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  1. Hello Scolba 

    my name is martin. Seen your post. I'm also in central IL. Peoria. We boat mostly at Clinton Lake but also go on some really fun trips. Maybe we can link up this summer. 

    1. scolba


      Hey Martin! We hit Clinton a ton too! We normally run from Parnell to the intake side of the plant, and then anchor and swim, chill, drink, and eat there. Pretty laid back most of the time. Haha. That would be cool to meet up some time. 

    2. Challenger604


      We put in at the Clinton lake Marina. We go to the discharge side early in the season then head to the intake side as the season goes on. If you see us definitely stop me and say hello, or let me know when you are heading out and we can meet up. We leave our boat a bunch in the grass on Saturday night is we know we are going back out on Sunday. That way we don't have to haul the boat back to Peoria. But yeah we definitely like to chill on the lake. Lol

  2. I suppose the torsional forces could be an issue, esp if wake/bouncing becomes an issue. So so I came across this. Now, I’m not going to pay that many deer for that thing, but I do like the design. It focuses the weight down low, so the grab bar could be utilized for stability only with a strap, ensuring the forces are straight out. So it makes me wonder if some large generic rack could be adapted in a similar manner....maybe something like this. Not sure if that would be tall enough though. If these links are a no-no, let me know-know.
  3. Hey dudes. Still snowing in central il, so I’m forced to only dream of the upcoming season. With that in mind, I’m scheming. The first mate and I like to cruise the Illinois river, and make some stops at the towns along it, but we would like to venture off the river a bit further. So we are thinking of taking the bikes along this year. But I would really like to keep them up off the swim platform, if possible. So I was wondering, has anybody ever experimented with a bike rack off the back of the sun-pad area? Maybe using the grab bar as a mounting point? Any ideas on which styles might work better for this? Any other ideas to keep me from spiraling into a still-winter-lack-of-boating-depression? Lol thanks!
  4. Lol, dang, I was going to ask too. Hey, Jime, don't worry about storage! Just sell it to me!! ok, I suppose or to Dan or me. Lol
  5. Yeah it looks pretty brutal out there. I have seen some at between 400-440 ea. B.O.A.T is literally the most accurate acronym I have ever heard.
  6. Hijack question....does this help with vapor lock that some other boat/engine combo's are prone to as well?
  7. My google-fu turns up that the thermostat spec is 160, so 165-175 is probably reasonable.
  8. Ah yeah, Starboard! I knew I had read a brand on here somewhere. Looks like its relatively similar to HDPE (Rather than UHMW), too, especially if not in the sun. Sorry, I wasn't super clear in what I meant. I was thinking replace both helm seats with models from a newer Chap, not trying to find a new-old-stock one. But a canvas shop to modify the existing one to be shorter whilst repairing That might make mama the happiest.
  9. badabing
  10. I actually just saw one! I'll go see if I can dig er up again.
  11. So this weekend a friend of ours sat down awkwardly on the Admiral's seat, and it broke the bolster portion off. It looks like it may have been coming for a while, as the screws holes are a bit stripped, and some bits are cracked. So obviously this will need to be fixed.....however....the Admiral isn't a big fan of this kind of seat. She finds it too long for her legs in the lowered position, and too high in the raised position. So I was hoping for an opinion from the members here. Should I track down this type of material (is it just UHMW Poly or something fancier?) Or should I consider a newer design of seat that's bolster doesn't make the seat quite as long? Surely they improved on these a bit since 2001? Thanks for the input as usual!!
  12. Oooh, that new SSx is sharp! I like! I hadn't actually considered changing up the decals themselves. There are some interesting ones available form some sellers online of other Chap's, too. That could be fun to explore. Thanks for the input Shep!
  13. I figured Brick would be in before too long when he saw 220 in the title. Just spitballing for now....though wraps are cool, they might be a little TOO extreme for me, too. Lol, maybe I should just be content for a while. Thanks guys!!!
  14. ahh...that is to what I was referring in the first post. Sorry I didn't make that clear enough! My stream of consciousness writing fails me again. lol. But still...if a vinyl shop was to make something, it certainly could be a decal.
  15. looks like there were a few in 2001.