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  1. I have had small debris (leaves, twigs, garbage, etc) works its way into my bilge and cause issues with my float, usually it prevents the float from coming down and the bilge stays high. One time I had a mechanic drop oil in my bilge. As the temperature dropped the oil collagualated and the bilge did not like this. I flush my bilge out every spring.
  2. Your boat LOA(length over all) is 26 feet 5 inches. 14 people would be too crowded.
  3. rreale

    Need better / louder sounds !!! JL Audio or WS ?

    you will most likely need an amp or 2. You may consider a 3rd battery. I have seen those people in the bay with the tower speakers cranked, they usually have to run the engine often to keep the batteries up.
  4. rreale

    Winterization Advice

    winterizing the water systems is really really easy. 2 jugs of RV type antifreeze is about 500 pennies at Wally world. There was a detailed write up on this site on how to do it.
  5. rreale

    2001 260 SSI Stereo replacement

    those cables are proprietary. so you will need new. I bought a kenwood kmr d768. bluetooth worked good. then i had to do a firmware upgrade, now my bluetooth range is 2 feet or less. really sucks. I complained and complained to the company, they refused to help me. so if you want good bluetooth , TEST it out in the stereo dealers store first. The range is supposed to be 10 meters (32 feet) It will sound better with an amp. JVC and Kenwood merged a few years ago or so.
  6. rreale

    I need new batteries

    I have 2 of these AutoCraft Marine Battery, Group Size 24M, 800 CCA bought in spring of 2015, left in over the winter with no trick charge, both dead in spring, replaced under 12 month warranty. so far i have 4 seasons on the replacements. i take them in each winter.
  7. rreale

    Factory speaker size

    If you are going to buy new speakers, you should check out the specs for the new speakers. I have heard that not all 6.5 speakers have the same mounting hole diameter and screw pattern.
  8. rreale

    Amp connection with dual batteries.

    Your boat stereo most likely has 2 power wires. The red should be the 12V power that runs the stereo and the yellow the 12V that is ran directly to your battery and never switched to retain the memory/presets etc.
  9. rreale

    Portable Battery Pack

    you have 2 batteries, you should be all set. I throw a charger on mine every couple months. the alternator does not keep them fully charged.
  10. rreale

    tow point

    when you connect your rope to the tube, do it so that the main part of the rope is facing UP and not to the water. that may get you an inch. I have had luck shortening the tow rope. Also, get the boat up on plane, move passengers forward.
  11. rreale

    carpet ring (grommet)

    I'll call great lakes. the one i their website looks right, but the measurements they post (5 3/4" ID X 3 3/4" ID) are not what my current one measures. i was hoping for an outside diameter measurement
  12. rreale

    carpet ring (grommet)

    where can i find the above for my snap in carpet. it protects the carpet from fraying where is is cut out for the table pedestal. 5" od by 3 3/4" id. thx
  13. rreale

    VP control arm is loose

    thx. that was it. Actually was a bolt in there. snugged it up with a ratchet and socket. the bolt was very loose. throttle was most likely gonna fall off soon.
  14. rreale

    VP control arm is loose

    i dont think the cable is loose. there is some port to starboard throttle play when you are locked into neutral
  15. rreale

    VP control arm is loose

    My throttle lever has more play in it now than it used to. Is there a way too tighten it? I am unable to locate a good drawing for it. I have noticed that some have set screws, but this one does not appear to have them. i have also had someone suggest i remove the throttle only button, and there might be a screw under there. Its a side mount volvo penta with a safety lanyard. the plate that mounts to the side upholstery is attached firmly. According to the volvo parts guide the part number is 3858878. thx