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  1. find another mechanic
  2. start with a tune up plugs cap rotor wires if it hasn't been done a bad plug wire can cause that .Then move to the carb and vacuum lines
  3. I would be concerned about the tube breaking off in the oil filter galley or getting stuck either way the engine is getting torn down .I have never had a problem using the dipstick tube which goes to the bottom of the pan that is what it was designed for
  4. I run mine and let it sit for 20 min hook up the pump and get 95% out even with a drain plug you truly never get all the oil out .If you don't give the oil time to drain back into the pan you get less out
  5. merc 3.0 mpi
  6. I was wondering what the service life of the exhaust shutters are I would rather be too soon than late
  7. my accessory switch turns on the depth finder
  8. Brunswick does not own chap
  9. ya I was hoping for 19ftish outboard but no windshield not interested maybe next year they will strap an outboard on the 19 h2o
  10. update I have found the source of the leak now how to fix it its not oil and its not coming from the motor . Where the spot is appearing what I thought was a dot on the floor of the bilge is a actually a hole about the size of a pen tip the stuff is oozing out of that hole. What was happening was when I trailer air moves through the rear vents and blows on the hole and makes it ooze I duplicated it with a leaf blower and watched it ooze out .its about a 1/2 inch left of the bilge pump mount so I cant reach it as my arms are human
  11. x2 spun prop
  12. my personal favorite was when these people thought it was ok to use the courteously dock at the ramp as a staging area and proceed to pull their kids on a tube at full power in the no wake zone
  13. an intermitted problem like that sounds electrical could be something as simple as a loose connection to the coil or ignition switch next time it does it see if its getting spark just pop a wire off the distributer hold about 1/2 inch from the cap see if it sparks
  14. looks like chap is discontinuing the 18ft probably because the 3.0 is no longer in production by gm anyone hear if they are replacing it with an outboard version
  15. new does come with a warranty