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  1. 2004lebanshee

    Stowing Inflatables

    My 210 i strap our two person tube to the tower. It rests on the wake board racks. Then I bungie strap the hands holds to the tower so its on upper corner. I tow it to and from the lake that way as well. Put in garage when done.
  2. 2004lebanshee

    Villain 2 restoration

    I have a friend with a late 80s 29 foot sting ray with twin 454s and alphas. Factory. Never an issue. He has had it 6 years now. We always tease him. He doesn't mind there cheap and he runs 70s.
  3. 2004lebanshee

    Load Rite vs Venture

    One flat or blow out with a single and that boat would be scary.
  4. 2004lebanshee

    Load Rite vs Venture

    Tandem and surge with disk brakes. Steel trailer is fine unless your close on weight with your tow rig and want to cut a few lbs.
  5. 2004lebanshee

    Talk me OUT of a new truck

    Really nice. Lotta truck for that boat. Tell her you like new boats and see if lighting strikes 2x.
  6. 2004lebanshee

    This was a really bad day for someone

    I bet he will be alright
  7. 2004lebanshee

    Danger of shore power. Be careful out there

    Im willing to bet most boaters and people are unaware this can even happen.
  8. 2004lebanshee

    Low Water Drain on brick's 220SSi

    That thing is pricey for a piece of plastic. I overtightened mine and cracked it. Pretty crappy piece of engineering.
  9. http://wkbn.com/2017/06/17/19-year-old-dies-from-electrical-current-in-water-at-put-in-bay/
  10. 2004lebanshee

    Which prop lock washer

    Thanks for all the help. Ill have to try that part number. I keep buying the exact looking 2 tab washer with discriptions stating its for alpha two on ebay and they keep comming to my house with the hole too small to fit the prop shaft.
  11. 2004lebanshee

    Which prop lock washer

    I have a alpha gen 2 and i am running an enertia prop with merc hub kit. It is the lock washer with the two tabs on it not the 5 sided one. I have bought 2 now online and neither has a hole big enough to slip over the prop shaft. There all too small. Cant seem to figure out whats wrong.
  12. 2004lebanshee

    Oars for 21'?

    One oar for a 21 foot boat. Love to see someone try to pull that off.
  13. 2004lebanshee


    Nada -35k. If its now at zero thats tricky. I guess its worth part out value.
  14. 2004lebanshee

    Trailer brakes

    Put a high five on and you will find yourself putting the whole trailer in the water to launch.
  15. 2004lebanshee

    Boat Size Required for Lake Erie

    Ive been out 7 miles perch fishing and had a 20 foot pontoon next to me. Sooo anything is possible on the right day. Bigger allows you to have more days that are boatable.