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  1. LOL. I really hope its not that simple (well, maybe i do). I have not tried that, but I don't have a switch that says radio. I do have one that does not seem to do anything call ACC. Could that be the one?
  2. Yes, I did try to reset the circuit breaker, but to be honest, I pushed all the buttons and did not notice any reaction from any of the electrical devices. I do have a removable flaceplate on the radio and suspected there might be a fuse behind the radio unit itself, but before I started removing the unit, I wanted to make sure I was not missing something obvious. I wanted to make sure I am not missing a fuse/relay box somewhere like you have on a car. Thanks, Clay
  3. Hello all, I am a newbie to both the forum and boat ownership. I just put my new (to me) 08 254 Sunesta in the water after getting it out of storage and have found that the radio does not work. The unit in the head is not getting any power or at least it will not power on, but the remotes seem to have power (as best as I can tell). Before I assume the radio is shot, I have been looking for a fuse box on the boat but I cannot seem to find one. There appears to be a circuit breaker in the storage behind the helm, but no fuses. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best approach on troub
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