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  1. dcarr


    Cecil marine, I need a P and will split the cost with you, they are about 80 bucks, and I have a hard time rationalizing cost. I’ll eventually buy the complete script which is the only way they’re sold , but let me know, thanks Dennis
  2. Same problem on a 2002 196 Ssi with bucket seat and head rest, used heavy duty Velcro tape and It’s working fine if no one pulls on them
  3. Damaged my prop on Thursday, so time to replace . I have a 5.0 L engine with Alph 1 drive 1:62 gear ratio, currently running a 3 blade aluminum 19 x 14 1/2 diameter, and was hitting 4400 -4800 rpms at WOT. After researching I’m now thoroughly confused, lots of new stuff out there. What would be best all around value and performance prop for this boat used mostly for cruising inter coastal here in Florida? Appreciate the help
  4. Chrome letter, Adam, I don’t get it
  5. I have the exact same boat, 5.0L what oil do you suggest, lots of opinions out there, thanks for your advice


  6. Looking for the newer style 2 1/2 “ chrome letter P. Certainly I’m willing to pay for it and any mailing costs. I don’t need the whole set, but will have to go that route if needed and purchase from dealer. Appreciate any help anyone help, thanks Dennis
  7. Awesome, thank you for the input!
  8. I have a 3” inch scratch in 2002 Ssi 196 hull, the manufacture Spectrum sells a mission white gel coat repair. can anyone verify if this is the correct color match. I realize it probably won’t be exact, but appreciate anyones experience. Thanks Dennis
  9. I need a "P" desperately Do'nt know how to repay favor, but I would be most appreciative if you could send me one, thanks Dennis Carr 500 Battersea Dr St Augustine Florida 32095
  10. Great all around boat, we really like ours for our usage, same set up 2 buckets, Be safe, and good luck!
  11. I replaced the original 2002 letters and bird logo when wet sanding the gelcoat a couple years ago, and tossed the old lettering out. I wasn't thinking someone might need them, sorry, but there gone.
  12. Your right, I'll just bite the bullet and order all of them from dealer, thank guys!
  13. You guys crack me up, very funny! Thanks for bringing this to the top, as I still need to order, or find someone who has some extra smaller 1.75"height newer version chrome letters. I have been looking for a outside source to avoid the high dealer cost of ordering the complete OEM hull script. Anyone here know who carries, or will make a chrome italic letter in this size that will match? As always I appreciate any help, thanks! Dennis
  14. Just ordered new insulation for a 196 Ssi with the 5.0L engine, old foam detoriated. A coulple of the guys here recomended Dynamat, I went with the 1/2 " closed cell neoprene, it's is certainly better quality than the open cell OEM foam that lasted 14 years. I sure they all have sound and heat qualities, some better, but in running my boat without a insulation pad a few times, I could not even tell the insulation foam was missing, it sounded the same to me, so I opted for the cheaper of the two.
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