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  1. 15mph your plowing water and not knowing how to drive that boat. Good cruising speed for just about any boat is between 20-30mph at around 3-3500 depending.
  2. some people get butthurt if there is anything listed even if its in its own section. But the party line is this is a brand specific page ran for free by the brand or Chaparral and that's the way they want it. In other words they want to minimalize content and streamline it, I would also think they don't want to promote selling used boats which hurts their bottom line.
  3. have always done craigs and had good luck, so it was free. But if craigs doesn't get any hits then I would look at the pay sites.
  4. dawn strips waxes and protectants so it shouldn't be used all the time as every time you use it you should re wax etc. But its the best cheap soap out there to clean. usually with the pressure washer I don't even need soap on the carpet, but if I do I drip the soap on, scrub and spray off. For vinyl one the best products out there is the 303 aerospace. Non greasy works great.
  5. could possibly be your swivel pin/shaft leaking water. In order to find out, look where your steering arm comes out of the transom bracket, look in that hole to see if looks like corrosion, next get some people on back of the boat to weigh it down , and look by the steering arm to see if water is coming in. If it is your swivel pin is corrorded and tore the seal. Have to google the JR marine fix and get the parts for the fix. Or the traditional way to fix it is to remove the engine.
  6. probably get a million answers. But for exterior I always wash in the spring with dawn dish soap, very nice mild cleaner that degreases and works really well. I pull carperts and even do the inside. Once that is done polish/ wax as needed. Carpets I have found the easiest way in the world. Take them out if there is trouble spots I use a brush with dish soap again. Once scrubbed I used a pressure washer on the carpets in the driveway, 90% of the time don't even really need soap and they come out looking like new.
  7. that's a 10k boat all day long, nothing less or more.
  8. What kind of products do matter. A pure polish usually doesn't have any protecting power, a polish is used usually to remove grime, swirl marks, fine marks ets, it usually doesn't leave anything behind. Wax leaves a small amount of film that protects the finish. But like I said any wax that you and are buying isn't lasting more than a month or two specially on a boat. My regime usually consists of using like a mequires cleaner wax, so it has a little polish and wax, does a little both. Then I use spray detailer after every use as it takes 10 mins, it removes water spots and also applies a wax to it. Every other year or so, I use a polish like nufinish first to really get the finish back. Just really have to look at the products and understand the half life of them, and what each actually does. There are some designer waxes and polishes out there have some wonderful claims. But the stuff that most of us are buying at the store, one kind really isn't any better than other, sure some work easier etc, but in general buying wax at the store is like buying gas.
  9. I'm not saying your wrong in what you do. Wax its self protects the finish, its not necessarily a shine agent. So what you are doing by waxing is protecting your finish and what you are seeing is a well cared for finish, not the wax. The average wax being used on a boat is not lasting but weeks maybe a month just isn't, but what you are doing is enough to protect the finish. So again not saying your wrong, I wax my boat once for a 3-4 month season and I use the side to pluck hair off my face. My point was wax simply doesn't last more than a few months at ideal conditions, meaning its not staying on the finish.
  10. have to be careful with agreed value, its not always forever and ever. SOme guys think well I got this agreed value policy on a 20 year old boat that Ive had since new. Insurance is smarter than that. The few Ive had have actually depreciated the value from year or to year. Or if you look in the fine print after so many years they reserve the right to depreciate it at pay out etc. Its doubtful you ensure a 50k boat in 2000, crash it in 2020 and think you will get all 50k Agreed value also cost more, but its worth it.
  11. you talking mainly the twin cities area, or is this state wide. I know like the state of NY. about a 2 hour radius from NYC its nuts. But the rest of state has its areas for sure, but in general its not all to bad besides being stripped by crazy taxes at every turn,
  12. crazy got to wonder what the driver is? Typicaly cost is driven by demand, uniqueness or because they can think NYC or Beverly hills, or lastly its hard to get items say like Alaska or Hawaii. I'm sure theres areas that fit some of those in minny, but overall I don't see any of these being that prominent in that state. Unless were just dealing with rich people problems and isolated to certain areas. Interesting though.
  13. yeah east cost and west coat crazy. Cousin lives in Cali makes double to triple what we do at multiple six figures, and house and asset wise actually has less. Crazy the disparity. A 500k home around here is netting you something probably in the 4-5k sq foot range, along with an out building, property etc. Heck I went to NYC a month ago. Parking my truck for 3 hours 80 bucks, one pizza $50 dollars, two drinks at the bar $30. Back here at home, could have had two pizzas, gotten smoked and still saved money compared to NYC.
  14. well more house will be more money and where you live and history is also a factor. Around here 4k is probably insuring a half a million dollar home or better.
  15. Insurance is needed, but it is racket as well. In certain terms you should be able to take risk if you desire but states have forced you to have insurance regardless. Whats also driven the need and cost for insurance is the willingness for courts to allow for liability in such a manner, courts and lawyers have in a sense created a cottage industry out of it. I would consider our family to be average in insurance needs, one house, a few toys, couple cars, life, etc. and we pay probably 4-5k a year for total insurance, add that up for 20-30 years. insane