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  1. rreale

    Need to sale

    Good Luck. keep in mind its 23-24 years old.
  2. rreale

    Need to sale

    12-8= 4. that is an unrealistic value for a used or new trailer. Alot depends on condition, i dont see you getting more than 7 for both, on the high end.. Check NADA and boattrader.com, to get an idea Good Luck
  3. rreale

    Changing water impellers on Volvos 5.0L GXI

    the lube is to provide initial lubrication prior to the water getting to the impeller. After the water gets into the housing, the water will provide the lubrication.
  4. rreale

    Changing water impellers on Volvos 5.0L GXI

    I did my 8.1 volvo Penta, while boat was in water. Use a zip tie to compress the fins of the impeller, then cut the tie once its in the housing.
  5. rreale

    New owner

    Go over with a fine tooth comb. Note anything (scratches, scrapes, missing snaps, etc. anything) that doesnt look right. take pics. Yes, check the batteries date code, they could be 3 years old(thats about life expectancy for a marine battery). If the battery fails after you buy, i doubt the warranty covers batteries.
  6. rreale

    Anyone else suffering this years bad allergies ?

    I am near Albany, NY and tree pollens is high currently. I have had luck using Claritin the cheaper generic is loratadine.
  7. rreale

    2005 256 SSI Summerization

    how hard was it to change the plugs? i think the ones in my 2006 255 are original. let me know if you need special tools, i just have basics.
  8. rreale

    H20 center bow cushion

  9. rreale

    H20 center bow cushion

    there is a black and white one on ebay. might be cheaper for your local upholstery shop to make you one.
  10. rreale

    leaking waste holding tank

    this thread should be helpful:
  11. rreale

    Audio System Problem

    here is a link to a MR17 troubleshooting guide, the website also has the manual too. But, the radio is 13 years old. if you replace it, you will need new remotes too. https://prospecelectronics.com/pub/media/wysiwyg/pdf/JBLMR17.pdf
  12. rreale

    leaking waste holding tank

    there has to be access to a waste holding tank. i believe the panel in the bathroom is removable( if you think it may be behind there, i am not sure tho)
  13. rreale

    Audio System Problem

    you probably have an amp. check behind the cabin or cockpit sink. my old MR17 had an amp in my 255, and all speakers worked off the amp. did you try another source on the radio (ie. FM, Am, CD, xm).
  14. rreale

    2010 Chaparral 275 SSI

    Not a steal, but i guess its a good price. it appears you are around book maybe a little above. BUT, those boats are so rare.. and when the supply and demand rule takes affect, you are not going to find any great deals on them. trailer is probably worth 5k. I bought my 255ssi from a dealer 4 years ago and i only had to put $500 down. My sale was contingent on a survey. they found stuff during the survey. the owner fixed everything and payed for the repairs. If you are getting a survey, get ahold of the guy now. he would probably want to look at it while its out of the water.
  15. rreale

    Trailer tire pressure

    I have ST225/75 tires. i inflate them to 65 psi cold. which is also what the sticker says. When they are low on pressure its harder to pull the boat