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  1. I was just in the trunk the other day on my boat after a heavy rain and all the ropes inside were wet. The trunk cavity is open to the bilge on one side and the crappy fiberglass joint on the other side was all wet on the underside, so I know water was dripping through the joint into the bilge. The underside of the trunk lid has black streaks all over it, so this has probably been going on since day one. I think your trunk is like mine on my 215SSI, so if it is, it could be something to consider.
  2. Excellent, Thanks. Yes, the video is extremely informative, will definitely watch a couple more times, just to make sure I get it.
  3. Can you post a pic of the bars installed? I've been thinking about adding handles for this same reason but haven't figured out a good way to mount them. I didn't want them to be permanent as they would be a trip hazard. This looks like it might be the trick.
  4. I used a small drill bit and just spun it with my fingers. It had a bunch of soft gunk in it when I bought it as the previous owner kept it in the water. Just a heads up. This speedo hole goes to a tube that runs all the way up under your dash panel. If this line comes off the back of your speedometer, while under way, water will squirt all over your electrical equipment inside your dash. If you don't notice it right away you could end up with a lot of water in your lower hull. I know someone who almost sunk there boat because of this.
  5. On my ski locker hatch I have this strut. It should be the same as yours. Pic attached below. Numbers on my strut are: 5234RC 0180N 151/07 B 15 ML33 - 40 Master Lift cecilmarineonline.com has a lot of Chap parts. If you select hardware there a few to chose from, but I can't tell which one is for the ski locker.
  6. We took our boat to Holland MI a few weeks back. Stayed at the Hampton Inn Holland for about 2hundy a night. Beautiful Hotel. Anyway, we met my sisters family there, they are very familiar with the area and we launched on Lake Macatawa. The lake is huge but I don't know any good anchor spots as we just ran up and down it and didn't see any groups of boats anchored. You could easily spend the day on this lake if the big one was choppy. It was a very calm day so we went out to Lake Michigan and went down the shore to South Haven. A little bit south of Lake Macatawa's inlet, my sister pointed out a bunch of boats beached on the shore of Lake Michigan and said that the property was owned by Dick Devos, Amway owner and former Presidential candidate. She said he allows anyone to beach, hang out, bar-b-que and camp out on his property. I can get you a precise location if you are interested. We continued down to South Haven and paid around 20 to dock for 3 hours at the Municipal dock and walked around downtown for a couple hours. We had lunch, gassed up and went back to Holland. You could make it down to South Haven from Holland in a little over an hour if you cruised continually. I was also considering going up to Grand Haven which is a bigger more developed city but for some reason we went South Haven. So you could camp out at Devoss beach and do some cruising if the weather forecast was really good. Hope this helps.
  7. There's another good thread to read titled "New to Chaparral, questions about my 2004 215 SSI" in which Ric talks more about prop selection and smart tabs. Wish I had found these threads before I started buying props.
  8. Update: I have since realized one of my plugs is fouled out. Compression test was good. All between 153 and 160. This has definitely put into question all of my prop observations. Well, With 5 adults and one child with the Rev 4 14.65 X 19" pitch, it took a loooooooooong time to get on plane. I think it had a harder time with this prop than the original (the one that was on my boat, when I bought the boat used) stock aluminum 14.5 X 20" pitch. We also had a lot of gear on board as we were going out for the whole day, so the boat was really loaded down. I would go WOT and the engine would rev up to 3000rpm with the bow aimed up and it would just plow through the water. It would slowly gain speed and that would allow the bow to drop which would then allow the bout to gain speed and so on. This took 5 to 8 minutes to get the boat on plane. It sucked. So the Rev 4 17" pitch is too low and Rev 4 19" pitch is too high. They don't make a Rev 4 18". Crap! I plan on going out on my own one day this week and run it WOT and see how it performs before I return it. I searched and found an older thread titled "New 215 SSI Prop" and in it Ric said he has the same boat and the best thing to do is leave the stock prop on it which is a 3 blade 21 pitch and install smart tabs. He says all your problems will go away. UPDATE: I put Smart tabs on and took it out with the Rev 4 19" pitch. At WOT I was doing 38mph on speedo and turning 4000rpm. This prop is getting returned. The boat now stays flat and planes quick, I think the smart tabs are pretty smart! RECAP: 215 SSI 5.0L TKS (220hp) Alpa 1 gen 2 1.62 ratio Original prop - Alpha 4 14.5" X 20" pitch - worked good until boat was loaded, then it could barely plane. Prop 2 - Revolution 4 SS 14.5" X 17" pitch - Great prop, Excellent low end, way too low of a pitch because at 3/4 throttle I was pushing 4800rpm's. Prop 3 - Revolution 4 SS 14.5 X 19" pitch - My motor struggles to turn this prop, WOT gives me 38mph and 4000rpm's. I wish they made an 18" version of this prop. I've heard that the 19 Vensura works great on this boat but I am gunshy now. I don't want to keep buying and returning props.
  9. My boat is a 2008 215 SSI. It has a 5.0L (220 HP) carbureted Mercruiser engine with the Alpha 1 drive 1.62 ratio. It just bought the boat last fall and it came with a Aluminum Mercury Alpha 4 blade 20 pitch (WOT 4600rpm, 45mph) . With 5 adults and one child the boat struggled to get on plane. I later got the guys up front and the girls in back and that helped. So a couple of weeks ago I used the Mercury Marine prop selector, put in my boat specs and 1000lbs of additional passenger and gear load and told it that low end was more important than the other aspects. One of the options it gave me was the Revolution 4 blade Stainless steel 14.625" X 17" pitch RH. Info on the prop said that the severe cupping on the blades make it act like one pitch up and the diameter was bigger than the current prop so it seemed like a logical choice. I bought it and it is way too low of a pitch (3/4 throttle, 4800rpm, 33mph). I love everything else about the prop and the way the boat now drives and handles. It no longer slaps the waves, it seems to float across them. The prop hooks up so well it resists the force of the waves that tend to push the boat around. The boat now rides like a bigger boat. DOWNSIDE is that the pitch is way too low and the top speed went from 45mph to 33 mph at 3/4 throttle. I am only able to go 3/4 throttle while up on plane because that puts me at 4800 rpm. I am returning the prop and getting the exact same one with a 19 pitch. Revolution 4 SS 14.625" X 19 pitch RH. It is supposed to arrive tomorrow (it did, and it's on) and we are going boating on Sunday. I will let you know how it goes. I would like to suggest that everyone puts their prop info in their signature as prop selection seems to be such a common topic.
  10. I'm just getting ready to order the decal. We're naming ours SOULSHINE because it really makes my soul shine when I'm cruising on the water with my family and it was my nephews favorite song before he passed away.
  11. I'm just getting ready to order the decal. We're naming ours SOULSHINE because it really makes my soul shine when I'm cruising on the water with my family and it was my nephews favorite song before he passed away.
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