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  1. We had a Bazooka tube on our last 280 Sig and I liked it. It didn't give SUPER powerful, bone shaking bass, but it did add a good depth to the other four speakers. We actually mounted in the engine compartment (which was insulated), and still saw good performance. Best part was, no big holes. If you're like me, cutting a 10" hole in a shiny piece of fiberglass is not easy to do.
  2. Hi Everyone - Getting ready to pick up our new-to-us Signature 280 next week. Our previous 280 had the original factory Raymarine black and white chartplotter installed but only used it for speed/heading. Looking for recommendations on a built in GPS/Chartplotter combo. We're new to boating on the Columbia River and having a chartplotter, especially with estimated depths, would be one of my first upgrades. Not looking to break the bank or need radar, but I want to put something in that's going to work well. Any suggestions on where to start?? Thanks!
  3. Hi Everyone...been a while since I've been on here! We're in the process of looking for a 280 Signature and one that I have my eye on is missing the full enclosure. I've priced it out on the R N R Website that makes the factory-style canvas, and I'm coming in just shy of three large deer. Any one have experience with having a local canvas shop do it for cheaper? I'd like a good quality product, but not sure what that'll run locally vs. the online price. Thanks!
  4. I'm a DIY guy and I found that having the EXACT engine and drive model (i.e. DP-SM outdrive and 4.3L GXi-B engine in my case) makes finding parts pretty easy. Volvo Penta's parts website allows you to find parts based on these model numbers. You can order on their website, or take the part number and do a Google/Amazon/eBay search and see different pricing. Sometimes VP's site is right in line, sometimes more, sometimes less. I've never had a problem with long lead times or parts not available and my engines are 14 years old. That said, I personally have only had VP engines/drives, so I can't testify for Merc. My dad has ONLY had Merc. and his current Chaparral is his first VP set-up and no complaints from him. If you're NOT a DIY guy, then I'd check to see what the mechanics around you service, as that might be your deciding factor should you ever need service.
  5. We've spent many nights with the generator and a/c running. I never run the blower once started and running. I also have 2 CO detectors in my cabin, each one next to a berth. One night we were beached in a cove and the wind changed direction in the middle of the night. Not strong winds at all, but a breeze that carried gasses into the cabin and caused one of the CO detectors to go off. Obviously, couldn't smell a thing, but we simply shut down and opened the hatches to vent out. It was cool enough in the cabin that we slept the rest of the night with the windows open and generator off.
  6. I mounted mine in my engine room for three reasons....First, I didn't want to drill a giant hole (and didn't really have the room to make a hole that big). Second, I wasn't looking for over powering bass. And third, Bazooka even suggested mounting it in the engine room. On my 230 SSi, it was literally next to the engine and on my Signature, it's on an open area near the water tank (more centrally located). Turn the radio up and you can feel it. I have the sub and my outdoor speakers run through an amplifier and am very pleased with the sound.
  7. We have a Bazooka Tube mounted in our engine compartment. It's doesn't give that hard hitting bass that you hear from a mile away, but that's not what I was looking for. It gives just enough deep tones without vibrating the boat to pieces. Overall, I'm happy with it and didn't need to drill any holes. Best part was, I took it off my old boat before trading it in and there was no hole left behind.
  8. Ok rotors and caps were on my list for April maintenance, so I'll get those ordered. I'll also get the batteries tested, but judging by the date code on them, I'm going to assume they are getting close to replacement. This is all good info and I appreciate everyone's feedback!
  9. It appears both are doing the same. I have separate house and starting but lately I've been running it on "both" as I believe the starting are weak. Could this really be the cause of tapping out at a lower RPM?
  10. Both. Plugs were just done two weeks ago. Compression test done and all came back solid.
  11. I know the RPM gauges like to "jump around" and occasionally give off readings (for example, the engines are synced by ear but one gauge shows 3k and the other shows 4k). I checked last time and both were going it. I throttled one higher and could hear it missing. Brought them back to sync and then did the other and same thing. Spark plugs are new (and gapped) as well as wires. Fuel is newer...added about 65 gallons of fresh fuel to fuel that was about 3 months old last weekend. Props were new when I bought the boat and never hit anything. Still look in great shape. Bottom and drives had been cleaned (on trailer) the week before. Only thing I haven't changed yet is rotor and cap...could that be a possible cause?
  12. Hi Everyone - may or may not have a problem on my hands but thought I'd throw it out there for some thoughts and feedback. My boat has twin Volvo Penta 4.3L GXi (fuel injected) motors with approximately 300 hours pair to DPS-M Duo Prop outdrives (not the plastic ones). I believe the props are F4 or F5 (stainless). All maintenance is done in a timely manner. Fuel filters, spark plugs and wires were changed two weeks ago. Compression test done about 8 months ago and all strong. One engine has a new fuel pump last year, other engine the year before (always change fuel filters every year). Oil change about 10 months ago (will be on my spring maintenance list). Bottom cleaned monthly or when on the trailer. I noticed the last couple times we've taken the boat out, the boat runs fine at its usual 2900-3100 RPM range at 28-30 mph (on GPS). If I try to go much above that, it sounds like I'm hitting the rev limiter and the engine skips. The boat doesn't loose power but it doesn't get any more. There is still about 1/3 throttle left but RPMS wont go higher. Any thoughts? Could it be the RPM gauges? Maybe my 28-30 mph is actually at a much higher RPM? But even with twin V6 engines, I should be able to get up to 36-37 mph (as I have in the past). Any feedback or thoughts would be great. Other than this, the engines are running perfectly. Thanks in advance!
  13. I just pealed up a corner with a razor blade and pulled. Maybe I was lucky but each panel came off in one piece and left almost no film behind.
  14. My last Chap had a tinted windshield. I took it off the minute the boat was in the driveway. It was one notch lighter than limo tint and I didn't like it.
  15. I ended up going with the OEM ignition wires. Cheapest I found was through Cecil Marine, on sale now. Have not pulled the trigger yet on cap/rotor.