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  1. Did you check the DC breaker that is located under the helm on my boat. Since the frig runs on AC and DC there is a breaker for the DC and one for the AC.. Would check before pulling frig out.
  2. What you find on the Signatures is the Fireboy. If you install an automatic extinguisher you will have to connect the ground from the blower to it. If the automatic extinguisher deploys you want the blower to turn off.
  3. It maybe the hose to the speed-o, Just a guess.
  4. Mine is a cushion. The problem is finding storage for all the cushions. I have a cushion that goes on the main table, one that goes on the side table, another goes in the cockpit to turn the area into a sun pad,, and one that goes out on the bow.
  5. I would look at getting the one you have repaired, it is going to be a lot less expensive. The genset in my boat has not given me a lot of problems besides having to replace the impeller. I did have the gear that dives the impeller go out last year that is the most trouble it has given me.
  6. Try asking pervious owner. He probably took it home since it was hard to store all the cushions. That is what I did.
  7. I had a bad experience with snapin carpet. The carpet did not fit and I tried to get them to refund the money and they would not do it. I later found out there is another company that goes by snapin and the carpet in the name ends with a s. You can find them by going to matworks. Everything I have seen says that they do a good job. Myself I ordered carpet from Cecil Marine and it was just like the factory carpet and fit perfect. It cost a little more, but you get what you pay for. I know people that have had good luck with the first company, but I did not.
  8. It sounds as if the vent is blocked. You should be able to stick the hose in and let it rip.
  9. From what the guy said, it was installed before all the approvals had been received and you know how the Corp is about their paper work.
  10. try here http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/center-windshield-latch-w-rivot/
  11. I don't think they have any on Texoma. I called to check on the one in Lewisville and its seems that they have been shut down by the Corp. It seems that they didn't have all the paper work done and the Corp told them they have to pull it out. Dang shame, I found out that it would of been 95 to have my boat done. Crap!
  12. I am surprised that they haven' with all the slipped boats on that lake.
  13. Last year they opened an in water boat wash at my lake. It cleans the bottom of the boat with rotating brushes. I am wondering if anyone has tried one. From what I see they have places in many places. Going to that would be a lot easier and cheaper than the other option. Having the boat hauled out and power wash is expensive, plus you have to get the marina to schedule it. That usually takes several days and the boat is out of service for a couple of days. Even with bottom paint the growth gets bad after a month or so and the really saps the speed. Just wonder if anyone has tried it.
  14. Most things in Texas are open. It is as if those in charge don't care if we get Covid.
  15. mpm330

    Blower wiring

    It goes directly to the neck of the Fire Boy. Check the gauge on the Fire Boy to see if it has pressure. No pressure no blowers. It is also posiblity that the wire came off.
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