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  1. 175 at idle 180 running been that way since day one probably needs to run a little warmer for the cat converter
  2. we have the 18 and love it but its just the 2 of us easy to tow easy to feed and easy to take care of but it is a 2 to 4 person boat
  3. they should be the same length something isn't right I would try to nail it down before you keep running the motor
  4. could be a bearing going south on an alternator or a power steering pump
  5. you must be on Wallenpaupack we day trip up there a couple times a year I dont understand why it seems nobody uses cleats just those worthless rings that are held in by one loose screw
  6. we have an H2O and we love it not sure how the jet boats handle at low speeds
  7. I would opt for the new h20 also parts and service are easier to come by and cheaper for the mercruiser as opposed to the volvo
  8. they discontinued the 18 because mercruiser stop making the 3.0 the later years were carbureted instead of mpi I have a 15 and its been great except for a few minor issues corrected by the dealer under warranty
  9. most engine shops in the real world do not bench run engines they are put together with assembly lube and shipped without the starter carburetor alternator ect. again I would crank it with the kill switch off until the oil pressure gage moves
  10. I would hit the kill switch and turn It over for 10 seconds or so to get the oil through the engine before the first start up the cooling should not be an issue just watch the temp and oil pressure gauges
  11. do I make the check payable to the bank of Nigeria
  12. vonshep


    I have never dealt with the father he passed a few years ago I have only ever dealt with Tom and he has been great I wouldn't buy a boat or have one serviced anywhere else
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