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  1. soldier4402

    Boat Starts Hard After Long Runs

    could have some heat soak and vapor lock. May try leaving the hatch open a crack or running the blowers. Otherwise checking all electrical connections and making sure battery is good.
  2. soldier4402

    Boat Starts Hard After Long Runs

    dude put all of your post into one, not one after another after another. It gets old and is distracting
  3. soldier4402

    Most efficient rpm...

    Not against tech at all, but these days it feels like people feel as if its a need, much like a cell phone. I get it for the commercial guys or the guys going long distances or far out places to know exacts may help. But most of us are staying on inland lakes or close to shore. Frankly common sense is a lot cheaper and less worry, ive always understood what gas it takes to x activity and about far I can go and have used 1/4 tank as my empty.
  4. soldier4402

    Most efficient rpm...

    most efficient in terms of speed, fuel usage, handling? Cant always get all three but most of your run of the mill boats are going to like 25-35mph and about 3200-3500rpms. With that said I'm not really interested in hooking this and that up to find fuel usage etc, to much tech for no real advantage. Simple math can determine what I use.
  5. soldier4402

    Is an Optima battery worth it?

    mehh I wouldn't waste money on names. I get 5 years out of sams/Costco batteries that cost between 50-80 bucks.
  6. soldier4402

    Saint Lawrence Seaway

    don't see abay or clayton docks ever being a problem. Call the town of clayton docks or abay town docks. Some of the marinas in the coves had issues years back.
  7. soldier4402

    Saint Lawrence Seaway

    if anything its got to be higher than years past. Have lived here for the last 12 years and never heard of it being low enough to stop boating. That river is deep specially in the channel
  8. soldier4402

    Looking for input on bow riders

    boats are much like anything else made cheaper, just the way it is. I know boats these days come with a lot more electronic toys and gimmics but electronics are fairly cheap items in the whole sale bulk market. I still go back and say boats made in the late 80s to mid to 90s are probably some of the best boats ever made if looked at as a whole. Todays stuff has to much plastic and corners are cut.
  9. yeah with a jeep Id probably be at the 22-23ft range that's it. your looking at two capacity and not payload. Whats payload on that jeep? 1000lbs maybe. Towing capacity of that jeep realistically factoring in payload is probably more like 3-4k lbs.
  10. soldier4402

    Drive Position

    think it would matter when winterizing or long lay up so you could get as much as possible to drain.
  11. soldier4402

    1981 restoration

    might look around online and see if you can find the weight. older boats are heavy but 5 grand might be hight. I would guessing 3500-low 4s. as far as ,motors outboards need less HP to achieve the same results as an I/O. Boat like that depending on what you want to do 150-200hp outboard would probably get you into the 40 mph range. I think your right 1g maybe 1500 tops is about all id be willing to part with for that.
  12. soldier4402

    1981 restoration

    I think so because TBH that's the next logical place for it, he wont find many interested parties in this.
  13. soldier4402

    1981 restoration

    yup fair market for the trailer is 3-500, hull no power thats got an incomplete mod 500-1000 tops. Before you go dicker with him, Id make a few calls. Trailer can be easily sold or scrapped for cash if the seller wanted, so really not a liability, but the hull I would call around ask junk yards, garbage dumps etc and see how much it is to dispose of a boat, that gives you information. Lastly I don't play around with not having titles and so forth that would be another factor of mine.
  14. soldier4402

    1981 restoration

    overall the boat looks to be in good shape for the age, just seems some cleaning and buffing. Like others have said, some see some elbow grease and get scared. With that said there is one hole to make sure its water tight and ensuring the structure is strong enough to hold an outboard. Would agree with others, 2500 without a motor is to much, 1000-1500 would be my range, TBH your doing the seller a favor by just taking it.
  15. soldier4402

    New guy, dumb question?

    first off if you boat where hitting things is not a high probability with a motor like that you should run stainless. Off the top of my head anything from 18-21P sounds about right. But with that said think you will have to know some performance data on that boat first and might take some time on the water with a GPS and watching your tac. Boat like that you should probably get 50mph maybe a little more and RPMs should be somewhere between 4500-5000 at full speed.