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  1. i believe that is the engine. 2.20 is the gear ratio click "continue to americas" on below link https://www.mercurymarine.com/en/br/engines/inboard-and-sterndrive/mercruiser/350-mag--377-mag-/#specifications
  2. A friend of mine used USHIP from NY to FL, it was only about $850, slightly bigger boat. They can do low rates like that because they get a backhaul (they have arranged for a new load at or near their destination). My old mechanic told me, not to buy a boat that was in saltwater. Some on this site will disagree. I have a friend in florida, that keeps his on a lift. he is very meticulous. After EVERY ride, he does a flush and a spray down the boat. even if we are going to use the boat the next day, he still does the flush and spray down. boat looks great. i have the overboard discharge option, i just keep it off(toilet flushes to holding tank) i think you be mixing up engine size and HP 300 hp = 350 mag (5.7 liter) 320 hp = 377 (6.2 liter) 380 hp = 502 (8.2 liter)
  3. this link may help. http://www.offshoreonly.com/forums/general-q/325604-8-2l-impeller-replacement.html When i did mine on my 8.1 volvo penta, i compressed the new impeller with a zip tie. it made getting it in the housing alot easier. cut the zip tie after its inserted, of course
  4. Kinger1214's post from july 29, may help answer some of the questions here: I own a 2002 235 Ssi and experienced a knocking noise yesterday. The sound is only noticeable under a load! No noise while in neutral and revving, Purrs like a kitten. Also no noise while cruising at around 10 MPH. Only hear it while the boat is under a load. A few people have mentioned maybe water in the fuel. Any suggestions??
  5. its really not much more deer to go with the 240 or 250 hp. if you buy the 200hp and decide you need more, then it will cost alot. You wont her many people say I bought too big of an engine.
  6. i believe your current truck is rated to tow 10,000 lbs, maybe more. doesnt sound like you need it. but if you like new toys, and who doesn't, and you got the cash....why not
  7. this is the one i have in my 2006 , maybe you have it too. see page 9 for troubleshooting http://www.southerncalmarine.com/products/sanitation/sealand-vacuflush-systems/sealand-vacuflush-toilets/sealand-140-series-vacuflus/140-series-manual.pdf
  8. need more detail. what is included in your 2 charges. I pay 240 deer for engine winterization that includes fluid changes. I winterize my water systems and cover it my self. i do the startup stuff myself. I assume you will be going to a twin engine boat, so that will add some .
  9. i just tried it for 4 different chap models, all of them had merc and volvo power options. there was always 1,2 or 3 more volvo options than merc. i am using Google chrome for a browser.
  10. troubleshooting guide for your actuator is in this manual. check it out, it has some suggestions: http://www.trailmastertrailers.com/pdf/UFP Actuator Maintenance.pdf
  11. i had a similar problem. it would work fine from the transom trim switch, but at the helm i would get one direction only. it ended up being a broken wire in the helm throttle lever. i think i soldered it to fix, cant remember any more.
  12. i have the VEGA PRD 133 watts at 8000 lumens , that i bought from them last year. it still works. i paid 199. its down to 185 now. lights up the water pretty good, i am in very clear water. i also bought the add on (remote, and controller that lets you change colors and do special effects)
  13. local canvas guy. make sure the new cover is vented. from time to time i place a "Damp-Rid" container on my boat to absorb moisture. you can get them at Walmarts.
  14. take a pic, before you take it off
  15. nice pic. thx. i ordered 2. i also read that they only require a 3/4" hole not a 7/8" as stated on the amazon website. I was originally concerned about drilling a hole so close to the 3" holes. but then i saw how close the 3" grille holes were, and i became less concerned.