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  1. Have the DTS on my 330 and it is a great feature. On a boat with twins it allows for the use of single throttle. Have not had a single problem with it.
  2. Check on Ebay. If not there, maybe a salvage yard.
  3. As said above the drives use different gear lube. The engine oil is also different since Merc uses 25/40 and Volvo uses 10/40. I wouldn't use the Volvo stuff in my Mercs.
  4. This is a common problem here in Texas because of the large number of trucks. One way to help stop yours from being stolen is to lock the tail gate.
  5. OUCH!
  6. Scary yes,. 400 grand will be hard to get with no one hurt. He may get what the guy has as liability, but will have to split with lawyer. My guess is the insurance company may offer a 1/4 of that, more if the boat is used for business.
  7. Black or dark blue will require more work than a lighter color boat. I have mine waxed and buff every year and always use fenders that have fleece covers. The black gel coat on my boat looks better than it did when it was new and there is no fading. When the weather is warm it gets washed weekly and is in a covered slip year round. The shop used a different polish this year and the results were outstanding. 3M Perfert-it Ex machine polish. They said they can only buy it in gallons.
  8. Boat engines don't operate in a dusty environment. They just need a spark arrestor in case of a backfire.
  9. The access maybe located under the aft seat cushion. If it is a dead house battery there should be two terminals to connect another battery to. That will supply power to the house battery.
  10. Right back at you. Have a safe New Year.
  11. Looks like a fun summer.
  12. Second that. They will make to what you want.
  13. A Happy Birthday (old geezer).
  14. Yearly I have the engine oil, filter, and out drive lube changed. Marine engines and drives get a real work out especially with the weight of my boat. Fuel filter around two years. Along with the filter there is a small screen in the coolfuel module that they change. Impellers every three years. I don't really winterize since it doesn't get cold enough and it is sitting in the water year round.
  15. That is what I had too. Two on the boat and one at home.