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  1. Hey all everything is good the broker talked to the owner and he was ok with running the engines. The boat is in the water and not winterized. thanks for all you inputs.
  2. Thanks everyone. i am going to let the broker know that the only way I will drive 5 hours to view this boat is if I can witness a cold start up and few minute run time at idle. Defiantly not a complete story but it is very telling and informative. And yes the boat is in the water in South Carolina. thanks for all the input. smooth sailing everyone and happy new year.
  3. Yes I feel the same way. I didn’t think I was asking much to just hear the engines run at the dock for a short time. I know the broker can’t captain the boat during a showing . Liability and all that stuff. I just don’t want to pony up the survey cash just to find out the engines have issues. Just trying to eliminate any false starts.
  4. Hello all, i am getting ready to sell my 2004 signature 330 and buy a new boat. i have an appointment to go see this weekend. I have to travel 5 hours. I asked the broker that after looking the boat over I wanted to do a cold start and listen to the engines fire up and run for a few minutes. He said this is not protocol and he won’t accommodate this until an accepted offer and survey is completed. I am asking all your opinions on this and should I push back and say I am not making the trip unless I get to hear the engines fire up prior to going though the motions of a contract.
  5. No these are 5.7gxi with v-drives. No I/O. So I have rudders for steering. Hence there are rudder shafts though the boat. The leak is around the shafts. if the seals are of the old style "stuffin box type". I think I can try to reteighten bit packing bolt. If they are the rubber seal and bushing style, I would honk I have to haul the boat and rebuild the rudder shaft seals. appreiciate any input.
  6. I have a rudder leaking between the rudder shaft and the top nut. Does anyone know if this year boat has the rudder seals as a stuffing box or rubber seal bushings? If it is stuffing material I am thinking that I can tieghten the packing nut some to stop leak. Any help would be great.
  7. Thanks for the replies, here is what I'm gonna do: i found OBD diagnostics in Rodondo Beach CA that sell and refurbishes ECM units. Since it is intermittent he feels it could be as simple as a loose bond wire inside the unit. They also re flash them. For a couple hundred buck this could be the fix since the problem is intermittent. Otherwise it could 1.5K - 2K deer as you all like to say. there contact info is below for any others that may find themselves in a similar situation. I'll update any outcome good or bad. OBD Diagnostics 2121 Ruhland AV. Redo
  8. Cyclops, i did plug in the one from my starboard engine into the port engine and it worked fine. That is how I determined that it was the problem. Not sure what caused the problem in the first place. That doesn't mean it won't make a new one fail latter on I guess.
  9. Hello, I need a new MEFI-4 module for my port engine. I check the volvo site and was shocked at the price. Does anyone have any better suggestions on how or where to get the same part at a better price. Will a car or truck engine have the same part? The part labeling is Delphi 12584052 MEFI-4, bar code 864052KA40050066. then the sticker most likely put on by Volvo is 57IAFM\04HTIB module AY 3863466. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated. -Boatbug
  10. Ok Guys, i wanted to reply with my findings and fixes so far so other that may have a similar issue might find this helpful. I have been able to solve part 2 of my problem. The reason the port engine would shut down after 45 min to an hour after going out was "vapor lock" of the fuel in the fuel cell. The cooling water that circulates through the fuel cell was obstructed. Water hose taps off heat exchanger near water pump (fresh water cooler engine) snakes up to fuel cell and back to the riser to discharge. The clog was not in the lines themselves. It was inside the heat exchang
  11. Hello B_Mutter when the engine shuts off the any I turn off the ignition the ingnition beeps two times as usual and fuel cells charge, engine starts and shuts down few seconds after that. If I wait for a while the engine will start and stay on for a little longer, enough to to dock once I get back to marina. Next day (hours later) engine will run for 1 hour or so the shut down again. Problem seem to have moved past the "Part 1" description for now as the engine fires up each time now. I will have to check if the Gage's move on switching the ignition key to on position. I do know that
  12. Thanks for the replies I got a technician to put the computer on the engine and we got the following response. " Engine shutdown / emergency stop telltale indicator has been set" He had no idea what that meant. We then cleared the code. And he left for the weekend. I looked online for the meaning of that message and got nowhere. Any ideas? I then took the boat out again it ran great for about an hour until the port engine cut again. No temp or oil pressure issues on gauges. I had the hatch open so I could feel the fuel pump temp with my hand along the way and when
  13. Hello all, i have been having two part specific issue with my port engine. Part 1:. Engine cranks but won't start. When key is turned on the usual three beep alarm does not sound and the fuel cell does not charge (usual low and high fuel cell initiation sound). So naturally the engine cranks but no start due to no fuel getting delivered. Question 1:. What does the absence of the usual three beeps at start up mean? Moving on I can start swapping parts from good engine one at a time to try and find problem. First indication of success was when I swapped the start relay
  14. Thanks guys I will try the fuel filter idea. I wanted to run them low because I have 8 gallons of water I. Fuel that I pumped out. The gas cap gasket deteriated and was not on the cap and we had to rental rains and the water went into the fuel that way. Should not have tried to run so low before next filling.
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