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  1. wouldn't do anything until I run through the HIN number through DMV and see what they have to say.
  2. if you want to snorkel you have to go to lou key (spelling) its off big pine.
  3. good luck. after doing those final checks, I would be apt to stop throwing parts and let some diagnose the issue.
  4. on MPI theres no need for the cocktail, its even debateable to use stabil in the fuel tank. Really no need to remove the props, but if its a Volvo then it might be wise to remove grease and put back on. only reason I would take the props off would be threat of theft where it was stored. A lot of guys do their drive fluid change in the fall which would mean removing the prop anyways at that point you could grease the shaft and put back on. Me I did fluids in the spring, but greased the shaft at the beginning of the year and middle. Do not crack the manifold, doing so will add a lot of work but not really tell you anything. crack the manifold you would then or should replace the gasket. Two basic ways to winterize drain the block using the freezing plugs, or run the engine on pink AF. pick your poison.
  5. kind of would be at a loss, before going any further and checking parts is to have the engine scanned or have somebody look at it. could be something simple. Last thing I could think of to do on your own is to check compression.
  6. like said before I would check all electrical. What about the anti syphon valve at the gas tank. be barbed lookiking connection at the tank that your fuel line goes to, ball valve in there check to see if its stuck, otherwise run the engine off an external gas tank to eliminate the boats tank. Other than that dirty injectors, flame arrestor clean?
  7. nope right there with ya. they sell you a 60-70k truck and say don't you want to protect it and give you piece of mind. Cant fault people, its a big racket if you ask me. that's why I keep them till warranty and dump them, I use that 3-5k I would have spend on an extended warranty and put it on the new one.
  8. I hear ya in your instance it worked out. These plans are a lot like health insurance, up front and brochures they want to advertise this inclusive plan and only pay this amount up front and a few bucks in deductibles, not how it works. And with an extended warranty you are getting new OEM parts most of the time, much like you got. I just know if I were to blow a drive, reman ones probably cost half if not less than new, and its a 30mins to take on and off. Like I said not totally against some of these plans, but if you look at cost and weigh the gamble you can probably come to a better solution or at least acceptance.
  9. see and that is my problem with extended warranties, they have deductibles, only certain rates they cover etc. In your situation if you bring it to a certified dealer everything should be covered from start to finish including the fluid. of course paying 1k instead of 10k is a lot better, but that's how they market it, it should be 0 bucks for you. If you paid for that extended warranty up front say 4-5 grand, you add another grand to it that first fix cost your 5-6k, never use the warranty again you broke even, use the warranty a few times you win a little bit. I would also say when you are determining cost, I could replace a whole drive for probably half to a third of 10k.
  10. if you look at extended plans on most anything they sell them praying off your emotions of a high dollar item and piece of mind. its like man I just spent 60k adding 3k right now just makes sense. In reality extended plans on most anything from a toaster to car piggy back off the original warranty, which could be one year or two years etc. So you buy a 5 year extended, some start right away or most and very few actually start when the original warranty stops. So your paying for double coverage. Secondly these extended warranties usually only cover catastrophic failures or parts that yes are expensive at times but rarely fail. Something like 70-80% of extended warranties never pay out a dime. Over half of best buys profit is from warranties just one example. If they met or exceeded the cost you paid for those warranties they wouldn't be making money or sell them. Now it is a gamble and full disclosure I have bought into extended warranties and have used them, have I ever used them to the point of recouping my original cost or not even half, no. Its a gamble for sure, a gamble the house usually wins. Theres always that guy or knows a guy who had a 100k repair and it saved him, yup its happened, and it helps people sleep at night, sure I guess. Best case scenario most people are just prepaying for maint repairs up front that they really cant accurately predict.
  11. Pb blaster to the nut, and get yourself a wrench that's a foot or two long so you can some torque and or slide a pipe over the wrench. Also with duo props I cant remember which way, but to take them off yo need the shifter either in reverse or forward and the opposite to put them back on. 2x4s can always help.
  12. well said, I would add though a business owner is often a slave to the customer which can be worse than a boss, also a business owner has much more liability to market changes than an average employee. Ive been in business before, like you said its not always what its cracked up to be, but can be very rewarding and sometimes lucrative. And being your own boss is worth something. Starting new business is hard partially like you said the market is unpredictable, so many say why chance it, I also think the risk vs reward is much greater than it used to be. Also a lot of the good ideas or the one off ideas are gone, most people have the options of only doing another car dealer, another building company, its tough.
  13. good info. I think the same thing when I see ketchup at the store. lol
  14. that's what funny 60k isn't that much at least in terms of cost of things. look at cars and trucks. But like i said when everything cost more things get cut and boats are probably top of the list specially in cold climates where you get a 90 day season. When you start talking 50-80k for average boats and people that can probably logically pull that off have to make six figures or better, your available market gets slim
  15. Boating market in general has/is been in decline. Simply put its a luxury activity. And with cost of living being hire and wages staying below cost of living people have to make choices, and luxury items go first. Not to say our economy is going badly right now because its actually doing pretty good, problem being is there just hasn't been a correction yet in terms of pay in comparison to cost of living. Another problem as I have said before is cost of new boats. Your average 20-22ft boat is a 60k or more investment, I do pretty well and at 60k I cant see investing in that.