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  1. I have checked for leaks on the main and none are present. The manifolds and risers are original to the engines as far as I know(owned since 2011). I had my service tech pull the risers and manifolds on the port engine last fall and all were fine and reinstalled. I would assume the stb engine would be the same.
  2. Thanks everyone, and yes I did have a error in the range of temperatures that it’s reaching. Range should have been 180 to 185. I just pulled the impeller on the main water pump and it looked as good as the one I had bought to replace it with. The motors are 2005 5.0 MPIs, serial numbers OWO36696 and OWO36695. Is it possible that the thermostat is causing the problem and not opening fully? Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, i am wondering if someone else has had this problem. I was running my boat over the weekend and the stb engine want to run warm during the trip (285-290 range/no alarm). I have checked the water inlets and the main water pump and all is good. Do you think it’s the circulation pump on the engine that may be causing the issue? And if so, can I change it with out pulling the boat? Thanks to all!
  4. Thanks for the reply. My main concern is compatibility with my windlass and not jamming up when retrieving. Currently, I too have 25' of chain and 175' of what looks like 1/2" 8 ply rope. I agree that in most cases that is too much rope as I usually only use the first 50' at most when anchoring.
  5. Hi out there! I have a 2005 290 Signature. Can anyone tell me the size of the anchor rope and chain that was supplied by Chaparral? I am looking to replace the setup and can't find it called out in any of my documentation. I have a vertical windlass, original to the boat, and the manual calls for several different sizes according to the spool number. I have not been able to find a number on the spool. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Update! Found the right shop and repairs/replace and completed without issue.
  7. Does anyone have experience with replacing the shutter valves on 5.0 Mercruiser in a Signature 290? I have found the pieces in the lower foot exhaust and need to address both engines. I have tried two shops and no one will touch them due to the location of the valves in regards to the fiberglass overhang in the back of the engine compartment and close quarters around the engines. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  8. I will check the material the first chance I get. I used ethanol fuel for about a year until I started having problems with my generator and water accumulation in the bowl. I am the third owner of the boat so I can not speak for what fuel was used prior to 2011.
  9. Could be....didn't think of that. I think it is most likely a corrosion issue or cracked weld.
  10. Yes, the tank is aluminum.....don't think its a screw due to no problems until now. Thanks for the comments on wiring and causing more problems. That's why I contacted Chap, but I am really disappointed with the lack of concern or help from them. I have only spoke with a young lady in customer service, any suggestions on someone else to talk to at Chap? I will probably dive into this project myself after Thanksgiving sometime next weekend. Thanks for the comments!
  11. All of the tank fittings are exposed on the port side, aft end of the tank. Tank has been tested simular to what you described and is leaking. Chaparral customer service has stated that there are no drawings available (hard to believe since the model is still in production). The factory approach is to remove the engines and generator, cut the floor and forward firewall and bring the tank out through the engine compartment. It seems to me that it may be possible to only cut the floor of the aft cabin and a small portion of the firewall and bring the tank out through the cabin openings. Als
  12. Thanks Iggy, I had read about a simular response from Chap but I have not gotten much help from them. My boat is a 2005 Model, so basically 10 years old. Their response was a drawing of the tank and a short list on what needed to be done to swap.
  13. I am dealing with a problems with my 290 Signature. About a month ago, I opened my engine room hatch and discovered raw fuel in the bilge (about 2" deep). The boat has been secured and all of the fuel has been pumped out of the tank and through a series of tests we have confirmed it is the tank leaking. Chaparral and the dealer both say that the generator and both engines have to be removed and the forward firewall and aft berth floor cut and removed to get at the tank. Does anyone have any experience with replacing the tank in this model? Method? Pictures? Thanks, Goula Guy
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