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  1. rreale

    Sunshine kills my gelcoat

    I had a solid red boat once. when it was shined up, it looked AWESOME. sun would wear down that shine. after compounding i would recommend at least 2 coats of wax on the parts of the boat that get the most sun, above the rub rail on mine. A boathouse would help out. Be careful with compounding, after a while you will be down to the fiberglass.
  2. rreale

    2018 257 SSX weight

    5133 with the base engine. http://www.chaparralboats.com/publications/uploaded_files/1866/CHAP-Brochure-2018-LR.pdf
  3. rreale

    Engine overheat, now crank not run

    I bought my 255 SSI Volvo Penta Gi-G, when it was 9 years old. I am almost certain It was still on its original impeller (all screws had paint on their heads before the impeller change). Last week I changed that impeller, it was 4 years old. It looked like new. I will change it again in 3-4 years. The highest I ever saw my temperature gauge was probably about 165, with the old impeller(which had a some damage to some of the fins). I usually run at 160, a little less when the water is cold. Next time you get above 180 drop anchor. good luck.
  4. rreale

    Why water goes in here

    Its a "ski locker". Dont seal the hole. take a hose with a nozzle and squirt it down the hole. it could be clogged. If you have wet people on the boat floor, some water gets thru the ski locker grab hole. My ski locker tends to have a little water in it. you need to hose it out once in a while. If you can leave it open on a warm not too humid day, that will help dry it
  5. rreale

    Batteries for 2006 Chaparral 246 SSI

    I have been using the batteries below for over 3 years on my 255ssi 8.1 liter and they are still working good. great price too. https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/autocraft-marine-battery-group-size-24m-800-cca-m24-3/16940017-P?searchTerm=marine+batteries
  6. rreale

    replacement starboard side curved glass 1992 1800 SL

    this document may help you. But, i have seen some curved glass prices in the past, and they are not pretty. http://www.taylormarine.com/infobar/brochures/Glass_cat.pdf
  7. that bilge is clean. even looks like it was waxed.
  8. Nicky at Fischer's marine is a big mercruiser shop. He worked on my B3 in the past. But, he is usually busy. Michaels marine next to Harris Bay Yacht club is good too. Also, can try Diamond point boat repair at Norowal. Start calling now, its been a wet spring so there has been little boat use ... which should translate to less breakdowns and business for the shops. After 4th of july weekend, they should be busy.
  9. rreale

    help please

    parts guide says part number 35400 - RAIL - S250 SUNPAD (Option: Aft Stern Rail), i dont understand the "s250" http://www.chaparralboats.com/publications/uploaded_files/partGuides/Signature/2013/270 SIGNATURE PIG.pdf
  10. 160. pretty steady after warm up. i cruise at 25mph When the water is cool, i run abut 3-4 degrees colder
  11. rreale

    Top Speed Question

    https://www.boattest.com/review/chaparral/3721_277-ssx at 5415rpm got 50.8 mph 24p Bravo III prop
  12. rreale

    Opinion on engine replacement

    410 hours is not alot. Assuming you are doing the regular maintenance, that engine should last well over 10 years more.
  13. rreale

    1999 signature 240

    Thats less than 4 hours per year. I guess its possible. Ask the mechanic that is working on it, how many hours he thinks it has.
  14. rreale

    Need to sale

    my credit union will not give a loan on any boats made prior to 2008. For anything newer than 2008, the interest rates are rather high.
  15. rreale

    Can I tow this....

    I towed my 2006 255ssi(with a big block) with my 09 Sierra 4wd 5.3 liter, i am pretty sure it was a 3.42 rear end. It towed ok, struggled a little in the mountains. I now have a 2016 sierra 4wd 5.3 liter and a 3.42 rear end. the 2016 tows the boat a little easier, it has about 40 more hp. I dont tow much; once in the spring and then once in the fall. But, make sure the trailer breaks work, it makes a difference if they dont.