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  1. mpm330

    Filling Carpet Snap Holes

    I would use Boat Life - Life Caulk. That stuff will seal the holes for as long as you have the boat.
  2. mpm330

    I put her up for sale!

    Well now that I am getting around again I will keep her awhile longer. As for being beautiful, no so much right now. I am going to see if I am up to giving her a bath this week Have to take it one day at a time. I went over last week and started the engines and was pleased that they fired right off.
  3. mpm330

    I put her up for sale!

    Not sure you will find a Mainship around here. You would have a better chance of finding a Cruiser Yachts . When I was out from surgery you should of made an offer on my 330.
  4. mpm330

    Boating Season is Shot

    Well here it is almost the 4th of July and I am going to be able to go to the boat in the next few days. I saw the doc on Wed. and I am out of the hard collar and doing really well. It will be good to get to the boat and run it and start cleaning it up. Maybe even get it out on the lake for a while. Will have to take it easy, but feel so much better than before.
  5. mpm330

    Ramp Follies...

    The funniest one I had was when me and my buddy were pulling a small cruiser that I had. We had stopped and got the trailer out of the storage lot and then he was going to back the trailer in while I brought the boat around. I pulled the boat up on the trailer while he was going to connect the bow strap. Well the next thing I see is he is slapping his shorts and trying to get them off while he is running into the lake. Turned out that some yellow jackets had made a nest in the trailer and were mad after the trailer had been submerged. A couple of them had flown up his shorts. Funniest thing to watch, I am sure he didn't think so.
  6. mpm330

    Boating Season is Shot

    Well 3 1/2 weeks since the operation, all went well even though there was more to fix than the doc thought. Another 3 weeks till I see him again, hope I can get out of the hard collar then. It is really hard looking out at the lake and not being able to go to the boat. We have had some really nice boating days. Maybe by the time I get out of the collar the lake will be down to a more normal level.
  7. mpm330

    pro's and con's of uncovered slip

    At a previous dock I had a slip that I could watch the boat ramp. It provided many hours of entertainment watching what went on. Covered slip is a must where I am at.
  8. Need to know type of engine and outdrive.
  9. You didn't say what engine and out drive you have, but if it is an Alpha I would go with the switch or the lower unit shift cable.
  10. mpm330

    @#*%$ Wind & Storms!!

    Could always be worst. At least it wasn't tied up at another dock with the top crushed with 100 thousand in damage. 2008
  11. sump pump must be turned on to handle condensation.
  12. mpm330

    Boating Season is Shot

    Better than the way they took my wisdom teeth in the service.
  13. mpm330

    Boating Season is Shot

    One disk was completely worn away and the bone had started to fuse, think that was 4 and 5. The doc had to saw them apart. Then 6 and 7 the disk had swollen. When you looked at the MRI it was a mess. I had no pain till the first of April and that is probably when the lower disk went. A lot of the pain is gone, it is just going to take awhile to heal. Love the hard neck brace that I have to wear. I do have some really good pain meds/
  14. mpm330

    Boating Season is Shot

    Thanks for the offer.
  15. mpm330

    Boating Season is Shot

    It is not good to let it sit so long without running, but I really don't see me selling it. Maybe I can get my daughter to go run it, no that is probably a bad idea.