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  1. I have 4 of the Taylor Made with covers that prevent them from scuffing the black gel coat. Have only used 2 at anytime. Not much for rafting up.
  2. mpm330

    Wife wants to sell Sunesta 252 "her boat"

    Cheaper to trade the boat!
  3. mpm330

    Vibration - Hard to tell

    The last time I had the gimbal bearings replaced I had a vibration in the port engine. After some troubleshooting my mechanic changed the gimbal bearing to a non-merc. gimbal. problem went away.
  4. mpm330

    Replacing Trim Tabs

    What brand of trim tabs do you have?
  5. mpm330

    If buying a Sunesta, would you pay for a survey?

    a survey is always a good idea and it is his dime. Some of the things they could check for are blisters in the fiberglass and what codes are on the engine. It is his expense, that includes pulling the boat.
  6. mpm330

    Boating Season is Shot

    Fuel filters replaced and now it gets up and goes again. Need to have bottom cleaned of the fur monster that is on the bottom and it will be able to top out like it is suppose to. Sitting for so long without use it has a heavy growth on the bottom. Impeller in the genset was good, coupler was shot. They put in a new one and ready to go. The guys at Lakeview Marina on Lake Lewisville are the best. I put the work order in on Wed. and the boat is ready to go for the weekend. Couldn't ask for more than that.
  7. mpm330

    Boating Season is Shot

    Good news and bad. Good, it was a great day on the lake with daughter's family. Very little wind and no one on the lake. The water was just the right temp and grand daughter had a great time. It was a little hot, around 99. Bad, sitting in the water and the genset quite, got out and checked the error and it was lack of coolant flow, impeller must of gone. I had noticed that the water flow from the genset was a little weak. Was too hot to change out, so we went to dock and had lunch with the AC on. More bad but not unexpected. Was having problems with boat having enough power to put it on plane. I suspect it is a fuel flow problem and the marina will take a look at it and fix genset while they are at it. Didn't stop us from enjoying the day.
  8. mpm330

    Boating Season is Shot

    Spent 2 days this week cleaning on the boat and it is looking pretty good getting ready to have daughter's family out on Wed.,. will be first time out. I think I am about 80% now and didn't hurt after cleaning boat. Looks like I lost 3 months of summer and it is possible that we will get a couple months in. Engines started right up, so should be all good.
  9. mpm330

    This may have been discussed before,

    Depends on what outdrive you have.
  10. mpm330

    2004 290 signature feedback

    Some of the Volvo outdrives were the XDP which were crap. If it is one of those drives walk away.
  11. mpm330

    Replacing Cabin Lights with LEDs

    I went with the 5 W in my cabin, lots of light and the fixture doesn't get hot. I also replaced the ones in the radar arch with ones that are white or blue.
  12. mpm330

    Signature 350 questions

    Not had any problems running the 5KVA gen on my 330. It will handle AC , stove, microwave, and the 2 frigs. Have not really run the hot water heater since it will gets hot from running the port engine. As for SR vs Chap, I went from a SR to the Chap and found that the quality was better on the Chap. You will pay more for a SR because of the name.
  13. mpm330

    Filling Carpet Snap Holes

    I would use Boat Life - Life Caulk. That stuff will seal the holes for as long as you have the boat.
  14. mpm330

    I put her up for sale!

    Well now that I am getting around again I will keep her awhile longer. As for being beautiful, no so much right now. I am going to see if I am up to giving her a bath this week Have to take it one day at a time. I went over last week and started the engines and was pleased that they fired right off.
  15. mpm330

    I put her up for sale!

    Not sure you will find a Mainship around here. You would have a better chance of finding a Cruiser Yachts . When I was out from surgery you should of made an offer on my 330.