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  1. using electricity to make heat is very $$$$$$$. Luckily your home with the heat pump is further south and doesn't have the expensive electricity costs that NY does. My utility bill for january was pretty high , this year
  2. if all you need is the cable. just go to the bike section at walmarts (or a bicycle store). from the pic you posted that looks like a bicycle brake cable, with a "barrel" end. there are different ends nowadays. take the cable with you, so you can ensure the right end and gauge. if you have to cut it to length, be careful not to fray it
  3. 20% plus your deductible
  4. i have bought from there before. i looked at cecil marine, he had a listing for the item but it says he doesnt stock it anymore this website might have it https://greatlakesskipper.com/chaparral-boat-glove-box-door-02-00054-champagne-23-1-4-x-12-3-8-inch
  5. 3 years ago, i bought my 06 255 ssi for $30,500, 8.1 volvo penta duo prop. Had a survey done, found some issues, owner fixed them. boat was 1 owner, no salt water, no bottom paint, approx 125 hours. Get a survey or at least have a mechanic check it out, make sure he checks the engine for codes and what hours the computer says is on the boat. he needs to take a sea trial, thats where they found the issue with my boat I would offer 30 or less, depending on factors. CASH is king.
  6. hello, that motor is on the small side, it has 320 hp. The standard motor on the boat has 300 hp, so it could have been worse. I have the 255ssi(which is a few hundred pounds heavier than the 256) with Volvo 8.1 (375 hp), which is good for me. Depends what you are doing with the boat, if you are going to have 8 or 9 adults on it, getting on plane can be an issue.
  7. my venture trailer came with a Fulton T3205 winch , rated at 3200 lbs. The opening in the winch handle (that mates to the shaft), became out of round; i replace that. Now i am replacing the shaft, under warranty. According to fulton, it sounds like the winch is too small for me, my boat is 5800 lbs dry. I have glides on the bunk too. If i were to replace it, i would go bigger. And i only use the trailer twice a year to launch in the spring and to pull out in the fall.
  8. go here and click on eye straps, that should show you some windshield options. check the other links for the round side mount, it could go by another name. i checked the cecilmarine and the chaparral parts guide, but couldnt find it. http://www.taylormadeproducts.com/cgi-bin/catalog.pl?cat_id=12
  9. there are some on ebay, aluminum frame... just search for chaparral 236 bimini. Rnr-marine.com had some stainless steel ones. about 300 extra (so 740 ish) my stainless steel one wobbles occasionally. Not supposed to go over 25.
  10. hello, I did a quick google for 235's for sale, and you are very HIGH. I also looked on NADA, and i got a much lower book value. Its and 18 year old boat, would you pay what you belive the adjusted resale value is ? If its not a salt water boat, that should help increase the value. Well, it does where I live, I know others will disagree with me. Make sure the boat looks CLEAN. I looked at some dirty boats in the past....didnt buy them. I bought the clean ones.
  11. i like using a heavy duty spray degreaser. spray it in, let it set, park it on an incline, rinse thoroughly. if you have a forward bilge you need to do the same there.
  12. I wish my boat had the smallest engine available......Said no boat owner EVER!!!!!!
  13. 6 gallons on the 255 ssi. fresh water is 10 gallons
  14. i know someone that used UShip... gotta great price and it was shipped problem free. make sure you check the shippers references. If you can be flexible about the delivery and the transporter can find a backhaul (something to haul when they drop your boat off in Southern Cal. ). you should be able to negotiate a good price. Uship.com; used to let you review previous shipments for boats, and you could see distance and the Fee.
  15. i could be in the market for a 26-28 foot cuddy (maybe express cruiser) in a few years, but not much around. And with CruiserYachts retiring the 279, theres even less.