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  1. That hard top blends with the old body style surprisingly well! I'm assuming you had to have a custom canvas made for it.
  2. The first time I drove a boat was when I was eleven. It was a friend's 32' Wellcraft St. Tropez. I piloted that thing all the way from Occoquan on the Potomac River to Washington D.C., and back. (It was an adventure, I'll say that much, and it started my love of boats.) . I wouldn't worry about starting off with a larger runabout. I've found from experience that bigger runabouts tend to be easier to handle. The counter-rotating propellers really keep the whole thing under control when at the dock and when cruising. Chap makes a really smooth running deep-vee hull that tracks straig
  3. Well that makes a world of difference!
  4. Cello- I hope that I don't sound harsh, but this boat has all of the markings of a potential nightmare. If the owner wasn't paying his storage bills, it is also likely that he did not have enough money to sufficiently maintain it either. There are so many expensive things that can be wrong with that boat. You can be dealing with anything that I listed in my previous post, or worse! They told you that the boat wasn't winterized for two years?? It could have a cracked block, a cracked coolant line for the genny or A/C. These are problems that can potentially sink the boa
  5. Time has to be factored in. If you plan to do your own repairs and the boat needs lots of work, be ready to spend weekends wrenching instead of sitting on the hook with some cold ones. Money and/or time is something that always needs to be factored in. Are you buying the boat to enjoy, or as a new project? As far as that trailer goes, see if you can find a serial number. I believe trailers have titles just like any other vehicles. If you can't find a serial number on the trailer, the title will have it. Call the manufacturer and see if they can give you the specs. As another po
  6. One other thing to consider, and there may be some here who disagree, is that for the most part, boats are not like cars in that they have "good" years and "bad" years. You tend to get "good" boats or "bad" boats regardless of the year, brand, or model purchased. (Of course, brands with a reputation for quality statistically tend to have less "problem" boats than those that have more of a reputation for price.) . Boats aren't mass produced like cars are, so you get more variation in the shape of the hull, the alignment of the engines, the installation quality of the various systems and compo
  7. The first thing to do is to find a competent and reputable boat mechanic. Preferably someone with gray hair. The second thing is to do as much preventative maintenance as possible. -Find out where all of the impellers are and replace them. (In the engine and in the drive if applicable for that year) -Check oil pump and coolant pump, replace if necessary -Replace all hoses and belts -Pull Drive -New Gimbal bearing and bellows -Align Outdrive -New Zincs -New Spark Plugs and Wires -Have the carb looked at. Rebuild if needed. -Have the ri
  8. I don't have a 350, but based on talking to several people who do own them or have owned them, the 8.1's are preferable to the 6.2's. This is especially true if you are switching to an express because you are unhappy with the performance of your aft-cabin boat.
  9. Toddk- As you probably know, most boats have one problem or another. A friend of mine has a 34 ft Tiara that wound up with a cracked hull due to a factory defect. At the same time, I see plenty of old, faded Bayliners still in regular use by their respective owners. That being said, even the very best boats can have a problem and relatively "cheap" boats can last a long time. If I was in your shoes, I would do the following: 1. Get the boat surveyed before buying. 2. Ask the previous owner for maintenance receipts. Billy
  10. Thanks for the help, guys. Sounds like the 496 HO is an awesome engine!
  11. Hey guys, we are looking to move up this coming year, and we were looking into a used sig 310/330, but the larger costs of ownership are making us have some second thoughts. So, we are also considering staying in the large runabout category and one of the possibilities is a 275 SSi. Our 265 has the 375 hp 496 Mag, which we are happy with, but we are hoping to find a 275 SSI with a 496 HO or volvo 8.1 430 hp engine. What is the difference in maintenance and reliability for the Merc 496 HO/volvo 8.1 430 hp vs. the standard 8.1 (375hp/380hp) variants? Do they need any periodic valve adjustme
  12. Regardless of what the horsepower rating is, the 350 is a great engine for that size boat. One thing to check on is the size of the carburetor. A 4-barrel carburetor will significantly improve the top end performance of that boat (3400 rpm to WOT). The 2 barrel will be fine as well, but won't quite give you as much punch at high speeds. However, either way, I'd say you got a good deal.
  13. My boat is 8 years old and has 300 hours. I haven't had any problems with the Corsa exhaust, and I love the sound. The only thing that would sound better is TWO big blocks with big cams and open exhaust. If you like the way the boat performs, you will really like it with the big block. It's a heavy boat, and even heavier with fuel, water, gear, and passengers. The 496 puts the boat on plane fully loaded with only 3/4 of the throttle applied. Where as my last boat, a 23 footer with a 5.7L v8 had to be floored to get on plane when fully loaded. The big block burns more gas if you want t
  14. Despite my sympathies for you, you did break rule #1 when buying a new boat. Test drive and look over with a fine tooth comb. You wouldn't buy a 32K car without test driving, would you?
  15. Woah. It may be inconsiderate....but imagine how much fuel that monster is burning just to have some thrills. Not to mention the fact that the two behind the boat are inhaling diesel fumes and CO. It's amazing some of the stuff you see out there.
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