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  1. I did test everything I could. I'm sure I could have missed somethings. Would any issues offset the cost of the inspection? No clue because I didnt find any yet. For me it helped that the bilge was spotless. The owner seemed very genuine and I have a 4 inch thick file of every receipt of maintenance or up keep that has ever happend to the boat. Everything was professionally done. All of that eased my mind. Not to mention I purchased it for 10K less then they bought it for 3 years earlier and it was still worth that amount. IMO. All of that came into my decision. Could this come back to get me with some potential issue the inspector may have found or missed only time will tell. That said to have had my 210 inspected would be a waste. There is very little to that boat that a test ride and and experienced boater wouldnt find. Save the money there.
  2. I contenplated a survey durring my search for my 265. That was until one dealer emailed one he had on file for the boat he had for sale. I read every line of it and there was nothing in there I couldn't have seen or tested my self in a few hours. There was no way I was going to pay 500- 800 for someone to tell me a breaker wasn't working or there were scratches and fading on the vynal. To me it's like a home inspection. Completely useless if you have any experience with handy work. That said I do like the idea of a compression test or oil analysis.
  3. Agreed with toddler. I'd just look at a 20 footer and sea trial it. You can tell a good owner by the appearance and the records kept. On a side note if I'm the seller the first to bring me the money gets it.
  4. Have you looked for a 265? Unless you want a rear sunardit IMO it has better usable space and ride over the 255. If you want smaller the 235 is a good option. I was searching craigslist through search tempest up to 750 miles and hit facebook all over pretty hard. There hard boats to find and even harder in good shape as you know. Good luck with the search. Also the chap market place on facebook could help if you make a post there.
  5. Thank you Wingnut. I guess the only thing to do is try it out and watch water usage.
  6. Ok. Thanks for the info. I really just want to over night a couple times a year. Im not looking to spend a week out there. We mostly day boat and with younger kids this is the perfect mix of a sporty boat with some overnight capability. I just have no idea what to expect with the tank size. I was reading the website for the vacu flush and they try to claim that its capasity equivilent to double what a pump toilet holding tank is due to the pulverizing of waste. I have know idea if that's true though. I guess we will just have to try it out for a while and see.
  7. The boat is new to me as is having a toilet on a boat. The wife and I plan on having a few over night trips next year. I'm concerned this tank size in inadequate. Does anyone have any experience using this set up. Mostly got it for my 5 and 7 year old for #2s on day trips. I'm sure that will be fine. Is it possible to swap the tank for a slightly larger on? Has anyone done this? Do I even need to bother?
  8. Going to put new plugs and wires in this spring. Does anyone know anything about these Scott brand wires? https://sparkplugwires.com/scott-mercruiser-496-marine-spark-plug-wire-set/ They seem like a good priced alternative to say OEM, Hardin, Rylar ect. I'm fine with spending more for theirs but if these Scott wires are good then why not save a hundred or so. Anyone know anything about them?
  9. The outboard just look so tacky to me on a boat like that. It ruins the swim area for kids and it's in your view. I dont get it. Has to be a budget thing for the boat makers. Way easier to order one boat and just swap power packages for buyers that want the cheap motor or the upgrade. Looks like crap.
  10. He probably got it fixed buy now. Haha. It is good advice for anyone else researching this problem.
  11. Congrats. What is the power package?
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