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  1. The thing I don't fully understand is why the protests are so violent and "scattered". As an example, my family arrived at SEA-TAC on the evening the policy took effect. The TSA closed all screening areas and exits except for the central one - and took off. No one informed the arriving passengers of the protest. Once the passengers left the "secure" area, they walked directly into the protest and were not allowed back into the secure area for their safety by the sole TSA agent present. The protesters were blocking the exit of hundreds of passengers. They had signs protesting a wide variety of issues -- few about the "ban" -- in a manner that seemed confused/disorganized. As passengers were forced through the protesters by the passengers exiting behind them, the front passengers were tripped, grabbed and hit by the protesters. (My wife was restrained by a very large gentleman; my daughter hit in the face by a female protester.) It took my family 30 minutes to get through the crowd, during which the Port Police did nothing but sit on the sidelines, point and laugh. Only when one gentleman attempted to assist my wife, was punched by a protester and started to punch back did the Port Police take action by warning the passenger to "behave himself". Our mayor and the airport manager went on the news the next day praising the staff and Port Police on their response. I get being upset about issues. But, as one who has witnessed and/or been involved in a great many protests, it always seems it is best to have a clear message AND that the parties that resort to violence generally end up losing. (The odd thing is that the chat on the local NBC affiliate had comments from the community that indicated they thought protests were supposed to be violent. Is that really what we have become?) If, instead of tripping senior citizens, had they cleared an aisle where they shared their concerns and handed out a "pamphlet" explaining their views and asking the reader to get involved... I suspect they would have earned a lot of converts. But the fear, injury and restraint they inflicted on those passengers did not result in much more than loathing. Given what i've seen in Seattle, I suspect it's as Pops said above - they "will do anything to stick their thumb in President Trump's eye any chance they get". That's sad because there are so many things that deserve our attention. BTW - for those who think that Nordstrom is being political - Seattle is a very liberal city in a very liberal and Democratic state (our AG was one of 2 who sued the Trump Administration). If you think our population would actually purchase and be seen in Ivanka Trump clothing you are mistaken. Thus, when Seattle-based Nordstrom says her line is not selling well, I believe them. Here's to hoping we can once again become the "melting pot" of AMERICANS, instead of being hyphenated-Americans.
  2. I have the V8-300 DP on a 2015 226 SSI and love it. Quiet, powerful, good economy. The V8-300 SX is still offered on the 226 SSI. Looking at the web site for the 246 SSI, the 226 SSI and the 216 SSI, I see that part number 1327-216 is a V6 Gen V 1.66 SX 300 HP Catalyst 1327-226 is a V8 Gen V 1.66 SX 300 HP Catalyst 1327-246 is a V8 Gen V 1.66 SX 300 HP Catalyst. I wonder if it is a typo on the web pages. If not, I'd guess that Chaparral just decided that there was a lighter, more fuel efficient, etc. option to use.
  3. The internet has dozens of recommendations on how to clean headphone jacks. For example: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Clean-a-18-3.5mm-Headphone-Jack/ http://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Clean-A-HeadPhone-Jack/ I'd recommend electronics component cleaner such as: http://www.amazon.com/CRC-5103-Quick-Electronic-Cleaner/dp/B000BXOGNI/ref=sr_1_1/189-2823273-0463150?ie=UTF8&qid=1464570270&sr=8-1&keywords=tuner+cleaner instead of alcohol.
  4. I purchased a 226 SSI last year. The dealer delivered the boat in pristine condition. There was no dirt anywhere and the boat shined from top to bottom - including the tower. The first time out, I found out that the 12v plugs were miswired - Chapparal issue - but they stood behind it. I've had a wonky radio issue - it turns on at random times. I've had 2 firmware updates and some other minor fixes. Confusion at first but Clarion and Chaparral have worked together to resolve. Unfortunately, every NEW product seems to have issues these days. But, I always felt supported by both my dealer and Chaparral. I suspect that you will get your issues resolved.
  5. I've looked into this a few times. If you search for "Camper Top" or "Camper Canvas", I believe you will find quite a few recommendations and examples of other's creations. Generally, as I recall, the recommendation was to go to a local custom canvas shop.
  6. I searched around a bit and found this. Not sure if it works or applies. http://jeepcherokeeclub.com/65-electronics-audio-lighting/167450-auto-start-stop-ess-invert-modification.html#/forumsite/20486/topics/167450?page=1
  7. ttechnology

    GEICO opinion

    Not sure about other states but the State of Washington Insurance Commissioner posts statistics about complaints, etc. This may provide some insight: https://fortress.wa.gov/oic/complaints/
  8. On the 2014-16 Toyota Tundra, when Tow/Haul Mode is activated, the system will extend the use of the lower gear ranges when accelerating or decelerating, offers better engine response and adds engine braking to help slow the vehicle. Tow/Haul Mode changes the shift points in all gears when up shifting from 1st-6th gear. When down shifting, the shift points are changed from 6th-5th, 5th-4th and 4th-3rd gear. Tow/Haul Mode is standard. The available options are for things like Towing Mirrors, hitches, controllers, etc. On my 2007 Ridgeline, it depended on the model. If tow gear was on it - it added a transmission cooler, hitch, light connector, tow mode, etc. Back in the day, my 1997 Expedition had a Tow/Haul Mode. But it was really an Overdrive lockout. Hitches, light connectors, etc. were optional. So, the two don't necessarily go in sync. It depends on the model and the year. I am not sure you can infer anything from Tow/Haul mode being on the car.
  9. It's that time once again in the great Pacific Northwest. The temperatures are dropping and the weather is turning. My boat has been winterized and is "in bed" until spring. After an amazing summer, the withdrawals are now starting. Cheers to all of you in warm climates. Enjoy your extra boating time. I guess I'll be making up some boat projects.
  10. There are many factors in this - wind, waves, currents, health of the dock, etc. A new, strong dock with no wind or waves will probably be fine regardless of overall length. A dock with massive dry rot is inappropriate always. That said, I'd look at it this way. A dock is primarily an easy way for humans to get on/off a boat. If you concerned about safety/security of your boat because of dock strength, length, etc, you can always add an anchor offshore. Use the anchor off the bow and the dock at the stern. You can then swing the boat into the dock for boarding. I've actually had to do something along these lines due to waves/wakes to keep my boat from being damaged by a dock. It may not be as convenient as a dock that is "long enough"... but with a float to hold a bow line it should not be too bad. At many lakes, anchoring is the way things are done.
  11. It's been a few months since my post on this subject. Looks like Clarion figured out the problem and has posted new firmware for the head unit. Who'd have figured that? Oh, well. Looks like everything is now a computer. Fingers crossed.
  12. Thank you very much. That WAS the problem.
  13. Thank you! That is very helpful. Hadn't thought about that sort of problem. Will test that later today.
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