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  1. soldier4402

    Time for Oil Change

    possible, either way not a buyer of theory of used oil in a block is going to magically make the block fall apart, never seen it happen and doubtful anybody has any data to back it up.
  2. soldier4402

    Time for Oil Change

    who knows you got people who change their oil at every 3k miles still. Look at a boats even people change it every year, when even factoring in hours use and running at higher rpms, the equivalent to mileage on a car is probably pretty low. Very uneducated but doubtful oil in most boats really needs to be changed every year, but yet some acid will form and melt blocks away.
  3. soldier4402

    Hull Advice - Disappointed

    still bologna. The issue seems to be in the last 10 years, so to me its the popular sell for more, but sell less of a product. I'm pretty convinced at this point my next boat will not be a chap built in the last 10 years.
  4. soldier4402

    Hull Advice - Disappointed

    See to me this is the wrong answer. I buy 50-60k vehicles every two years and never have a few issues to sort out, buying a 50-100k boat makes is unacceptable
  5. soldier4402

    For Sale

    no. But nothing is stopping you from posting something and being on your way. Probably wouldn't help much, some descent people here but the forums over all is dried up and really not that good here.
  6. soldier4402

    Our Upcoming First Weekend on the Hook

    Id opt for a calm anchoring vs finding wind to park in. Ensure your equipment is operating properly and you have the proper gas alarms on the boat. Wouldn't over think it. Be smart but its not like people are dying in droves sleeping on boats.
  7. soldier4402

    Stainless Manifolds and tubes

    I guess the best way to figure out is total cost for each and life span of each. If they want 6 grand for a set, Id opt to replace the iron ones 3-4 times first.
  8. soldier4402

    Signature 270 equivalent models

    just a thought if your going to haul around the country a boat of that magnitude will command a diesel pusher at minimum. but with that aside I had a 02 265SSi. Short of it not being an 8'6 beam the square footage and ammenties compared to a 270 was not that great. The 265 is also 2k lbs lighter, going to be faster and better on gas. Enclosed head, but nothing to cook on or fridge on that model. but threre is also the 285SSI out there with a little more. The Formula sunsport line in the 260 and 280 ss is about the same and the 280 is wide beam. Just an idea that I thought of as these other options will give roughly the same thing but a much easier boat to move around.
  9. soldier4402

    Fresh Water Plumbing with PEX?

    Kind of my point don't why you contradicted then basically spit out the same thing I said in terms of being a long term solution and popping lose. End of the day the fittings are nice quality but you are relying a mechanical connection that's not really permanent like sodder or a glue. In a house with relative no movement and stable temp and such I don't see them being a problem long term besides the fact that they are close to ten bucks piece.
  10. soldier4402

    Leaking at rail mounts?

    Had this problem on my fountain. I would assume most boats are the same in that its a bolted connection, and you will have to access from inside the cabin, which may mean removing panels, cabinets etc. I took my rails off and used a good silicone caulk for marine/outdoors, don't use anything adhesive because if you ever have to do it again. But here are some tips 1. Before ripping everything apart, get access to the bolts underneath, inspect for water intrusion you should be able to see signs, if not have somebody spray the railing with a hose and watch, you should find it. 2. If you don't find a leak and want to do it anyways its going to take two people, as my rails didn't drop straight in, it took somebody from above holding them into place to get the bolts through to get a nut on there.
  11. soldier4402

    Thinking of upgrading order with dealer for H2O 23?

    Another idea might be to take your boat onto the lake you plan on spending time, evaluate what you like and don't like, see what others are driving around. And really evaluate what you want to do. Ive said this before, boats are not multi purpose as bad as you want them to be or as bad as a company wants to promote them. Some boats are good at one thing and one thing only and suck at others, ski boats, bass boats, etc. Some boats are kind of good at things but great at nothing, run about's, combo boats etc. Unless you live on a very large lake or great lake, anything over 50 frankly will never use. Do you want to do water sports? IMVHO I wouldn't buy anything under 23 ft, a 21 foot boat these days is like an 18 footer of 20 years ago, and even then you would be lucky. Id want a boat that comfortably seat 6-8 people that I could throw a few tubes out and few rods if I wanted. If I wanted to get super serious then Id buy a boat made for that.
  12. soldier4402

    Fresh Water Plumbing with PEX?

    pex should work and is a great product. After working with the shark bites, Id opt for the cheaper compression fittings. The shark bites are great and are easy and are brass, but after working with them sometimes if you don't get a snug fit or start torqueing them around they spray at the fitting, with a boat that's bouncing and slamming a compression fitting should be better. As for AF, any tank of any kind should have some pink introduced, doesn't take a lot on my last boat I would use 2 gallons and that was enough to do the head, sink in the head, sink at the helm and transom shower.
  13. soldier4402

    Thinking of upgrading order with dealer for H2O 23?

    First off your going to eat 20% on your boat plus the 20k on the new, if your ok with that, then I guess that's your decision, not dogging you as Ive done with things myself.. With that said there is no roar on a small block v8 without exhaust even then, kind of silly, not being a jerk just being honest. If it were me I would evaluate exactly where I am boating and what lake I'm going to live on camp on etc, then go from there. If I'm going to take the depreciation hit and spend another 20k, which all in all your probably going to be talking somewhere between 35-50k in either loss or new spending, Id probably actually go more, get myself into a 24-25ft boat.
  14. soldier4402

    Can you winterize the electric water heater?

    I Do my rv. Have to imagine the set ups are close to being the same. I usually hit the by pass and drain the tank. Run pink to rest of the trailer with the pump on, last step is while the pump is running open the by pass which automatically dumps pink into the hot water tank.
  15. soldier4402

    Velcro on carpet

    ive never seen it. Problem with Velcro would be getting it to stay. You could sew one side into the carpet but your only option would be glue to the boat and maybe staples. Problem would be with water sand, and the back and forth torque of body weight while underway I don't see Velcro lasting long. Second part is if you want the carpet out snaps provide a clean look where large strips of Velcro wouldn't look good.