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  1. Another option would be to call Taylor Made Products. They make the canvas for Chaps. My guess is they will not have the cover with the Chaparral name on it. I do believe that you will have to go to a local canvas shop.
  2. Must be nice. Down here in the south a couple weeks and it looks like some kind of swamp monster. Within a month you would not be able to get on plane.
  3. Send them an email at , If they can't help then you will have to find a local canvas shop.
  4. When I got my boat it was explained to me that it reduce the number of thru hulls. Also it allows for the ability to pump the gray water to your waste holding tank for those lakes that do not allow any dumping of waste water from a boat. I have not found it to be a problem so long as the pump functions correctly. If your shower sump is overflowing then the pump/float is not working correctly. I found that you can get the pump/float at Walmart and it is easy to replace. Do not let any food or trash go down the sink drains. Even my cockpit sink drains to the sump.
  5. That would be normal. The drains for all my sinks go to the shower sump as well as the condensation drain from the AC. Then when the sump fills it pumps out through a port on the hull. A word of advise, don't put food pieces down the drain and use the strainer in the drain. Also a good idea to clean shower sump every few months. The design were everything going to sump allows for those areas that prohibit dumping anything overboard to provide a way to pump to your holding tank.
  6. Not knowing the configuration of your slip it is hard to give advise on dock lines. I have 8 lines on my boat, which allows it to move but not hit the dock. The thing about having a boat in a slip is that you will use it a lot more. It is so easy to just head to the boat instead of having to worry about putting it end and taking it out. I use the cockpit cover on mine, but I also have a covered slip.
  7. It is possible that it is the IAC valve. Since you have two engines you can swap them and see were the problem goes.
  8. Have replaced mine twice now because of EOL. I get warnings sometimes, but usually at the dock when I back in. Found that running the blower helps with that problem. The EOL alarm always happens in the middle of the nigh.
  9. Mine is also really hard to do and found with the top snapper tool I was able to get the snaps done. Zippers first then snaps.
  10. The detector make different noise for when they are going out of date. CO detection. Check web site for information.
  11. Thanks. The boat looks the same if not better than the day she was delivered. It takes a lot of work to keep it that way. Lot of Meguiars wax on the fiberglass and 3M on the vinyl.
  12. Beautiful boat and get the fender covers, they are well worth it.
  13. Could be the IAC filter
  14. You think the faucet was bad, try replacing the disposal. I had to use a jack to lift it into place.
  15. I believe they may of added Kevlar to the hulls, but doesn't account for all the weight gain.