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  1. Room wise 327 is great. If you will be keeping your boat in salt water, like I keep my 327, I would stay away. Also I can't speak for everyone else for the price I paid I have had issues with it. I guess at the price point the 327 ssx is at it seems I should not have the number of problems I have had. I will say when it is all working, its the best boat out there, except for maybe Formula 430-super-sport-crossover or 350 CBR with outboards.
  2. nmookerjee

    327 SSX

    Anyone have any problems with their 327 SSX wiring? I have a 2012 327 SSX and the repair guys say their was an electrical fire which fused and burned up the wiring and wiring harness. Anyone have a similar issues with their electrical system on a 327 SSX?
  3. I have 327 ssx and when I switch from shore power to generator it won't switch over. I have the generator turned on and the slide moved but when I flip the switch I get no amps. Any ideas?
  4. I have 2013 327 ssx and the trim tab for the outdrives is not working. The tab which is on the throttle control. The individual trim tab button for each outdrive works but not the one on the throttle. Anyone have the same issue?
  5. delaney I saw the pictures of your boat you have posted. In one of them you have the aft canvas...if you have the cover on can you sit in the boat in the back seats? or does the cover hit your head?
  6. that sucks you had to do it or pay for it. it the options list says it comes with one. thank you for the update.
  7. anyone find where the dc plugs are for a 2012 Chaparral 327 ssx? I can't find them...the boat came with a tube inflator but i can't find where you plug it in.
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