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  1. Right. I was just thinking about docking. Launching would be easier at 42 prob.
  2. My only experience is with a single engine. That said I would prefer to be docking at 49. I could easily go to the walk way and walk it in. I would like 42 if the guys next to me were bad at docking. Seems like the guys at 51 and 52 could end up using you as a fender on a bad day.
  3. If I'm into watersports I'd get a tow boat. Good tow boat brands aren't throwing a forward prop sterndrive on the back for a reason.
  4. Enough ratchet straps and just about anything can be strapped up there. They are pretty big even if rolled tightly.
  5. 2004lebanshee

    237 ssx?

    If your into watersports bigger engine is a no brainers. If you only wanted to putt around slowly then it wouldnt matter save your money.
  6. 2004lebanshee

    237 ssx?

    Resale is way better on a well powered boat as well.
  7. 2004lebanshee

    237 ssx?

    I think the 6.2 would be the fun option
  8. That's pretty depressing. Might take years to come down. What do you do in situations like this? Do you trailer to other lakes? I assume Erie is just as bad. I was hopping to hit it up this year a few times.
  9. Thank you this has been very helpful. Should have asked before I bought a 3 bank charger.
  10. Ok I get it. That seems like a great idea. Do you have one you recommend. Ok so with the house in parallel just hook 1 bank of the charger to the closest battery and it will charge both as needed? Will they both always discharge the same? Seems one my loose a bit on it's own at different pace
  11. If by combiner you mean a 1 2 and both switch I have that. I would be buying 2 new batteries of equal size for the house bank. Maybe keep the old starter for bank 1. Hooking all three to the new 3 bank charger.
  12. What is a battery combiner? How would I connect the battery to the cobminers switch? Jus put the positive on the same lug as the battery 2 position?
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