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  1. yup mobil 1, don't waste your time with manufactures oil.
  2. youll never regret going bigger. But budget is budget. Ive also stopped buying things for that just in case need once or twice a year.
  3. any stripe you take off specially on something that's had some time is going to show some difference in the fading department. on my 2002 265ssi I took off the stripe in 2015 because it was banged up and it looked silly anyways. After taking it off you could see little difference up close but that was on white. If your taking decals off a colored background, I would expect some difference in coloring.
  4. in my experience there is a screw somewhere. Sometimes you have to look, feel real hard, get underneath etc. usually they don't use a whole lot of them, but there are a few.
  5. True as is now. But it was true 5-10 years ago etc.
  6. without options added and with a trailer I can get that boat to book for over 15k right now, my guess with options I can probably get it close to 20k in book value. So it does matter when using the book to ensure you are adding all the options and doing it correctly as well. Unless you didn't get a trailer with that boat, not sure you bought or sold it for over book. Like I said earlier the book is a guide but does tend to follow the market pretty well specially 10 year old boats or less.
  7. right to each his own, just have to be careful. Remember most insurance will only give you hull value for book as well. So buy that new boat at 120% of book, chip in 20% yourself. Towing that thing home you lose it, automatically lose 20% day one. Not trying to get into what ifs here, in general its just a bad idea to pay over book, although it may have worked out and will probably work out for some.
  8. yup the dipstick is the only way. Typically its an item to check periodically.
  9. NP. I get a new boat I always replace impellers and lube/filters right away unless I can verify otherwise. Not that I don't trust the past people, it just gives me a known point for me to work off of. Depending on age of boat without known history, I would also inspect plugs/wires cap and rotor and replace if necessary
  10. For starters use the correct spec lube in your boat regardless of brand. Second I wouldn't dink with gear lube its cheap enough as it is. I have used quicksilver hi pro in a Volvo drive for multiple years. Engine oil goes back to specs, if its the same spec then by all means. While in warranty I probably use exactly as recommended to avoid issues. But after that I wouldn't touch a MERC or Volvo oil with a ten foot pole. Much better oil for a lot less out there.
  11. Wouldn't say irrelevant as it serves as a good starting point. As a boat ages specially when you get in past 10 years I think you are right there can be more disparity and the book typically likes to shoot low. But here is the thing with book value, almost all buyers on the market will not pay over book for a boat, they just wont, may pay up to book value but not over. So for one why pay over book when you shouldn't or dont have to. Secondly you go to sell your chances are you will sell at or below book. I understand that boating is about spending money, and its not investment but I guess I don't like to needlessly throw money away either. And lastly and this is why I really say book isn't irrelevant. If you use a loan to purchase which in my unscientific opinion is, its probably at least half of us out there. I get lucky as my bank will do 100% of book up to certain age, but I have seen banks only do 75-90% of book value. So if you price above book, you potentially void a lot of buyers. Again buy the best boat your wallet can afford, not saying book is everything, but to not account for it is short sighted.
  12. my only concern with over paying on toys is if you have to resell and in particular have a loan. Paying over book is illogical IMO regardless of how nice. over paying market value may not be a bad idea.
  13. his story seems plausible. I would replace them and go from there. While your there I would just go ahead and replace the impellers as well, that way you have a known point in time for them. They should last 3-5 years.
  14. I just did a nation wide search they were selling from 22-36. Lends me to believe selling price is high 20s low 30s. 33 isn't a terrible starting point, but think id be more around 30. Offering price is hard to because I like to come to a figure before I so survey so I don't waste my money, but its also hard to come to a figure get a survey and then ask for more off or to fix it. Again getting something the cheapest isn't always the biggest concern. By no means do I want to over pay, and people would be crazy to pay over book. But like I said earlier, condition, availability all have a play.
  15. just to what jd said about checking boat trader. Also see what nada says. My 02 265SSI was both bought and sold with less than 300 hours in 2014 and 2016 for less than 25k. My initial without looking is mid 30s seems a tad high, think id be in the 25-30 zone. people that wont dicker at all sort of turn me off unless they have a rock bottom price, which this isn't. But then again, how many of those are around, overall shape, fresh or salt? All of those things matter. Certain boat models are hard to come by. 33k doesn't seem to far out there if it has a trailer and all.