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  1. That's the stuff I have used on my boats and it does last.
  2. Highly suggest using something like Boat Life "Life Caulk". Bath caulk is not designed for the marine environment. Things like oil, sun, and constant movement. My 2 cents.
  3. Not the first time the wire harness has caused people problems on here.
  4. The mechanic said the Merc bearing had a warranty of just one year, but the Sierra is a 2 year warranty. All made in China. Just glad that I have a mechanic that would work with me and took the time to check it out. The guys here at my marina are great and one of the reasons that I keep my boat there.
  5. Problem solved! They checked alignment and it was dead on, u-joints were good. They replaced the gimble bearing with a Merc. bearing and vibration is gone. The mechanic had never seen this before. They had installed a Sierra bearing when they did all the maintenance last fall. He is going to send it back to Sierra to see what was wrong with it.
  6. Check gear lub.
  7. That works, but hot rope cutter does a cleaner job.
  8. If it was me I would change the impeller since you don't know the history. Cheap insurance.
  9. If your going to cut nylon rope you should use a hot rope cutter.
  10. I think the shortest I have seen is 15'.
  11. And add covers, keeps the side of the boat looking new.
  12. I would think that the foam would scratch the sides of the boat.
  13. All the parts are coming from China these days.
  14. Mine was hidden behind the speaker below the throttles. Since the install is done by the dealer they could be anywhere.