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  1. vonshep

    Box Anchor

    I use a 30lb river anchor with 6ft of chain its the only thing I have found that doesn't pull when the wind constantly changes direction .I have the same issue with the narrow coves so I cant let out rode .I would love to ditch that set up because its such a pain pulling up how does that box anchor work with changing winds
  2. vonshep

    delaware river

    thinking about taking a run down the river from Bristol to the c&d question is how many days after a good rain does it take for the debris to flush out ?
  3. vonshep

    New Trailer Tires - Recommendations Needed

    maxxis radials a bit more money but cheaper than breaking down
  4. vonshep

    Brand new Suncoast leaking

    don't sound good to me i would want the boat sent back to chaparral and resealed properly
  5. vonshep

    Best vinyl cleaner

    bio clean cleaner and conditioner very happy with the results
  6. vonshep

    Boat ratchet straps to attach to trailer

    i like the boat buckle transom tie down straps very user friendly
  7. vonshep

    alternator issue? new to boating

    alternator is an easy check use a voltmeter the batteries should be at 12 volts start the motor you should be getting 14.5 or 15 volts if not the alternator is probably shot
  8. vonshep

    Oil change pump out

    this is correct you should never store a motor with dirty oil
  9. vonshep

    Who are you rooting for today?

    i am rooting for an early spring
  10. vonshep

    H2O 21 Sport - Anchor Size

    for the lake anchor i use a 35 lb river anchor some of the coves we like don't allow for a lot of rode and it gets pretty windy .We tried every other type of anchor i can imagine and this is the only one that has never pulled during lunch or nap time
  11. vonshep

    H2O 21 Sport - Anchor Size

    your anchor will depend on where you anchor and the type of bottom current tide ect
  12. vonshep

    O2 Sensor Problems?

    find another mechanic
  13. vonshep

    2003 mercruiser

    start with a tune up plugs cap rotor wires if it hasn't been done a bad plug wire can cause that .Then move to the carb and vacuum lines
  14. vonshep

    Oil Change-The Extractor

    I would be concerned about the tube breaking off in the oil filter galley or getting stuck either way the engine is getting torn down .I have never had a problem using the dipstick tube which goes to the bottom of the pan that is what it was designed for
  15. vonshep

    Oil Change-The Extractor

    I run mine and let it sit for 20 min hook up the pump and get 95% out even with a drain plug you truly never get all the oil out .If you don't give the oil time to drain back into the pan you get less out