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  1. Now is the time to do it, still young 30's but young 20s new in careers is the time to do it. Get older, more responsibilities, kids possibly, better jobs it will be harder to do something like that trust me. One thing to keep in mind and I did pretty good in my 20's but wish I was a little smarter is don't throw your future on toys and adventure, everybody is going to get old some day and want to retire, might get sick, have kids all of that, just be sure your planning for the future, time you can not get back when building your retirement.
  2. Good luck and enjoy really think it out. I spend 40-50 nights a year in our fifth wheel camping and to be honest at times I cant see doing it full time due the storage of all my things, house sized appliances, showers, kitchens, that sort of a thing, so choose wisely like I said it seems fun but after a while in something that equates to a few hundred square feet at best, the walls start coming in, lol. But with a boat you have the ability for adventure, definitely seems fun.
  3. yeah sounds like fun and what I would do but still got to plan for a sleeping area for every mouth on board.
  4. sleeping arrangements on boats and campers always seem to very widely on what they have listed. are you talking kids, all adults, adult kids etc. Making kids suffer with bunks and confined spaces they will live be happy and get over it, cram 4 adults in bunks in a small room, good luck. If a camper says 6-8, I always 6 because those two extra spots are usually pull out beds and not really dedicated sleeping areas. I have looked at those house boats and they generally provide good pictures on what each room is so you can figure it out.
  5. With canvas and the plastic it shrinks, I think to keep it to shape you have to use. To get it back get it wet possibly and put it up. To keep it to shape probably good to take it out from time to time set it up and leave it on.
  6. kind of my thoughts, if you buying it just in case just doesn't seem worth it to me at least, as it takes up a big duffel bag worth of storage,
  7. good luck and sounds like fine. Known a few people and have seen the liveaboard thing, always interested me. Not something I think I could do forever but might be a fun thing to do for a part of my life. My only issue was finding something big enough with enough amenities to make me happy. I have a 40foot fifth wheel and even that feels cramped from time to time.
  8. how about some simple plastic and tape.
  9. Think your going to be in it for more than a few hundred bucks either way. Here are my thoughts on it. I had a full enclosure on mu 265ssi. After figuring out how to set it up as I was not the first owners and their were no instructions it took a while. but after figuring it out its not hard. With the full enclosure up and the back area made in a queen bed it make for a quite a bit of space to use or to get out of the elements, with that said I don't see any of these enclosure especially over time being 100% water and wind tight. As for use we were day boaters it came with the boat so cool, would I go out and buy one no. If I had a slip or did a lot of over nights then maybe, otherwise I think its just more junk to store and be in the way. As a day boater sure I might get caught in a storm, but if its storming out im not going out to begin with, with or without a full enclosure. If your the guy that is a day boater takes it to the launch from weekend to weekend IMO unless very cheap would skip out. Either way maybe just a front piece or front and sides would be enough.
  10. once your alternator dies the battery drains and will kill a motor, even while running your engine requires electricity to keep running. Start basic, check all connections, check batteries.
  11. On newer boats with fuel injected you should have a regular starter battery, and the other being a deep cycle. Ive had older carb boats with not FI and used deep cycle for both
  12. looks to be mainly superficial and with repair and buffing needed. Have no clue but ill say couple grand if its the whole length
  13. what about using an extension?
  14. to be honest harbor freights socket sets are not bad quality especially for the price. I would just buy a set of standard and metric sizes. Maybe the next nut you buy you either use Loctite or get a lock nut. just make sure its stainless.
  15. you might have a point, the bottom rollers hold the most weight I would think cant imagine and inch maybe two would do much. But hey maybe its worthwhile at fabing brackets with bunks. My 265 weighed 5500 dry and was on rollers trailer was rated for 10k though, no real bounce. But loading a 27ft boat with rollers biggest PITA. Your boat is probably the longest that I would like to deal with when it comes to rollers. For the sake of the argument how far do you tow anyways.