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  1. rreale

    Bravo 3 lower drive material

    my boat had one of these for years https://skeggard.com/
  2. rreale

    Trimmed Up or Trimmed Down?

    Down. But make sure you remember to trim up prior to moving the trailer
  3. rreale

    Use for transom tilt switch?

    i love my switch. when im in the water and realize i forgot to raise the trim, when i'm in the yard working on the boat and i need to raise or lower the trim. the thought of getting my old body out of the water to raise the trim, or when in the yard having to drag more mud, leaves onto the boat(and maybe remove the cover) not too appealing.
  4. rreale

    Attaching the ladder to boat

    there was a write up on this forum about how to do this. the guy duct taped a box wrench to a broom stick. taped off one side of the box wrench, inserted the nut and his helper screwed it in.
  5. rreale

    Hours on engine

    A 1998 Chap 2330 5.7 Mercruiser Bravo 3 outdrive; that has well maintained, could be good. 1998 Chap 2330 5.7 Mercruiser Bravo 3 outdrive; that is neglected; most likely is bad. I dont think you will find anyone on this forum to tell you to buy it , without some more information(pics, maint. records, # of owners, marine survey, price). sorry.
  6. rreale

    Gas Cap for 2008 190 SSI

    According to the parts guide , the part number is 99820. this should be it on ebay. DO NOT pay attention to the title, i Think(?) there is a typo. scroll down and check out the whole page https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gemlux-Fuel-Fill-W-SS-Cap-P-98820-2/263087604871?hash=item3d413e4487:g:mhIAAOSwux5YWEf8
  7. rreale

    Boat Maintenance Kit

    I'm not a fan adding weight and clutter to my boat. I have: dual batteries that i test in spring, a couple screw drivers, electrical tape, crescent wrench, cooler with cold drinks, cigars, koozies, snacks, cell phone, credit cards, cash.. Make sure your impeller isn't too old. do your maintenance in spring and summer and relax. its gonna be tough working on your boat in the middle of the lake, when you are getting waked by other boats.
  8. rreale

    I know I said I wouldn't use the head but....

    my head is tight too, and i am 5'9", 190lbs. I have been on boats my size that have nice big heads, but you lose the cockpit room. And when i'm on the boat, I'm in the cockpit 99.999999999% of the time. I only use the head for emergency's
  9. rreale

    Docking....with wind and little room to maneuver

    Bow first. if you pull into your slip under power, and then reverse it at the right moment. anyway you choose is gonna require practice.
  10. rreale

    Protecting my Gel Coat from Sun Damage & Oxidation

    i used to own a Crownline 225ccr, it was solid Ruby red. Looked awesome in the spring after i used some oxidation remover with a wool pad. I found 2 coats of Collinite 885 protected it until late August. It was above the rub rail i experienced the most oxidation. Also the side of the boat that had the southern exposure at the dock would oxidize more. You are lucky, your red is not on the topside. Build a boathouse.
  11. rreale

    New boat is in the slip but boy do I need practice!

    Go bow first docking lights wont help much in the dark, if you back it in.
  12. rreale

    1/2" x 10' Navy blue dock line with loop?

    I see 10 footers on ebay. I like using the 10 footers on the transom cleat. My dock post is right next to my cleat. i could probably get away with a 5 footer. i have longer dock lines on board.
  13. rreale

    sunshade to hatch

    thx. just so happens i have some in stock in my garage. i'll try it soon
  14. rreale

    Wet Bar Sink

    mine leaked at one time to. it was a loose connection under the countertop. not sure what boat you have. get your head under the faucet and have some one turn the water pressure switch on. the parts guide says mine is part 34-00001(1/2 inch NPS) didnt find it anywhere. here are some that might work: https://www.overtons.com/Pumps-Plumbing/Fresh-Water-Systems/Faucets
  15. rreale

    Boat cover leaking

    a canvas guy can re - stitch it for you, pretty quickly(assuming no holes). is it sunbrella, clean it good. let dry. spray it with the protectant. i spray a little heavier on the stitching that is over the boat, less spray on the stitching on the sides where a leak would not be a problem. a new cockpit cover should be less than a $1000. but its been a while since i bought one.