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  1. 193jerry

    aftermarket exhaust headders

    I looked at the extended swim platform you suggested Sheppard They look like an after thought to me not really feeling it. Anyone else out there have headder pictures or custom exhaust photos??
  2. 193jerry

    aftermarket exhaust headders

    I'm a motor head and I like loud pipes cant say how soon or if I will do it but if a cam change or other engine work comes about I will definately consider I like the look of the side exit tail pipes
  3. 193jerry

    aftermarket exhaust headders

    I just have the stock risers and manifolds thinking about wet headders and through transom exit pipes
  4. 193jerry

    aftermarket exhaust headders

    any one have installed headders pictures please
  5. 193jerry

    fuel gauge range and testing

    Mine always says full, bought new sending unit....still the same. disconnect it the gauge goes to empty is it the gauge? or faulty new sending unit at 64.00 i will not keep buying them boat holds little more than 42 gallons more than enough for a play day on the water! but it is in the shop getting looked at as we speak
  6. 193jerry

    Replacement cup holders, 2002 Sunesta

    Just replaced 4 on my boat with factory type from local boat dealer bought in old one walked out with 4 new ones just like it plastic is cheap and they were brittle and weather beat.
  7. 193jerry

    Hi guys.

  8. Is it possible to watch gallery in slide show mode it would make it more interesting to see all the pictures and faster??
  9. 193jerry

    ship island / horn island

    looking to get there from lake pontchatrain I can eaisyly trailer the boat to Biloxi and launch it there,but would like to try and go by boat haven't ventured to try it. any feedback helps, I am getting a lowrance fishfinder /gps chart plotter. it should get me there.
  10. 193jerry

    Hi guys.

    I'm over seas now, enjoyed the boat while I was home, runs great almost 60 mph playing with the trim
  11. 193jerry

    Hi guys.

    Hi Brick, just adding to my toy list, 66 Chevy II drag car and a 07 Road King Harley, looking to get R/V in near future
  12. 193jerry

    Any Louisiana Members here?

    Yes I am in New Orleans Lake Pontchatrain, Rigoles Lake Borgne, Point la Hache and surrounding areas, not new to boating but new to my 1930ssi sport Chaparral 1998'
  13. 193jerry

    Hi guys.

    Hello Guys /Gals not new to boating but just bought my new old 1998 1930ssi Chaparral I'm in Louisiana on lake Pontchatrain