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  1. soldier4402

    Used Chaparral Sunesta

    I would cast a widenet, last boat I had was a 265SSI, and I made the mistake of zeroing in on that model. While it was a good boat, after seeing other models out there from other brands I think there were other boats that would have been better or the same as the Chap. For what its worth I think chap has some pretty good stuff, and is very solid, but I don't think they are the best either by any means. Don't limit yourself to brand or even years. More often then not I have seen 10 year old boats look nicer than 2 year old boats.
  2. soldier4402

    Did I get the wrong pink antifreeze?

    well said. and ratings are also are somewhat misleading, the stuff turns to slush at some point anyways, realistically you need x amount of water in y space, then expansion than blown engine. As far as I know there is no method that provides 100% water extraction from the system. Drain or muff method, -50, -100(waste of cash IMO like you) is a cheap $20 to ensure what actual water does exist doesn't completely freeze. As I said before most blocks blowing are from people actually not winterizing at all.
  3. soldier4402

    PSA: Buy the correct batteries for your boat!

    Rotating in series would make absolutely no sense, in this case I still think you might be wasting your time. One factor for batteries going bad frankly is just time, used or not used. Deep cycle batteries like to be used so rotating them may make some sense. But given sams/Costco batteries cost about 70 bucks and last me at last 5 years, which technically that's about the life of any battery anyways, or least reliable life span, rotating periodically I just don't see where the effort provides any reward unless some data or studies show it. Maybe swapping year to year but in general going to chalk this up in the wives tales column
  4. Chap does seem to have a lot of QC issues from reading this board as well as others. Also reality is things are made cheaper and sold for more. I had more hairline cracks on my 02 chap then I did a 93 crown and a 91 fountain, boats were just made better back then, short of the use of wood. Some manufactures might be better than others, and environmental conditions and how that batch of gel coat was mixed on that given day might determine different outcomes. But on a 5 year old boat to have some hairline cracks is not totally out of this world, just part of the game. Chap is a nice line, but in general is no cobalt, formula, etc, just isn't and price alone reflects that.
  5. soldier4402

    Advice on Battery Charger for winter trickling?

    The trickle thing IMO is a waste of time. Top the batteries off with water if they aren't maint free, give them a good charge and disconnect, if you want to remove from the boat and set on wood in garage or basement. Batteries are an every 5 year thing anyways.
  6. soldier4402

    Did I get the wrong pink antifreeze?

    nah to easy with muffs, those that screw it up screw up the other ways too. Most engines grenade from the mere fact of doing absolutely nothing.
  7. soldier4402

    Did I get the wrong pink antifreeze?

    yeah not hard run till the gauge stops, really not risky if your paying attention. Either going to be 160 or 180, might be 140. Have to look it up. Run it to temp, run 4-5 gallons, whole engine is hit with antifreeze from the bottom up, no question of residual water that you didn't drain or forgot to put it down the right hose. To each their own, a few ways to do it right.
  8. soldier4402

    Did I get the wrong pink antifreeze?

    Ive always ran the engine to temp, have to wait till thermos pops, then rand 4-5 gallons. I liked it this way because that ensure everything from the bottom to the top and down was flushed with pink, as long as the thermos pops you really cant go wrong.
  9. soldier4402

    Did I get the wrong pink antifreeze?

    great layout of things. Going all the way back weve used the pink on probably 6 different boats and never an issue, impellers get replaced every two years anyways. But we don't leave that stuff in there for more than 5-6 months at a whack.
  10. soldier4402

    Did I get the wrong pink antifreeze?

    have always used the Walmart brand which is to negative 50 for 10 years in multiple RVs and boats with no issues. Always use the pink RV stuff, never the green or orange auto stuff.
  11. soldier4402

    Personal Property Tax in Virginia

    the 50% thing really isn't true, that was a political twist. The 53% deal was a Romney throw out, but what that really means is 50% do not owe taxes at tax time, but they still had taxes taken out of their pay roll. While true some got back more than they paid(wrong), most research indicates roughly 20-25% do not pay any taxes at all. Part of the problem if you ask me is political figures throwing this crap out and then it catches fire. When you look at the totality things really aren't that bad, is it a mess somewhat, probably. Even the national debt is embellished, about a third of the national debt is all current federal employees to include the military's retirement. So you could have a federal employee month one on the job and his/her projected retirements earnings of say 500k is thrown on the debt pile even though that debt wont realize for another 35 years, post office did the same thing except they actually have to pay that bill now, hence the troubles they are in. Guess what I am getting at is a lot of it is accounting procedures and how data is politicized As for taxes they are needed and I am happy to pay them to an extent. We enjoy a nice income but not rich, but between income and property taxes we easily pay 30-40k a year add in sales tax, my guess is we pay roughly 50k a year. Just get tired of them asking for more. My solution to this is a flat 10% income tax, no deductions nothing, models actually show more money taken in and savings by trimming the staff at the IRS. Realistically better accounting, being more efficient and finding ways to combat waste and abuse would probably solve at least 50% of the issue without changing taxes or entitlements.
  12. soldier4402

    Winter Storage Options

    ive had both that cover and don't. For the same money id get one to cover the swim deck. Keeps the sun, rain, snow etc off the fiberglass
  13. soldier4402

    Trailer mover-could be useful in tight places

    we have some at work that are only like 300 bucks and battery powered. Also see guys put hitches on wheelers and yes even golf carts to do small movements.
  14. soldier4402

    Boat cleaning/waxing questions

    Actually I love Dawn the stuff works better than any soap ive ever found and on top of it, its cheap. With that said it does strip wax and such, but for that's the whole point. I use dawn dish soap on everything the first wash of the year in the spring after winters. Gets everything off. After that I wax the vehicle or boat, and use made for boat or car wash.
  15. soldier4402

    Boat cleaning/waxing questions

    yup looked on amazon the marine formula is for the hull, vinyl, carbon fiber, plastic etc.