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  1. What motor? Some motors like 350s, 454s, and 4.3s aren't that expensive to swap a long block if your somewhat handy.
  2. Most women love penis extensions. Just saying.
  3. I dont believe so. I've only ever seen corsa on a boat. I'm sure a custom setup is possible. On a side note prepare to get backlash from the purest on here who prefer quiet on the lake. Most have started removing the radios and motors on their boats and installed sails. It's the only way to enjoy a motorsport.
  4. Your fine. If you plan on a charger at some point switch the old starter to AGM type and install it.
  5. Chances are your battery charger wollnt allow it. If your running one. I run 2 group 31 interstates for the house bank. They are cheap and work great.
  6. The ssx and the osx lines are still solid. The ssi line is a rename from the crap h2o budget line. It's nothing more then a rebadged of a cheap boat. Not sure if their still make but the vortex boats but they were all problematic and the service on them is substandard at best for owners. Nobody who recommends a jet boat recommends them. Dropping the signature line to be an average at best quality smaller budget boat line is a shame of a once well respected manufacturer.
  7. Yes. Its turned into an overpriced entry line. It's sad what they are selling now.
  8. Maybe put speaker spacers on the arch to minimize the hole needed.
  9. I cant imagine a situation the single prop would be better. Unless your trying to go over 60mph. The bravo 3 doesnt seem to want to do it. This isn't a fast boat at 50mph. You will like the bravo 3 for every aspect but prop replacement. There more expensive. Having had boats with both they are a far better setup then the alpha.
  10. I hate it but facebook boat groups all dominate those. The chap ones have way more activity. I also belong to a bunch of powerboat pages and there helpfull as well. Every forum that I frequent for other hobbies has taken a back seat to the facebook related groups.
  11. This is the H20 version of boat forums.
  12. Should look something like that. Could be bigger or smaller. Just put a ring terminal on and use one of the screws on the bar
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