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  1. I could be a great boat or it could be terrible. Depends on how it was cared for. Have a survey done
  2. here is info. with a 380 hp engine. https://www.boatingmag.com/boats/chaparral-277-ssx/
  3. rreale

    Mooring boat cover

    local canvas shop
  4. Mine has only been on for about 6 weeks. Seems to be holding up very well, but its too early to tell. I am looking to prevent the oxidation I would normally see appearing in late July/early August. Hopefully that will save me some compounding next spring. My boat sits in the sun most of the day at the dock. It goes on pretty easy and come off alot easier than wax. I also put it on my truck and my camaro. They look great. I was able to get a gallon for $80 delivered. I have about 3/4 left.
  5. probably replace. you could take it apart(if possible) remove the rust and lubricate with dielectric grease. you shouldnt need to turn the batteries off for a swim break.
  6. make sure the track is clean, top and bottom.
  7. if you have a 2006 chaparral with the Volvo Penta 8.1 and its 375 hp, its most likely the Gi-G. If you have the ENGINE serial number, go to this site and it will tell you your engine: https://www.volvopenta.com/industrialoffroad/en-en/parts-service/your-engine/manuals---handbooks.html 5 years ago my compression was between 160 and 165 on a WARM engine. the boat had 212 hours on it. I would get your boat up and running and seaworthy before thinking about upgrades. Most marinas near me are backed up due to the virus shutting them down in March and April. Getting any work done may require a long wait time. good luck
  8. if you are only using it for travel, leaving it uncovered is an option (i have a cockpit cover while it sits at the dock). thats what i generally do for my short runs.
  9. I like the idea of making it contingent on proper performance. if that engine needs to be rebuilt or replaced, i dont think 3500 will cover it. I have 410 hours on my Volvo Penta 8.1 Gi-G, no performance issues at all. I did have some squealing issues this spring, I replaced the tensioner and idler pulley(I got them from rockauto, they cross reference to a 2006 chevy 2500 with the 8.1, of course). Cecils has the motor hatch lift, but not cheap: http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/actuator-7-inch-lift-40-00010-in-stock-ready-to-ship/
  10. Make sure both batteries are good and well charged. Leave the battery switch on 1 or 2, NOT All.
  11. if you are going to take it out , replace it. my 2006 8.1 VP , acted in a similar fashion. But when i replaced it, there were small chunks missing. If the bolts on the impeller housing still had most of their paint on them when you removed the impeller, its a good sign that it has never been replaced. Thats how mine was, after you put a socket on the bolts it knocks a bunch of paint off. After warming up, my gauge hovers around 160
  12. rreale

    Ice Chest

    anybody see one that is larger, but will still fit under the seat. I understand that i probably wouldn't gain alot.
  13. rreale

    Buying 2005 256 ssi

    Hello, I have a 2006 255 SSi, which is the same hull as the 256 but has a "roof" over the bow end of the boat which creates a cuddy cabin. My boat has been pretty good to me. Most problems for me have been Volvo Penta related(i have the 8.1 volvo penta in it), but the boat is 14 years old, so you have to expect things to go wrong. I have a 2016 GMC sierra with a 5.3. For me, it tows pretty well but i do not tow much and i am not in a race either. My old truck was a 2009 gmc Sierra with a 5.3(the 2009s had 40 less hp). Since i have a big block and an enclosed cabin, i probably weigh about 500 lbs more than you. i would think your truck should be fine. your owners manual will tell you what your towing capacity is based on how your truck is configured.
  14. Hello, I notice an alternator whine/moan when running at 1000-1500 rpm Probably bearings. Its most likely 14 years old, so i would most likely just buy a new one. how hard to replace? looks fairly straight forward. I would do the serpentine belt also probably 14 years old. The alternator over the past few years doesnt keep the batteries fully charged(batteries are good), so i would entertain one that produces more amps than the standard one, as long as it fits ok. Current one is part number 3862665. I also found an orange wire behind the alternator, lying on the engine block not connected to anything, with electrical tape on it. I followed it back to a wiring harness, so i wonder what it might have been used for. https://photos.app.goo.gl/1Pd6DncPHgbxMznp9
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