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  1. sump pump must be turned on to handle condensation.
  2. mpm330

    Boating Season is Shot

    Better than the way they took my wisdom teeth in the service.
  3. mpm330

    Boating Season is Shot

    One disk was completely worn away and the bone had started to fuse, think that was 4 and 5. The doc had to saw them apart. Then 6 and 7 the disk had swollen. When you looked at the MRI it was a mess. I had no pain till the first of April and that is probably when the lower disk went. A lot of the pain is gone, it is just going to take awhile to heal. Love the hard neck brace that I have to wear. I do have some really good pain meds/
  4. mpm330

    Boating Season is Shot

    Thanks for the offer.
  5. mpm330

    Boating Season is Shot

    It is not good to let it sit so long without running, but I really don't see me selling it. Maybe I can get my daughter to go run it, no that is probably a bad idea.
  6. mpm330

    Boating Season is Shot

    Wasn't planning on selling her, but being out for so long makes one think about it. The surgery was kind of sudden, Saw the doc on a Monday and had it done Friday. Once it heals I should be good to go for a old fart..
  7. mpm330

    Boating Season is Shot

    Well it looks like the boat will be sitting most of the summer. Friday I had neck surgery and I will be laid up for at least 10 weeks. To top that off, the lake is flooded. I probably should sell her, but can't get her cleaned up to show. I think it is time for more pain pills!
  8. mpm330

    Tool for canvas boat snaps

    It is a must for putting up the camper canvas on my 330.
  9. mpm330

    Being retired

    People ask me what I am doing since I retired, my response is what ever I want to. Naps are high on the list and time on the boat. Now that the wife retired it is every better.
  10. mpm330

    2006 Signature Gas Cap needed

    maybe cecil marine, but it will be expensive.
  11. mpm330

    Signature 29 Refrigerator Replacement

  12. mpm330

    Kohler Generator Maintenance

    You can get 50/50 mix just about anywhere.
  13. mpm330

    My Tow Vehicle was DESTROYED! (Video and Photos)

    Sorry to see all that damage. That storm went just north of us, so lucked out. I have a question about the bed cover. What brand/model was it and were did you get it?
  14. mpm330

    Kohler Generator Maintenance

    It is a closed system with fresh water used to cool the closed system.
  15. mpm330

    Bow truster battery

    Not sure which boat you have, but on my 330 there is a dedicated battery charger and battery.