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  1. I gotta say I understood everything you just posted and its some good info. I know you catch heat sometimes.
  2. It really doent matter. You dont put a giant outboard on the back of a boat that is made for swimming skiing and hanging out. It's just in the way and they are ugly. Unless they say 400 on. Them No weight savings is worth having that thing take up the swim platform.
  3. 2007 210ssi. Lowrance elite7 adjustable ram mount.
  4. I'm impressed how well I've learned to dislocate my shoulder getting through the little holes on the side. Put a 2 battery bank on the right somehow.
  5. That's one of the reasons I looked at the 265. I can about sit on eather side of the 496. Nothing like some of my friends speed boats though.
  6. Wow you need to check out a 210 ssi. My previous boat was the worst for accessibility. That bay is wide open.
  7. I dont really care. I just want my boat to sound like it has a big block and not have a big ugly monstrosity hanging off the back that sounds like a jet boat. They both break. To each their own.
  8. Dont know much about towers but it might be better to get an aftermarket one anyhow. That said try and find a year or two old one is my suggestion.
  9. I'm assuming you have a power hatch? Some power boats have a manual latch or battery lugs somewhere that you can jumper too. Also if you have shore power maybe your can back feed something. Sorry I can help more.
  10. Is there an advantage to a double bow roller setup on a trailer? I currently have a double and at times it gives me trouble getting off the trailer. If I try and sink the trailer deep so I can float the boat off the trailer the bow eye will catch and hold onto the bottom bow roller. At that point I have to power it off. Some ramps frown on it. So I was wondering if it was needed or an advantage to have. If so what is it. Boat is a 265 and it's an eagle trailer.
  11. It's crazy that people would take a 10k loss because they dont want to pay at most 1k to store it for a year. Never understood the take a big hit before winter mind set. Good deal for you though.
  12. No just did damage control and renamed it.
  13. What boat and year. Power package and amount you paid.
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