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  1. rreale

    2018 chevy traverse

    ON the build and price configurator, you need to order the "trailering equipment" option, which forces you to choose "heavy duty cooling". there is probably a package, like "High Country" that includes both and more. if you click the "i" for info on the trailering equipment option, you will see 5000 lbs towing capacity . you can go to traverseforum.com and read comments from other traverse owners about towing
  2. rreale

    2018 chevy traverse

    3100 lb boat, 1000 lb (probably less) trailer 500 lbs gas and gear. i would try it. hopefully you don't tow that far. not gonna win any races
  3. rreale

    Grilling at the dock?

    I dont recall seeing a marina on my lake, allowing grilling at the dock. Away from the dock .. i see that all the time. grilling on a boat while on the hook in a bay...i see that alot. But If i owned that marina, I would say NO WAY. something goes wrong there will be lawsuits flying everywhere.
  4. rreale

    Can I use a home Depot faucet

  5. rreale

    Grilling at the dock?

    I would be surprised if the marina allows you to do that. I would also check with your insurance company to see if you are covered in the event of an accident.
  6. rreale

    Towing Survey/Question

    4700 lb dry boat, add 1200 for an aluminum trailer, add 500-700 for gear and gas. approx 6500 lbs. new 1500 can tow (depending on configuration) upto 12,500 lbs. . but it sounds like you want to get a new big toy. have fun
  7. rreale

    Trailer/Bunk Question

    Yeah, why do you have 2 different size bunks. one is higher than the other. I moved my bunks an inch or 2 towards the middle, when i had this problem. When I look at the Road King website, I see all bunks covered in black carpet, so I was thinking the smaller one was original(the fact that the boat is a 206, also helped me come to that conclusion. Either way, get 2 same size bunk boards.
  8. rreale


    The 2007 Chap brochure refers to Signatures as "cruisers", i would think yours would be considered a "express cruiser" which is probably the same as a pocket cruiser. The brochures also referred to the 275, 255, 235 and 215 SSi boats as cuddies. You have an aft cabin. i never saw a cuddy with an aft cabin.
  9. rreale

    Anywhere I can get replacement counter top material?

    sounds like you may need a new faucet: https://www.overtons.com/Pumps-Plumbing/Fresh-Water-Systems/Faucets
  10. rreale

    Towing 285 SSI

    From what i can see, it appears that you should be able to move the winch stand forward. BUT, that will change your weight distribution and tongue weight. which model trailer is it. i Have the VATB-7225 for a 255 ssi, hopefully that boat has the VATB-8725, which can carry 8725 pounds.
  11. rreale

    GMC Yukon pull a 236 SSI?

    I would think it could easily do it.
  12. rreale

    What replacement latch

    i believe this is a part you need, its also on ebay: https://greatlakesskipper.com/hydra-sport-hs22307851-southco-mi-62-8-nb-silver-stainless-steel-boat-latch
  13. rreale

    Interior Seat Repair

    if you mean the size of the end of your pinky, just get some liquid vinyl repair to fill in the hole, that what i do. if you mean the length of your pinky, you may need an upholstery shop. I have seen videos or repairs for a 4 inch tear, looks ok but it was made by the manufacturer. either way you should get it taken care of before something catches on it and makes it tear into a bigger hole.
  14. I had a B3 in my 1996. it leaked about 6 -8 ounces every year. one year my mechanic put the seal rebuild kit on it. didn't really help much. then a few years later it stopped leaking. it didnt appear to leak into the bilge.
  15. rreale

    Help me make the right boat choice

    3 to 4 foot chop with a 22 foot open bow, be careful.