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  1. Bellingham makes more sense...... The currents aren't as bad as what you would think. If you need to go thru a tight spot or into a marina that will have a current going by, just watch the tide and go on the slack (when the water isn't moving). Deception pass is really beautiful. The tides/current/whirlpools add to it all. Absolutely no problem with a power boat. Can get iffy in a sail boat going against the tide. Weather in June will still have occasional rain/windy days, but nothing horrible. You can always hide on the leeward side of the islands if it blows. July and August will be awesome, but CROWDED.... There are a ton of cool books out there about cruising the San Juans that you might look for. Lots of blogs out there with current info. Bring your passport and head up to Canada for a day or two as well.
  2. not sure why you would start in Bellevue unless you want to start in Lake Washington and go thru the locks. You are going to find it very difficult to find long term parking as well. Check out the Port of Edmonds with their hoist and own parking lot, or head right up to Anacortes where they have 2 marinas with hoists. If you leave Edmonds, make one direction a trip thru deception pass. Narrow and tides are ripping like a large river, but very pretty. That will lead you out to the islands for hopping around. Make sure you visit Orcas Island and Friday Harbor for touristy visits, but get out to the uninhabited islands like Sucia, jones Island and stewart Island. Lots of cool places to moor, maybe get dock space (look for reservations on the state websites, it gets busy up here). Have good charts and watch for shallow rocks and bars. Tides will change by 10 feet or so twice a day.
  3. I now have a 2015 Chaparral 243 Vortex with twin 200'"s. we came from a 2001 235 SSI with a 7.4l, bravo 3. I chose the jet drive because of the ability to do everything. wakeboard, tube, surf, crabbing in the sound, carefully run up the river. So far, I am very happy with my purchase. I put on thrust vectors from JBP and my idle control is amazing. You will slide a bit more with no outdrive acting as a rudder, but you get used to it. Reverse is opposite to a Yamaha jet or outdrive, but you get used to that as well. With the jet and buckets, I can spin mine in circles at the dock which is very nice. Mine pulls a slight amount when pulling someone, but nothing horrible. Most of the boats have a computer with numerous settings that control takeoff speed and tow speed. I set mine at 3 for normal weight people and a set speed, hit the throttle to the stops and the computer does the rest. VERY smooth. The BRP package in the Chap and the Scarab electronically control the RPM's/thrust to keep from porpoising. Hammer down and it launches out of the water twice as hard as the bigblock and is very stable. Mine is very good in rough water even being 1500 lbs lighter than the 235 SSI. If it gets to pounding to bad, just pull back the throttle and it will bring the nose up and plow a bit. You need to go demo a few boats on crappy days and see how comfortable YOU are. We all have a different comfort level..............
  4. adam72

    Trim Switch Control

    If its the switch, I have one for the quicksilver throttle and I will get it to you for less than its on amazon..... PM me and we can see if it will work for you. There are a few you tube videos showing the swap, it doesn't look to bad. I bought a switch and ended up finding a corroded connector.
  5. I have a 2015 and I have the flush silver buttons.
  6. The ASP platform can be added. Some have had it done at a dealer for approx. 1500 deer. Some dealers might not tackle the job, go ask. I have a 243 with no ASP and have decided that it is not worth the price. I will be putting the deer towards more ballast and other wake shaper devices. The ballast can be added very easily. Take some measurements of the space you want to fill up and order some fat sacs. What gets expensive is trying to hook up all the mounted pumps, hoses and thru-hulls to get the water in/out. Best to get a portable tsunami pump and figure out what ballast setup works best for you before spending more. What I have figured out is add more weight. Displacement makes a bigger wave. I am nearing 3000lbs of ballast.....
  7. adam72

    Vortex 243

    I just read somewhere that someone was at Tahoe with a vortex and was getting up to 41 or so top speed. Not sure if it was 200's or 250's. If you are up there at all times, I would talk to a rotax person and see if it can be re-tuned for the high elevation.
  8. Yes. You close the pass thru door and the cushion fits in the spot in front of the door. we never used it, so I don't know how comfortable it is.
  9. Our 2001 235 SSI decided to jump off the trailer and drive down the hwy and I have a few things in the garage that I don't need anymore. Can't use it on the new Vortex.... Cuddy filler cushions walkthrough seat cushion all factory camper canvas parts except for the bimini top and extension. Westland sunbrella cover that was modified for a Samson edge tower. (1300 deer into this cover....) belt, filters, oil, impeller for a 7.4l Merc Its all free to forum member.
  10. I had Nauticus SX Smart Tabs on my 235 SSI and I loved them. Got them for the same reason, wakeboarding. They were an inexpensive option and did the job. No switches, wiring or adjusting them. I could let my wife and kid drive and not worry about them. Very good customer service as well.
  11. take that dry weight for the boat and add ALL fluid up (gas, oil, outdrive fluid, shower water tank) and all your gear normally in the boat (include extra electronics, tower racks.....) and bump 10% for good measure and you should be just about on. I did this with my old 235 SSI and was within 300lbs of the scale weight on the hoist at the marina. Remember, everyone is going to get a different weight due to many factors. Person spraying the fiberglass, person doing any rework in the hull, different items in the boat. Best is to scale your set-up. As a CDL holder and former heavy haul driver, weigh it yourself and don't trust ANYONE........ "yeaa, that excavator only weighs 50,000, not a pound over...." come to find out it was 68,000.............. could have been a huge ticket or bridge collapse.........
  12. OOOH, missed that one Brick...... Its the NAV/Anchor light. Left hand switch panel. Up is the white up top with red/green on bow and down is white only (anchor).
  13. Its an Attwood LED Waketower All around light #5580. I don't think you can change the LED bulb. Probably have to change the whole assy. Hope the factory left enough wire in the tower to do it. stick a screwdriver in the little slot between the light assy and base and pop it up to reveal the wires and mount screws. https://www.amazon.com/Attwood-LED-Waketower-All-5580A7/dp/B00H88BJIE
  14. I have a 243 vortex VR and we are getting surfing figured out. I have been told to not waste money on adding the ASP, but to invest in more ballast. We have been able to surf pretty well with all 3 stock bags full, people on the surf side and a slight turn that direction. I will be adding another 1000lbs of ballast in the ski locker and bow as well as making a wedge that will fit the hull. I know i am not going to get a competition wave, but we are having fun.
  15. I used the Yeti strap kit before i did the Seadek. I made them wide enough to fit both the lake cooler and the crabbing cooler depending on where we are going. Makes a great seat for us putting on the wakeboards.
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