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  1. my personal favorite was when these people thought it was ok to use the courteously dock at the ramp as a staging area and proceed to pull their kids on a tube at full power in the no wake zone
  2. an intermitted problem like that sounds electrical could be something as simple as a loose connection to the coil or ignition switch next time it does it see if its getting spark just pop a wire off the distributer hold about 1/2 inch from the cap see if it sparks
  3. looks like chap is discontinuing the 18ft probably because the 3.0 is no longer in production by gm anyone hear if they are replacing it with an outboard version
  4. new does come with a warranty
  5. when we went boat shopping we wanted something in the 18 19 range we thought the h2o was by far the nicest in that size range
  6. cash before you hand over the title I wouldn't take a certified check or a wire transfer yankee dollars in my hand or no title
  7. if your talking about the area with the fuel tank on one side and the battery on the other I wouldn't store anything there it will end up in the engine not a good place for things bouncing around and if it ends up under the pan you may not to get it back
  8. we only got out twice last year we probably got out 5 or 6 times by now
  9. congrats that's where we bought ours you will not find better service than dinbokowitz they are the best
  10. have no idea but they no longer offer the 3.0 with injection
  11. i know the 18 no longer comes with the mpi they went back to a carb I think mercruiser is doing away with the 3.0
  12. I am sure its oil and the oil filter screws on the block the leak seems to be coming from the front of the starter
  13. well I did an experiment this morning I ringed the oil pan with paper towels as well as the dipstick tube and the oil filter and went for a tow when I checked it there was oil in the bilge and not a spot on any of the paper towels got me stumped
  14. thanks but the oil filter screws on the block I think it has more to do with the sloshing around when towing like I said the only thing back there is the sender but I would think that would leak when the engine is running because its under pressure My next suspect is the dip stick where it goes into the block maybe don't know ill take it in next week never heard of anything like this driving me nuts
  15. got another odd oil leak .When the engine is running I get 1 or 2 drips directly below the starter when I tow I get about a shot glass worth maybe more its hard to tell because it sloshes around . The oil pan is dry I checked all the bolts and none are loose the fuel pump and oil filter are dry and the leak is much further back .Could a oil pressure sender do this . Oh and the engine is a mercruiser 3.0 mpi