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  1. Looking for a contact to chap to attempt to get a release for the logo for a custom seadek swim platform. I got it for my last boat years ago but have been unable to reach them now. Everytime I sent an email to the company it sends back a email that me local dealer will get back at me. They seem completely useless.
  2. My 496 has beeped when I was over 5000 rpm once. Pretty sure it was over revved. Could happen from over trimming it and blowing the prop.
  3. No. It usually just idles down and stops or picks back up after a few seconds. Then it idles fine until I give it some throttle to power off the trailer. It will start to stall with any throttle for a few revs. A few minutes of this and it runs great all day. I've checked the pressure at the fuel rail just turning the key and it checks about 42 as it should. This week I'm going to check out the IAC muffler. I've read it could be a culprit.
  4. Wouldn't touch a salt water chap if I was going to be a freshwater boater. Unless it was a crazy good deal.
  5. Maybe he sold it for a cruiser. Used to frequent Sandusky and some north east ohio lakes.
  6. I have a buddy that had that scheme. Od it a few years ago. Lake Erie boat.
  7. This is a nice one I past last weekend.
  8. My 8.1 has the air pump setup that drains the raw water through a valve in the impeller housing. I have noticed that my water impeller housing is dripping water out the drain port. Its like it's not sealing completely. It's not a ton of water but it's a constant drip. I have tried pumping it up and releasing it over and over with no change. Is there a rebuild or fix for this?
  9. Think it's just a hole to reach the bolt that splits the drive upper from lower mine never had a grommet but my boat was used.
  10. Just got to spend some time with my new to me 265 with 496 mag. With 2 adults 3 kids and 1/2 tank of gas the boat managed 55 mph 5000 RPM and perfect water at 1000ft. Heard a few beeps from I'm guessing the Tach and backed off. My current props are 48-823667 26p and 48-823668 26p. Im guessing theses are the cupped version. The boat seems great at all RPM ranges. My question is should I look at a 28P prop since I seem to be above the 4800 range that this particular motor calls for. Also I ride around with some real fast boats. I would appreciate some faster cruising speeds if possible. Not looking to make the boat a dog though. Thanks
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