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  1. rreale

    Can I tow it? PLEASE HELP

    With the weight of the trailer, you will most likely be over capacity. occasional short distances may be ok. make sure the trailer brakes work, lots of times they dont. if that boat has a big block, add another 200 lbs. if you have a tranny problem and you try to warranty it, it may not be covered if they find out.
  2. rreale

    VP DP- s banging/clanking

    First time driving the boat in 3 weeks today. After cruising at 3k rpm for 15 minutes, a clanking/banging sound develops. with hatch open it sounds like its coming from the outdrive below the water line. The noise doesnt have a regular patter. clank pause clank, or clank clank long pause clank. couldn't find anything that attached to boat (rope, trees, other debris). limped back to port. when you cruise under 1k rpm there is no clank, go above 1 k and the clank comes back. 2006 chap 255 8.1 (375hp) DP-S 340 hours any ideas ok to drive under 1k?
  3. rreale

    New trailer advice please

    that would be alot of gear. 6300 is more than enough. BUT, if you think there is a good possibility that you good upgrade in size in a few years, then get the bigger one. that way you would only be in the market for a boat and not both
  4. rreale

    Hull Cleaning

    Acid based work well. it burns when you get it in yours or any open cuts you may have. I usually try to wipe it off when i pull it out of the lake in the fall. But you need to do it quick , before it drys on.
  5. rreale

    Engine turns over but will not start

    Check the kill again. disconnect it and reconnect it. move shifter forwared and reverse a couple of times. make sure it hard clicks into neutral....seen it work before
  6. rreale

    JBL head unit upgrade: update

    The MR16 does https://prospecelectronics.com/pub/media/wysiwyg/manuals/MR16.pdf
  7. rreale

    JBL head unit upgrade: update

    i bought this one https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Milennia-Marine-Bluetooth-adaptor-MILBTREC-/142367095342 you will need 2 free AUX ports on the back of your stereo. and make sure the "switched" power wire,usually the red one as a power source.
  8. rreale

    Nasty Sewer Smell - Jabsco Manual Pump Head

    Some people in this forum have added a charcoal filter https://www.amazon.com/Marine-Holding-Filter-Replacement-SaniGard/dp/B00QXF3YP4 you would have to cut the vent line and instert it. I just add 2 or 3 ounces of the blue stuff, and it seems to work for me. My boat didnt come with a charcoal filter, i doubt yours did either
  9. rreale

    JBL head unit upgrade: update

    If you just want bluetooth. you can add a bluetooth dongle. Clarion and Kenwood make marine stereos, but the remotes are proprietary and most likely a different size and shape of your existing remotes.
  10. rreale

    power steering pump line cap

    I need Part number 2 above. The name of the part is "cap" part 3 is a hose clamp. mine is leaking, i tightened the clamp but that didnt help. appears to be a 1 inch long pvc hose that is sealed off at the end. any ideas where i can find that? thx.
  11. rreale

    Beginner Advice - 1992 Chaparral 2200SLC

    For a 27 year old boat it looks nice, from the one pic. Have your shop go over it good. check compression, vibration, bellows, look for leaks, etc etc. Make sure they check the trailer (frame, brakes, electrical). If you buy it and then the engine goes... it may not be worth fixing. good luck.
  12. rreale

    2018 chevy traverse

    ON the build and price configurator, you need to order the "trailering equipment" option, which forces you to choose "heavy duty cooling". there is probably a package, like "High Country" that includes both and more. if you click the "i" for info on the trailering equipment option, you will see 5000 lbs towing capacity . you can go to traverseforum.com and read comments from other traverse owners about towing
  13. rreale

    2018 chevy traverse

    3100 lb boat, 1000 lb (probably less) trailer 500 lbs gas and gear. i would try it. hopefully you don't tow that far. not gonna win any races
  14. rreale

    Grilling at the dock?

    I dont recall seeing a marina on my lake, allowing grilling at the dock. Away from the dock .. i see that all the time. grilling on a boat while on the hook in a bay...i see that alot. But If i owned that marina, I would say NO WAY. something goes wrong there will be lawsuits flying everywhere.
  15. rreale

    Can I use a home Depot faucet