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  1. Went over to check on boat today and it turns out that the lake is up so high that the parking lots are flood. I didn't check to see if they had installed walkways that would allow me to walk docks to boat. If not will have to see if they are running boats out to the docks. Not a good thing with being stuck at home with all that is going on.
  2. At my age I am not sure I would be able to get on it, but would be fun to try!
  3. mpm330

    CO Detector

    I have two in the cabin that are connected to the 12 Volts. Since I can't replace with the same one I was thinking of using one that has it's own battery power. They make some that the battery lasts for 10 years.
  4. mpm330

    CO Detector

    That is what I am thinking.
  5. mpm330

    CO Detector

    Was out to the boat last week and when I went into the cabin the Fireboy CO detector was sounding it's end of life warning. Not the first time to have to deal with this. So I figured I would get on line and order another one to replace the bad one. It seems it is not that easy. Fireboy does not make that model any longer and you have get the new model at over $100. I am considering getting one that does not indicate that it is marine. The question I have does it matter since the detector is in the cabin and out of the weather. Thoughts on this?
  6. It looks like the one just pass Cedar Bayou.
  7. That cove in the picture I use to over night in when we were on Texoma. It was a great spot out of the wind and traffic.
  8. Neck and discs are doing great. I was having a lot of pains before and that is all gone. When you get the board make sure someone records you trying to get up on it. Then send it to AFV.
  9. True, but the upkeep is a lot of work for both.
  10. Boat show here in the Dallas area is the fist week in Feb. Not that I am allowed to go to it. My 330 was a boat show boat and will probably be my last boat. I will keep her till I can no longer take care of her. Not sure when you call it spring around here since it was 81 on Wed.
  11. My folks and brother had houses on Grand. I spent many vacations at their places. They were in the Grove area of the lake. It is a very pretty lake and I always enjoyed my time there. They did a lot of fishing, not much playing. As for boating to and eating my experience is that there were not many places to do that. Even in Grove there were not many eating places, which was a problem when you wanted to go out to get something to eat. I would think that Table Rock would have more eating places on the lake, could be wrong about that.
  12. I have 4 of the Taylor Made with covers that prevent them from scuffing the black gel coat. Have only used 2 at anytime. Not much for rafting up.
  13. The last time I had the gimbal bearings replaced I had a vibration in the port engine. After some troubleshooting my mechanic changed the gimbal bearing to a non-merc. gimbal. problem went away.
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