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    You can try cecil marine and maybe get lucky or try ebay. factory set is about 3-400 bucks. Best bet is probably going to be to leave it or take it to a local shop to recreate.
  2. had fuel issues on my GXI here are some things to check. Is the Fuel pressure regulator bad, its a round thing next to the throttle body on the right, take the clip off and pull it off, if there is screen it might be clogged, if it is clean it. Next Check the IAC. Lastly get a fuel pressure tester, on the GXI there is a nipple on the pump and on top on the rail. The pump pressure should be like around 10 if I remember right, the high side should be like 52-60 at idle. Hatem might be onto something, but theres a good chance the injectors just weren't the problem.
  3. great lakes skipper, cecil marine, amazon, ebay.
  4. 3 years ago I got lucky and got graphics for an 02 265ssi. After talking to Cecil they only make these things for like 5-7 years after they are made, I got lucky as they just happened to have one. Chances are you wont find the graphics and will have to go without or have a local sign shop recreate it or make something different.
  5. I'm not one to judge and who knows the situation. With that said it happens all the time with 3-400k houses by both people that have money and those that dont. What I have come to find out is frankly some people don't care and some people have more money than sense.
  6. - AC would clean real well and try again - Generator probably going to have call somebody -gauges I would pull a few off and check them for corrosion and check all breakers, and lastly follow the wires all the way back to the engine checking connections and for corrosion. Could try replacing one gauge but chances are they don't all work its not gauges. For fuel and trim. Trim is probably the black puck on the out drive, cheap part to replace, fuel might be the sender in the tank. -Seats if they are that bad find a local shop to give you new skins, local shops usually
  7. One piece of advice, never have the seller provide the survey and if they are paying for it you pick the surveyor. Either of these scenarios give you very little recourse Second off these boats even with 525s would act properly, if you truly want performance get a performance boat, I'm telling you from first hand experience.
  8. if the current drive has two props its either a merc bravo 3 or Volvo Duo prop. If that's what you mean by two props as in two props stacked on top of each other and they counter rotate. If that's the case you cant just switch the prop the whole drive has to be replaced, the drive is the black or grey part that sticks out the back of the boat. New Drives to do this would probably cost you close to $10,000 US. Maybe you could find used parts to make the conversion. I'm not necessarily sold on Bravo 3s myself, and could see converting to a Bravo one maybe, but even then doesn't really
  9. Ive had fountains and chaps, and I get the allure of the sporty family boat, but if you want performance you need to get a performance boat or go to something smaller. A 25-27ft boat that weighs 5-7k with a deep V just simply isn't going to be performance.
  10. Yeah I don't see 60 either. MY 265SSi weighed 1500-2k less and had 325 hp and I barely saw 50 myself. As far as price your paying right at book or more, IMVHO I would never entertain paying anything over 10% less than book at a minimum, due to financing and eventually on resale most buyers wont pay me book in return. But with that said rare models that are hard to find that can all go out the window. These pocket cruisers are nice boats though, I considered my 265SSi one, loved it because it had better lines and looked more sporty, but they meshed a cuddy, bow rider, and cruiser all i
  11. Try BBlades.com. But yeah anything performance your going to want to get baseline and work from there
  12. I have boated the great lakes and its tributary's (Michigan and NY) for 25 years and can say its probably the best boating on earth. Lake Michigan, Surperior, Huron, Ontario, St Lawrence river, pictured rocks, north channel, etc. Lake Erie does kind of suck though. One other place is Torch lake in northern michigan
  13. if your looking for performance help I would suggest trying offshoreonly.com. Much better site for that.
  14. My advice is this, when making large purchases get what you want up front, given it fits your budget. Once you set a budget on specially on something big, stay within that budget but don't cheap or skimp get what you want otherwise it will cost you more money later and possibly regret. But with that said it's important to define what you NEED first and then define what you want in two separate columns, sometimes buying more than what you need and or want can be just a regretful and theres nothing wrong with saving money either. Also when people buy homes, boats, cars, they often times
  15. Always run them at max sidewall. A few truckers buddys have always said that's what you do, and it worked for me.
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