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  1. Sold my Chaparral, propset has about 30 hours on it never been damaged $900 + $45 to ship
  2. If anyone is looking for a Hill Marine 24 pitch 4 by Four message me. I have a slightly used set.
  3. botrdav


    Thanks a very good solution.
  4. botrdav


    I have not washed them yet. I do have the tool to install the snap to the carpet which I have replaced with snaps from the dealer where I purchased and the snaps are right from Chaparral. The snaps in the floor are pop riveted in place which the problem is as from being pulled out from the wind the hole has been bored a bit.
  5. botrdav


    Yes there is a clear plastic strip on the top ( carpet side ) snap.
  6. botrdav


    The snaps that I have been replacing are the same ones that Chaparral as someone from the dealership shipped me a bunch of them which told me that it must be an issue on other boats.
  7. botrdav


    I have a 246 SSI which is only 3 years old now. We ordered the boat with the optional grass weave carpeting. Since the second season I have been replacing the snaps on the piece of carpet that is furthest in the back of the boat. Yesterday we took the boat and while driving the piece of carpet almost left the boat as it was only being held in place with one snap. I took the carpet off the snap and we were thinking of how to secure the carpet as the snaps are failing. I call Reeds where we purchased it and they want me to send them a few photos to check if it may be a warranty issue. My questio
  8. Rooster tail very common on bassboats and high performance boats where the motors are mounted a bit higher. What happens when trimmed out too high one blade will leave water then slap the water and cause the tail in turn you usually lose top end speed but it looks cool.
  9. My opinion is to go with the tow mirrors as you will actually have 2 mirrors on each side with the curved mirror being lower and when you power the mirrors out then you will see the difference you see so much more. I tried both mirrors and am very glad we chose the trailer mirrors.
  10. We have had our 2016 Lariat F 150 for about a month now and we love it. I think it will pull 12,200 # but I am just pulling about half with ease. Make sure you get the larger trailering mirrors that extend out further and fold remotely really helps when going through a drive through. The backup assist is great, tow haul mode is an asset. I was shocked to see how much power the 3.5 has.
  11. botrdav

    New Props

    We have the 246SSI With the Merc 350 Mag 300 hp and Bravo 3 drive with the 4 / 3 prop set at 24 pitch. Top speed with 2 adults and a full tank is 50.8 on gps and 5000 to 5100 rpm. With a few conversations with Hill owner and son they suggest to stay with the 24 pitch. They state with the merc set the first prop makes too much bubbles which makes the back prop to slip too much and it loses push. If anyone is interested they have 10% off props until the 12th.
  12. botrdav

    New Props

    I just ordered a prop set from Hill Marine the Bravo 3 Four x 4 can't wait to try them out. Present set oem Merc set would not let me trim up to a 1/4 up without bumping the rev limiter.
  13. Actually we have the 246SSI. We love the truck, we went to order a XLT and wound up with a loaded up Lariat but no complaints this thing has everything. I pulled our boat out of heated storage and at 30 degrees I think the boat was a bit mad at me. I honestly can't believe that a V6 can pull that boat without breaking a sweat it is rated at 12,200 and we are at about half that. Up hill from a stop no problem it is like there was no boat behind me. And the pro trailer backup assist is the eighth wonder of the world. After going through the 10 minute measurements and calibrations you put it in r
  14. My last boat was a 23 foot Interceptor from Caravelle with a 496 equipped with captains call. when open they were very loud, when I would start it up at the launch everyone would look to see where that tone came from. I drove the same boat with a 350 with same exhaust and the tone was not there. If you don't have a big block the exhaust sound is not there. Some people will like the sound of a 350 with open exhaust until you go by a big block. These are just my thoughts I could have ordered our 246 with the exhaust but after having the big block tone there is no comparison. Again just my thoug
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