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  1. On my lake, there are plenty of newer 20-22 Ft Cobalts running around. I would think these are at least as expensive, or probably more, than an SSi.
  2. Hopefully they are just re-designing/re-tooling the SSi line, since its been nearly 10 years since the current WT line was first introduced. If not, this is very disappointing news. This means one would have to look elsewhere for a high quality, well built small bowrider As stated many times on this forum, the H20 line does not compare to the SSi. The H20 even looks like a "cheap" boat with those fake engine compartment vents or whatever they are supposed to be. In my opinion, the H20 diminishes/cheapens the Chaparral brand in the small bowrlder segment. Although my 2014 206 SSi is "small" bowrider, I continuously get compliments from other boaters on how nice the boat looks and how well it is built. Lets hope Chaparral keeps the SSi line.
  3. I have the factory mooring cover on my 2014 206SSi. The strap that runs around the perimeter of the cover stretches somewhat. After fitting the cover the first time and ratcheting it tight, you then just stretch it over the back corner of the swim platform. I am wet slipped and take the cover on and off this way all the time.
  4. Same on my 206SSi. I also wondered about this. Poor design.
  5. Regarding the gel coat on the Stingray, I always kept a full mooring cover on it, so it only got sun exposure when out on the lake. It was very easy to put on and take off, in fact much easier than snaping on cockpit and bow covers. I don't know why more people don't do this. So I will do the same with the new Chap. I actually got the dealer to "throw in" the Chaparral factory mooring cover as part of the deal!
  6. Thanks to all for the kind welcomes. You asked for more pics, so here are a few more taken at the dealership during my test drives. Also a shot of my old Stingray, which looked like new for a 20 yr. old boat.
  7. Hi Folks, First post and proud new owner of this 2014 206 SSi equipped a Merc. 4.3 MPI-Alpha 1. Boat included deluxe package and has graphite interior. Previously owned a 1994 Stingray 556zp. With the Chap being about 1200 lbs. heavier than the Stingray, it rides so much better over wakes and chop. Test drove this boat twice before deciding to purchase. Was shopping against a Regal 2100, which I also drove twice, but ultimately I preferred the build quality, ride, handling and styling of the Chap. The Chap planed off fast with very minimal bow rise, held plane at a low cruising speed and had a more "sporty" feel than the Regal. Only got to use the boat two days before putting it in storage, but looking forward to the coming season on Long Lake, ME.
  8. Have your dealer check the timing.
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