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  1. Thank You Rich and Elkhound I will have to get back to my boat which is at the lake - maybe next week. The color code info you sent me will be a good troubleshooting aid. There must have been a difference in polarity between the yellow wire I connected and the wire on the lower terminal of the breaker. I may also find the 90 amp fuse on the starter solenoid was blown too. Unfortunately I don't have any documentation identifying that breaker. Also I didn't see any identification on it except 20 amps. I would expect it belongs to the device above it which is the ignition switch. I confess I don't know what part of the ignition wiring might typically be protected by the breaker but by Elkhound's comment it could be the starter solenoid but I seem to remember a yellow cable with a red stripe connected to the S terminal of the ignition switch. It didn't have a flat terminal that could connect to the breaker though. I also remember another tubular glass fuse in part of the ignition switch circuitry. Does anyone know what that might protect? I need to try to identify which wire is connected to the lower terminal of the breaker too. It is odd that there is only one wire connected to that breaker. I will check all of the other yellow wires to be sure there is no tracer and whether they are grounded or live. It is possible an incorrect wire was connected to the lower terminal of that breaker mistakenly in the past or since it was new. Unfortunately my memory doesn't recall anything about it. .
  2. I just had the ignition switch on my 2000 Chaparral SSE replaced. I noticed a yellow wire dangling loose just above the 20 amp breaker below the ignition switch. This breaker doesn't have a wire connected to its upper terminal, but has one connected to its lower terminal. All of the other switch breakers in the same row have an identical yellow wire connected to their upper terminals. Logically thinking the dangling wire belongs to the upper terminal of that breaker. I tried to connect it to that terminal but a spark flew, caused a short and tripped the breaker. I don't have a wiring schematic. Can anybody tell me what may be happening?
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