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  1. mpm330

    What color to buy?

    When I said black takes more effort I was talking about the fact that black will show the water sports more than white. You have to wash the black more often and wipe down. White and black require the same amount of waxing.
  2. mpm330

    What color to buy?

    Black is beautiful when clean and waxed. I wash my boat about every two weeks and have it waxed every fall. After a wax you can see yourself in the black areas. Yes it takes more effort but the results are beautiful.
  3. mpm330

    Know All The

    What happened to the REPORT button? Chaparral Web team clean up the spam!
  4. mpm330

    Dead Batteries

    There should also be some green LEDs that indicate that it is charging and the type of batteries it is setup for. You can go to ProMariner's web site and down load the manual if you don't have one. If all you have is the blue AC LED your charger is probably bad. In the manual it explains how to run the self test to check charger.
  5. mpm330

    Dead Batteries

    The battery charger on the Sigs is a 30 or 20 amp charger. First check to see if you have AC at the main panel in the cabin. On my boat there are switches at the shore power connection, there is a switch that turns the power on at the main panel and a gauge that shows the voltage. There is also a breaker for the charger on the main panel. Like said you need to see if you are getting power to the charger. I had my charger fail last year, not uncommon. Not sure how the engine hatch lifts, but if it uses a lift it can be powered by connecting a charger to the external battery connection. If all good at charger, batteries are kaput.
  6. mpm330

    Signature 330 Depth Gauge

    Mine is mounted in front of the starboard engine.
  7. mpm330

    Bimini Top Frame Parts

    Check with Cecil Marine or a local canvas shop.
  8. mpm330

    Signature 330 Holding Tank

    I do the same thing every pump out. Helps keep the tank cleaner.
  9. mpm330

    Oklahoma tornado-destroys marina

    The power of mother nature is amazing.
  10. mpm330

    Bottom paint or not - freshwater

    I wouldn't paint the bottom if the boat was going to be in the water for only 6 months., just too many negatives. I have mine painted, but it is in year round. It still gets growth and needs to be pulled out and power washed yearly. It also requires being repainted every 5 years. You can pull it every few months and pull it into a car wash and clean it.
  11. mpm330

    Signature 330 Holding Tank

    What year is your 330?
  12. mpm330

    Winterize in TX or??

    For one thing is is more concentrated. It was designed for marine use and will last up to 12 months.
  13. mpm330

    Winterize in TX or??

    1. Draining the engine should get the water out, but some like to run antifreeze thru the engine. The antifreeze does add extra protection. 2. I use Stabil Marine in my boat all the time and have never had a problem with the gas. There are two schools on tank full or empty, I fill mine before winter with the correct amount of Stabil. 3. The school of thought is to change oil (engine & out drive) in the fall. It removes any moisture and acid that might be there. Having moisture in the out drive can be really expensive if there is a hard freeze. Most of the time the Dallas area doesn't get cold enough, but a few years back it did and there was a lot of people that wound up with cracked blocks
  14. mpm330

    Which Battery Charger

    Trying to decide on new charger for the bow thruster battery. The ProMariner that has failed was a 1220i and I could go with a 1220p (20 amp), but seems to be over kill to me. I was thinking on going with the 1210p which is 2 battery 10 amp charger. The 1210p is about $70 less. The charger is normally not on when the bow thruster is being used, so it purpose is to recharge the battery once docked. It has several days to do that most of the time. I am having a hard time paying the extra money.