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  1. Well from experience.....check it out throughly. Was on lake 2 weekends ago going to blue angels show and the outdrive burped up a bunch of drive fluid back up thru the lube bottle ( blew the cap off ) and the upper gears are gone. Slivers of metal throughout drive. Gonna need a complete replacement. No noises, no warning, lube was full (checked at upper plug and bottle prior to going out). A loud grinding noise followed by deceleration and engine stalling. 2.5 BOATs later I will have a new replacement drive.
  2. Something is not right with the gear. BT might be right with improper heat treating. Winch capicity seems low to me. That boat set up weighs 3000# or somewhere close to that. If you are tight to the frt stop and it's not bouncing, road " bumps" are not going to cause that issue IMO. Over capicity and winching on could. I use a light spray of silicone on my bunks and it loads and unloads much easier. Both frt and rear are strapped for travel. I've loaded an unloaded mine since 2004 and winch still looks like new. ( at least 400 times) No visible wear on teeth and we winch on every tim
  3. Check with you local marinas (Indian River Marine) on Hubbard lake or West Marine in Traverse City. They should have them in stock. On line order as well
  4. Size will be based on a couple of things... - your budget - your personal comfort needs...what your planning on doing, going and or willing to put up with. Will determine type of boat you will need. - storage options when not using. - tow vehicle (if trailering) that is within weight requirements. - budget ANY of the Great Lakes can go from mirror calm to very uncomfortable conditions based on weather in less than 30 minutes. Careful planning and monitoring weather will allow for use of just about any craft. IF you run into weather, bigger will help in getti
  5. Brian S

    Signature 240

    Usually listed as dry weight. Add fuel water and any other stuff added to boat
  6. Looks to me like a repair which was painted to match that wasn't prepped correctly. It's pealing from the base layer. Ummm that won't "buff out". That's gonna need some professional help IMO.
  7. Based on the charts for fuse selection vs wire size you should be able to use a 15 amp. (Google chart) I'm betting your right at limit of the 10 amp
  8. Canton,Michigan. (Between Detroit and Ann Arbor)
  9. What's this choke thing you speak of Sounds like it set to tight and once you get enough flow it overrides the choke plate. Not hanging up on something is it?
  10. Undersized fuse for the circuit load? What size is it?
  11. Get someone with a scanner to look at them. Sounds like they are in a restricted mode
  12. Ok...... if I were looking for parts and you have some that you mention. Well..... so be it. Pm the rest. Just sayin
  13. What's broke or what's "cracked". I would want a proper diagnosis prior to spending anything more. The 5.0 in that era had freeze plug issues. I would want to see whats really wrong. Mine has 650 + hours on it and it runs like new.
  14. Plenty of words come to mind but the filter keeps from posting them. Pretty stupid considering anything could have happened and the 5000 lb fiberglass battering ram is free to go where it wants. I've seen one other clip similar to this where the jacka$$ actually fell and you could get him screaming NOooooooo while the boat keeps on going. I wonder if he has a stupidity clause in his insurance or if they could deny claim if he were to fall.
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