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  1. B_Mutter

    Ski & Fish onboard battery charger

    Yes because the charger only charges 12v batteries so with those 2 tied together making 24V I assume there is something going on to make those two legs charge together
  2. B_Mutter

    Spark Plug Difference - AC DELCO 41-110 vs. 41-993

    The 41-101 is the iridium version of the 41-993 which is the platinum version. Same temp range. When ordering through Volvo they used to send the 41-993 and now send 41-110 for their spark plug kit number 21467472. I do not know what a 41-110 plug belongs in but agree that it would be a different temp plug
  3. B_Mutter

    Ski & Fish onboard battery charger

    The 2 batteries are for the Trolling motor only.. it is a 24V motor so the two 12v batteries are tied together to make 24 volts.. if one is dead the motor doesn't work. The entire rest of the boat runs off the single battery. There is a fuse in the line from the charger to the batteries so you may need to check that.
  4. B_Mutter

    Help! Tower rack

    http://www.diamondback-marine.com/#home this is the company.. I do not know if they will sell the racks out of their facility or make you go through a Chaparral Dealer
  5. B_Mutter

    New Mercruiser 6.2 fuel filter/ cool fuel module

    On this parts look up screen if you back up a page to the "Fuel Supply Module and Rail" you will see the tube that contains the new filter with the red top.
  6. B_Mutter

    Help! Tower rack

    The racks offered from Chaparral on these towers is from DiamondBack Wake Products. They are crazy expensive but fit the tower perfectly.
  7. B_Mutter

    Any idea on why this bolt keeps working loose?

    The bolt is for the wake board rack option on that tower. It serves zero purpose other wise. The one we have in the showroom doesn't even have threads in that hole. The bolt goes through there and into the rack.
  8. We were out at the dealer meeting and got to ride on the 244 Sunesta that was set up with the surf package. Here is the link to our facebook page album. https://www.facebook.com/63439879062/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10154575507119063. It was pretty impressive and we ordered a 246SSi all hooked up. We will have ours in time for boat shows in Feb. We can't wait to get it here and show it off! Good luck with your new 227!!!
  9. B_Mutter

    what provides power to the dash lights ?

    We just had a 224 Sunesta in the shop with the same problem. The wire was loose at the circuit breaker panel. There is an ignition push button resettable circuit breaker and when we fixed the connections there the lights all came on as soon as the key is on. The dimmer switch worked fine after the fix as well
  10. B_Mutter

    2017 Suncoast

  11. B_Mutter

    Stereo Problems

    Clarion Radios especially the CMD series are know for loosing the rear output choice... try the steps in this picture to see if you get those speakers back. We would have to do it on a lot of boats during Spring Commissioning after we had the batteries out all winter. Before you go ripping the amp out it's a pretty easy check... Hope this helps!!
  12. They are just different heights. Some applications the taller filters work and on others they do not fit and hit a component below.
  13. B_Mutter

    Trim reservoir has melted hole on the bottom

    How does your pump mount to the reservoir? Merc has two versions out there... A) the pump is held to the reservoir with 4 screws on the top the pump is held with one bolt from the bottom. Has anyone been working on this system lately?
  14. When you turn the key on... do the gauges move?? When no power is getting to the fuel pump relays you have trouble in either the relay/fuse box (we have replaced a goo amount of those) or you could be something further up the line like the Lanyard switch. I know on the bigger boats you don't usually have the lanyard switch but I don't know your exact setup. Since you have two engines and are pretty good at swapping parts I would swap the relay/fuse boxes and see if that moves the problem over to the other engine.
  15. B_Mutter

    Northeast Rendezvous?

    I'm in RI....not CT... but we are a small state so I forgive you!! haha! We do not have a 337 in the showroom yet. We should have one in time for the Newport Show in September