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  1. Scott, your a a good man. finally located it , the dealer had no idea and I've literally turned the boat inside out. many thanks. Soul.
  2. No luck, mines a 2013 model 285 ssx. any body else have an idea ? Rang the dealer ....clueless. Soul.
  3. Hi guys, happy new year. does anybody know the location of the windlass circuit breaker ? and any other fuse for the windlass ? logic tells me it's gotta be near the batteries , but no luck. 285 ssx 2013. 496 mag motor b3. many thanks. Soul.
  4. Hi guys, My 2013 285 ssx same hull I believe , with the 430 hp 496 mag ho , no cats ...would constantly hit the rev limiter at around 58 to 60 mph gps on 26 p. Had some issues with the larger prop and found out that the props had been cupped ! So I guess the 26 props cupped are the go ,at least on my boat . By the way , I'm in Australia . Soul.
  5. Man, This has gotta be the best info I've ever learnt . I've been killing myself trying to work it out ! Many many thanks, Soul.
  6. Guys, Boats running 26 props . Soul.
  7. Hi guys, Glorious autumn day today , Took out the boat for some fun . WOT top speed was 62 on gauge 60.5 on gps. 8.2 Merc Ho 2013 model 5000 rpm 3 adult 2 kids Full tank Calm day. Does this sound right ? Thanks in advance , Soul.
  8. Hi guys, Thanks for all the helpful info , especially the bit about the different cushion and cover bit ! I really wanted it more as a grab rail , so I'll look into modifying something. Many thanks again , from the great land of Aus ! Soul.
  9. Hi Guys , The boat I've purchased -a 2013 285 ssx does not have the Stainless foot rest rail on the rear lounge ! Any ideas how and where I can purchase one ? Has any body ever made one ? I've tried contacting Chaparral direct to no avail ! Keep in mind I am in the great land of Australia. Thanks in advance , Soul.
  10. Thanks guys, A very excited 48 year old little boy I am ! Soul
  11. Hi guys , After literally scouring the world to import a boat into Australia , I purchased this about 90 kms away from me ! 2013 285 ssx with 430 ho Merc b3 with 38 hours and all the bells and whistles minus air and gen! Always been a Searay guy , I'll now see what all the fuss is about ! Looking forward to it too! Soul
  12. Thanks guys , Is there any chance some one could help me with hieght measurement on trailer on a 275/285 ssx? The boat I am looking at is without trailer . Many thanks , Soul.
  13. Thanks guys , Waiting on a survey etc... Hoping it's a good candidate ! A lot of bow riders here in Aus , but cuddies are rare. Shipping works on cubic meters. Worked out on extremities of the "parcel" dimension in a cube . Hence if I could remove the arch it saves around 3 k in shipping . Soul.
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