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  1. soldier4402

    Improvement of steering

    trolling or something or what. If your trolling id say get a trolling motor.
  2. soldier4402

    Anyone cross shop a monterey 224fs?

    no brainer buy the new one
  3. soldier4402

    New boat prices through the roof. Insane. What happened?

    Some models you are right, in that case I would then say you are crazy to pay almost what new is, but hey is what it is. After looking at MSRP prices and boat trader/ ebay I was right in general 5 year old boats were about 40-50% cheaper. Of course people don't pay MSRP, but they aren't paying asking for used either. So I would say in "general" my statement still stands. Ive bought a lot of trucks, sleds, cars, trailers over the years and a 20-25% hit year one seems pretty spot on from what I found then anywhere from a 5-10% loss per year after that until the item is 10-15 years old depending on what it is seems to level off.
  4. soldier4402

    New boat prices through the roof. Insane. What happened?

    Great information and as I said before not needling you. Just don't think the value is there. Even if I save 1000 bucks a year on fuel because of new tech, I paid 30-40-50k more for the boat as much as I tell myself I'm saving money, I am not and never will. What really smacks value in the face is the fact that in 3-5 years most boats will lose half their value potentially more.
  5. soldier4402

    New boat prices through the roof. Insane. What happened?

    10-15-20 year notes have been out on boats at least going back to 2009. I know because I had a 10 and there was a 15 available. I was deployed and was easier to get the 10 year note instead of a 5, go figure. Got home and paid it off a year later. Demand isn't what it was, and materials cost more, and banks have had a hand. The market keeps shrinking, manufactures keep going out of business, really what it is, is musical chairs, be less and less and less chairs till they are all gone.
  6. soldier4402

    Engine size

    Boat matters, performance boat or regular cabin cruiser, cabin cruiser you aren't doing much of anything. HP matter but 50 HP isn't going to change much its going to be the torque, gearing and propping on the bigger engine that matters.
  7. soldier4402

    New boat prices through the roof. Insane. What happened?

    Kind of what I was trying to get at well said. For me its what its doing, boats are doing twice what they were to match the increase in cost they just aren't. Fly by wire digital read outs, that's great maybe Ill catch something quicker, maybe I wont. I complain about trucks but at least a 2019 vs 98 truck has roughly twice the power, 20-30% better fuel economy and actually has more stuff in it. I'm not dogging those that value tech or want to pay for it exponentially more in a boat, although tech or no tech the cost increase is very suspect and I don't think the level of improvement matches the cost. For me part of it is affordability, but the second and most important part is what I cam getting out of it and what I am doing with it. Something I use sparingly to spend 80-100k on to then be worth half that in 5 years is just a terrible purchase IMVHO.
  8. soldier4402

    New boat prices through the roof. Insane. What happened?

    Yes I was talking in very general terms, I know there is GPS now, joy sticks, and fly by wire system, definite improvement but did the product really change. Having all the monitoring system on an engine and even lets say a 20% in fuel efficiency is great, but what does that really do for? When we really look at it a boat of the early 90s was the same size went roughly the same speed just maybe not as fuel efficient but does the new cost being double sometimes more mean theres value, Id say no. Digital replacing analog while maybe an improvement on the component, I don't see how it elevated the boating experience. I'm younger and like tech, but at the same time I see as a hindrance and not worth the value. my 90s boats I could blow the engine and drive in a weekend and replace it all within a few weeks for probably 5-6k depending on use of parts. A simple analog gauge was 40 bucks and two wires, now days it would be thousands to replace these digital screens, mehh not worth it. But yes there has been improvement and I'm not trying to needle you. My comment was more in general and like somebody else said perceived value, and its just not there for me. I can pay double for something eek out a few more ponies and a little better fuel efficiency, and tells me whats its doing but I'm still paying double for roughly same experience.
  9. soldier4402

    New boat prices through the roof. Insane. What happened?

    You make a good point. or did financing just keep up to stay in business. One hand feeds the other for sure. I bought a truck in 07 for 28k, same truck in 2014 was 43k, that same truck now is probably 48k. hasn't been that much innovation in that time period.
  10. soldier4402

    New boat prices through the roof. Insane. What happened?

    besides changing the drapes and curtains per say boat tech for the average boat hasn't changed much in 30-40 years tbh, cars have come a lot further. Ive owned an 87, 91, 93, and 2002, really not that different.
  11. soldier4402

    New boat prices through the roof. Insane. What happened?

    Yeah its hard to say who gets more market down south or up north. States like Michigan I believe at one time had more registered boats then Florida at one point. Going to be tough sledding when half of your target market only uses an item 90-180 days. Say what you want about the new generation but their spending habits are different than those before. Look at studies and research the younger crop is saving more for retirement, and spending more practical, they want to pay for experiences and not things. 100k goes a long ways in terms of trips and vacations. Boat market is sinking no pun intended. Like I said 10 years its going to look at lot different.
  12. soldier4402

    New boat prices through the roof. Insane. What happened?

    Boat market has been in decline for years, companies keep going out of business. For one its less competition, second less boats are being made they have to make more per unit. If you follow the auto industry they are slowly losing sales because of prices, and autos are things people need boats aren't. Boat industry is going down the same road. I have never bought a new boat and don't know anybody that has beyond a small 15-20k aluminum fishing boat. What is really atrocious is pontoons, 120k for a pontoon? Boat market will come down to earth, the sport is slowly wasting away, and I think its mainly due to cost. Think you got 5-10 years left until you see a monster change in the market mainly due to cost but also because of buyers. Younger buyers are more practical in their spending and wont be dumping 6 figures on boats, they just wont. Your always going to have your pockets of wealth that provide some relief but that's not going to hold a market up. Nothing against anybody here, but 60-70k for an average 22-24ft run about boat, yeah have to be from mars to think asking and paying that is a good idea. 30-40k is probably where the numbers should be, and your already seeing manufactures sell these economy boats per say, just going to see more of it.
  13. soldier4402

    Best wax for above the waterline?

    To be honest with normal use of every weekend or more out on the boat wax is not lasting more than a month, it really isn't. There are crap waxes and I wouldn't use but wouldn't get to wrapped up into it. I wax once a year then spray down after every trip with spray detailer wax. I might look into some of these sealents/ synthetics/ceramics out there, but haven't given it much thought yet
  14. soldier4402

    Where to post a chaparral for sale on here

    haha yup
  15. yeah after more reading and boating the great lakes my whole life nothing under a 24ft boat for me.