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  1. mpm330

    Serious leak from transom area

    Plus 1
  2. mpm330

    Kohler generator LOC code

    Check the impeller, my guess it needs replaced again. I feel lucky if I make a full season.
  3. When cleaning the bowl do not use any type of cleaner that has bleach.
  4. mpm330

    Drain fresh water tank?

    The product is Camco Tastepure and if you look at lable it is bleach (Sodium hypochlorite).
  5. mpm330

    Drain fresh water tank?

    I will have to use bleach next time now that I am out of the tabs.
  6. mpm330

    Signature Head Faucet leaking...Help Please

    Going to have to look at this next time at boat. You may be able to take a panel off in the back berth.
  7. mpm330

    Drain fresh water tank?

    It is my understanding that Fresh Tabs are no longer made. To bad.
  8. mpm330

    Drain fresh water tank?

    Starboard side next to the waste pump out. starboard side
  9. mpm330

    Right size engine for 330 Signature

    5.7 should work fine. The Pentas with Oceanx drive have a little more get up than the 350 Mercs.
  10. mpm330

    Bottom Cleaning in the water

    That would be great to have on the lake.
  11. mpm330

    A/C on Boat Needs to be Replaced - Suggestions?

    Looks like what you need. The pump should be just fine.
  12. mpm330

    A/C on Boat Needs to be Replaced - Suggestions?

    What I could find for that year of 289 was a 10,000 BTU, but Marine Air does not show that size. The 11,000 that you have pictured above would be best if foot print matches.
  13. mpm330

    A/C on Boat Needs to be Replaced - Suggestions?

    My guess is it is the Marine Air 6000 BTU model. Go to there website and look at the information to see which one fits. It maybe the 9000 model. If the 9000 would fit go with it.
  14. mpm330


    Do the snaps have the vinyl placed between snap and carpet?
  15. mpm330

    Noobie with a few questions

    I had a boat on Texoma for several years and the bilge heater and cabin heat protected the boat. I did worry more about the cold since it is 90 miles north of here, but the lake never froze. In the winter I do put the enclosure on, but that is just for ease of getting on and off. The cockpit cover would keep it warmer. The heat in the cabin will not set below 60, so that is were I set it. During the winter if we are going to have days that stay above freezing I turn the cabin heat off and if we are going to have freezing I run over and turn it on. That is something that I could not do on Texoma. The cabin heat does not help engine compartment, just protects stuff in cabin. I do drain the fresh water lines and protect the waste tank. The cabin heat is just in case there is water still in the lines.