4 blade.
  5. I had a 07 210 alpha one with a 5.0 mph. I ran a 19p high five. Hole shot was good. Tons of bow rise. Reverse thrust is terrible. Almost none. Used to hit 5000rpm and 48mph. Still didnt have near the grip of my bravo 3 on my 265 for comparison. I ran a mercury enertia 19p with plugs it. It had decent hole shot great top and great reverse thrust. 4800 rpm i believe and 52 mph. Almost never blows out. You can trim up to have way on the gauge and still grips. Kept this on most of the time. Used the high five only when adults wanted to wake board which was 2xs a year. Also r
  6. This was ohio. Markets are different everywhere. Also like my boat you need to find some deals with in hours of listings and be ready to buy.
  7. Its for sure gotten tougher to find a good deal. My buddy just picked up a 08 210 ssi with 250 hours fresh water only boat for 17k. Great boat. Took some looking but there out there. The boat of that year is probably built better then a new one as well. I look for the prices to come back in a year or two. Not to mention the people who just got in the sport with a new boat not knowing what boating was even like. I look for a lot of people to take a loss.
  8. Take someone with you knowledgable. Buy used. Im guessing a new 19 footer is like 40-50k. You could easily find a good used one for under 20k. Learn the maintenance procedures your self and it's cheap. Alpha drives and a 5.0 mph are easy to work on and cheap to fix in comparison to new price hit.
  9. Pretty sure Cecil marine sells them online
  10. Leave cyclops alone. He identifies as a bot. This is America that's the new way.
  11. Its early in the season too. Not even winter yet. We wollnt make it.
  12. I might have too. Seemed like a 50 to 30 adapter for $100 is a bit much.
  13. My 8.1 side sounds great. The only time I kill it is when taking kids tubing. The constant noise comming in and out of the water at like 2500 rpm is annoying after a bit. I love it otherwise. To each there own. Some people hate noise and others love loud power sports. I'm not getting into that. If you think you like it find a boat with that motor setup and hear it out.
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    It the bot wants to talk boats in November I'm in.
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