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  1. Check out how many wires on the back side of the switch and then buy a new switch with keys.
  2. Does the fwd bimini and aft bimini attach to the arch? If so the fwd bimini does not fold up only the aft. The aft should have some locks on the poles that you press in to release tension and then it will unzip from the arch. The canvas can then be rolled up on the overhead bars.
  3. I have a 330, but it has twin 350 mags. They move the boat pretty well and we love the layout of the boat.
  4. Grey is good.
  5. Not a clue.
  6. The Volvo XDP drives had a plastic housing and had many problems. Here is a link to a long thread about them.
  7. Just make sure it doesn't have the plastic XDP drives, they are crap.
  8. Wish I could of taken my dad out for a ride before he past away. You are lucky to have the chance to do so.
  9. 3M vinyl cleaner, conditioner, and protector.
  10. Where is the shower sump pump? The bilge pump will be close to it.
  11. The 280 Sea Ray was a 2006 and had twin v-6 mercs with alpha drives. I know of some Sigs with the same engines and they seem to do ok. It just felt like the sea ray was always pushing up hill. I believe it is the design of the hull. Didn't see too many sea rays in that size that had more power. We love our 330 Sig. We bought it after the Sea Ray was damaged in a storm.
  12. Had a 280 Sundance and found it to be lacking in getting up on plane. The design of the hull is different than the Sig and would plow really bad. The 280 I had was beautiful, but the Sig wins hands down. I Think you could find a 280 or 300 Sig that would be better.
  13. That was my guess, a moored boat that the batteries went dead and bilge pumps stopped. It looks like the type of boat that has inboards, so a packing seal developed a leak would be a guess. Not a really good boat to be on a mooring.
  14. I can't answer that. I know it was something that required someone that works on the joystick drives. I believe there was a mechanical alignment and a program alignment.
  15. A friend had the same problem. It required a mechanic to realign the drive and program the computer.