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  1. Grant

    5.7L Repower

    Hi Shepherd, Brick, Duane and others, Once again thanks for the valuable info. I have researched my engine and the serial #OF783993 tells me it is a 1995 engine. It definitely has a 2 BBL carb and 12 bolt intake manifold with the centre bolts at a different angle to the outer manifold bolts and a mechanical fuel pump. Not sure but i think i have the Thunderbolt IV distributor? I am definitely going to replace the motor but just trying to determine how far and with what? My options as far as i understand are to get a replacement long block (1995 version i.e pre vortex) and bolt everything i have straight on. Get a part pac with new long block, intake manifold and 4 barrel carburettor and bolt on exhaust and mechanical pump if possible. Or the 3rd option is to get a new Vortec replacement long block with new intake and 4 Bbl carb with more HP? Weighing up the pros and cons of each scenario, it would be nice to have more HP for not too much extra fuel consumption but not sure if the last option would fit straight into my boat and what else I would need to replace to get going again? Additionally I don't have unlimited finds or I would just buy a brand new crate engine? Anyway I am planning on setting up my boat to remove the engine this weekend. It might take a while as unfortunately am really busy at work. Any thoughts you guys have or experience with repowers would be much appreciated Cheers, Grant
  2. Grant

    5.7L Repower

    Hi guys, Thanks again for all of the feedback. My exhaust risers and manifolds were all replaced about 18 months ago and the carb was replaced just before that. I think i will get a partial pack, i.e. long block with new intake manifold, 4 barrel carb and new distributor etc. They are good value for money and should just bolt straight into the rig i have. I should get a bit more HP and trouble free boating for a while. My alpha drive is in good shape and should handle the upgrade ok. I have checked the serial number on my engine and it shows it is a 1996 motor. Can you guys tell me the difference between a pre-vortec and vortec motor apart from the rear main seal etc.
  3. Grant

    5.7L Repower

    Hi guys, Thanks for the speedy reply, when i mentioned the long block i meant the block, heads and all internal parts. I would then have to "bolt on" all the additional parts off of my existing motor, intake manifold brackets, carb etc etc. This is a much less expensive exercise than replacing the whole motor but i am not ruling out that option. I guess if i want a trouble free start and go high performance setup the whole new rig sounds the way to go. As i mentioned above i have a 5.7L with a alpha 1 gen2 drive, would the drive support a higher HP motor? Is a fuel injected engine an option?Is it worth forking our more deer for EFI?
  4. Grant

    5.7L Repower

    Hi Guys, I have a 1996 1935SS Cuddy that i have enjoyed for many years now. Unfortunately this past Summer it has finally given up and quit on me. I have been thinking about replacing the 5.7L 2 BBL motor with a new one. The existing 5.7L motor i had a bit of trouble with and was never able to get over about 40mph out of her. Im not sure whether to replace the long block and bolt on my parts or whether to buy a whole big block motor with new 4BBL carb or fuel injected/ EFI etc. Does anyone have any preferences or has done this mod before? Cheers Guys
  5. Grant

    Does anyone have or know where

    Hi JP. I have the exact same boat as you and have the mercury workshop manual for it. Inside there is the electrical schematic for the boat which i have found is very accurate as i have done quite a bit of work on mine in the last few years. All pin configurations and dash and gauges are accurate, Hope this helps. If you want i can scan mine and post it if that helps ( and if i can figure out how to get the right sized PDF on to the site). Just let me know Happy boating
  6. Grant

    1935, 2135, 2335 Roll Call

    Hi Guys, I am in New Zealand and like to read the chappie forum now and again. I have a 1996 1935 SS in teal also and looks a lot like yours Duane but a little shorter. I have 2 kids and we love taking our chappie out fishing and water sporting in the warmer months (which is the opposite for you guys in the northern hemisphere). Love the lines of the chappie and the 5.7L mercruiser with an alpha 2 leg is surprisingly economical if you drive her right. Mind you it would have to be at $2.15/Litre I will post some pics when i figure out how to, in the meantime happy boating all!
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  10. Grant

    Tril rite trailer

    Hi guys, this is my first post so please bear with me. I am the proud owner of a 1996 1935 SS. I have had it a couple of years now and am looking forward to another summer of boating. As I am in New Zealand ( those chappies get around ) and as I thought it about time to give the trailer a bit of a tune up, I have taken the boat off the trailer and am in the process of checking the bearings and brake shoes etc for wear. Trouble is I cannot for the life of me get the drum off the axle. Wondered if any of you guys out there have come up with the same problem. Cheers, Grant
  11. Grant

    Summer Days

  12. Grant

    Summer days in NZ