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  1. Hello Everyone, I hope you are having a great summer. We are looking at a 2005 310 Signature with twin 5.7 Volvos. Engines are designated 5.7 GI-E and the drives are DP-SM 1.95. There are 550 hrs on the boat. The boat shows in excellent condition as does mechanicals. Ive heard some of the Volvo lower units had issues. Should i have any concerns with these? Rob
  2. Exoset, my lift has also completly failed and I am not getting response from Acculift. Were you ever able to reach Acculift or receive dealer assistance? Best Regards, Rob Gibbs
  3. I have a Garmin GPS Map 498 on the boat. Lately, startup acquisition of satellites has been taking an excessive amount of time. In some cases a hour. I have tried selecting both auto locate and using the closest proximity to current location on map. The Garmin chart chip is current. Anyone have similar issues? Smooth Seas,
  4. My 2001 285 SSI has twin Mercruiser Alpha 1. I am experiencing a lot of difference in backing a twin outdrive boat than one with inboards with rudders. Backing straight without swinging the bow and stern seems really difficult. I was taught with the inboards to keep the helm straight and use forward and reverse to maneuver the boat. Trying the same technique in my Chaparral with outdrives seems quite different. Do any of you have any suggestions? Thanks,
  5. Thanks everyone. I will give it a try again when I get down to the boat.
  6. Hello Everyone, I have a stupid question. For a 2001 dash application, does the engine hatch switch rock forward to close the hatch and aft to lift it up? I can manually lift it 8 inches or so before it stops. I assume this is play in the tie rod so that the hatch can be detached from the mechanism in a loss of power. Thanks,
  7. Hello Travis,do you have patterns for a 2001 285 SSI? Our boat has the optional extended swim platform too. Also, my email is godawggo89@gmail.com. Thanks,
  8. How many miles is it from your dock to Catalina? Looks like a wonderful day on the water!
  9. top dawg


    Who manufactures them and where did you purchase?
  10. Kris, it was a beautiful day for sure. After the November work I had difficulty starting the stud engine. It would crank, fire up, then die. I spent about 20 minutes of this and it then ran. It starts fine now, just seems to lose power when up on plane.
  11. Today in the Northwest, we had a sunny unseasonably warm day today. I decided to go for a boat ride. After being underway for about 20 minutes, it felt like the starboard side was losing power. Almost felt like a lag but wondering whether the prop was slipping. I checked trim, trim tabs and raised engine hatch. The boat comes up on plane easily but soon seems to lose power on the starboard side. I don't think its the drive, no strange squeals or anything like that. Our boats has twin 5,0 Mercruisers with Alpha drives. and throttle body fuel injection. In November had had both motors tunes, new wires, and injectors rebuilt. When we flushed after recovery, the exhaust seemed to smell rich. Also wondering whether it could be a bad fuel pump. Any ideas or similar experiences?
  12. My Seahawks are going to win their second Super Bowl. We have the best defense in the NFL. They will shut the Pats down just like the did the Broncos last year. Marshawn Lynch is the best back in the league and he will bust open in this big game and score well. Seahawks 27 Pats 21
  13. We can get quite a bit of rain in the winter months here. We keep our boat inside in a 50 degree racked storage.
  14. +2 on the Credit Union. Mine gave me a good deal and was very quick to close.
  15. Hands down, a 54 Ocean Alexander for me.
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